Magazine Stories Illustrated by John R. Neill

In the second and third decade of the 20th Century, America was growing and changing at a hectic pace. Mass market magazines of high quality emerged to feed the appetites of the dynamic society, competing for the attention of their readers by lavishing festooning them with evocative illustrations. Neill was the right man for the right time, and his imaginative art work graced the contents and covers of the major magazines of the time. The following is a list compiled by many contributors and published in The Baum Bugle in 1964 and 1965.

NB: This is not necessarily an exhaustive list. Therefore, any suggestions for additions to the list will be most welcomed.

"Pressing Cider," an unpublished cover design for Pictorial Review, c. 1915. Courtesy of Annrea Neill. (Baum Bugle, Spring 1994)



Issue Date






October 18, 25, November 8, 22, 29, December 6, 13, 20, 27, 1930




January 10, 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28, June 6, 27, 1931.

Boys’ Life

1927 August



Boys’ Life

1923 August

cover designs


Boys’ Life

1930 May

cover designs


Boys’ Life



Neill illustrated at least 35 more stories for this magazine, but the dates are unavailable.

Century Magazine

1924 January

"The Tattie-Doolie"

The Scarecrow


1919 December

"Sunday Bells"


1920 April

"A Ballad of the Circus"


1920 May



1920 December

"His Absolute Safety"


1921 April

"Circus Days"


1921 August

"In Praise of Johnny Appleseed"


1921 September

"This Little Pig Went to Market"


1921 October

"Easternmost America"


1921 December

"Silk Both Sides"


1922 April

"Feckless Maggie Ann"


1922 July

"The Sinning of Jessie MacLean"


1922 November

"The Corp"



1915 June 5

"The Dead Letter"



1915 June

"Fried Onions"


1916 January

"The Fustian Coat"


1916 February

"Once Upon a Time"


1916 September

"Twilight Crickets" (poem)


1917 January

"The Goblin" and "Mothers" (both poems"


1917 February

"The Teacher" (article) and illustration on Editorial Page


1917 May

"The Moor-Child" (poem)


1917 September

"Mrs. Galloway Goes Shopping"


1917 October

"The Lord Mayor of Buffalo"


1917 November

"Mrs. Galloway Tries to Reduce"


1917 December

"The Fluttering Wisp" and "A Christmas Card"

In color. One of 22 by different Delineator artists.


1918 October

"Her Son"


1919 February

"St. Cecilia’s Choir" (poem)


1919 March

"Souvenir Hunting Over There" (article)


1919 December

"Christmas Ties That Bind" (article)


Ladies’ Home Journal

1912 April


 Serialized April-Sept 1912


1913 December

"The House of Two Million Rooms"


1914 Feb

"America, The Beautiful"


1916 April

"When Lorena Buys a Hat"


1916 September

"If Your Child is Taking Piano Lessons" (article)


1916 October

"Whatever is New for Women is Wrong" (article)


1916 December

"Your Boy’s Christmas Books" (article)


1917 June

"That Reminds Me"


1917 December

page heading for a Christmas Book List


Little Folk's

1917 May-June




1915 April

"One of the Least of These"


1915 December

"The Gift"


1915 October

"Certain Phases of Thomas"


1916 January

"Does Taking Boarders Pay?" (article)


People’s Home Journal

1920 February

"The Hymns You Love"


1924 October

"Buccaneer Blood"


1925 January

"When a Girl Marries"


1925 February

Fifty Cents a Freckle"


1925 March

Billy Brad’s Wonderful Story"


1925 April

"Sarah Jane - General Manager"


1926 March

Nothing To It"


1926 September

"A Few Cents for Postage"


1926 October

"Stars f’r Bein’ Clean"


1927 November

"Her Chosen Knight"


1928 February

"You Shall be Queen"


Pictorial Review

1913 November

"Pair of Aching Feet"


1914 March

"Burnt Mills and Broadway"


1914 September

"Mrs. Mahoney Comes Back"


1914 October

"Little Eva"


1914 November

"Lost Thanksgiving Day"


1915 January

"Warming Up Luke"


1915 February

"Carnevale di Venezia"


1915 May

"The Prune-Stone Dope"


1915 July

"The Psychological Decider"


1915 September

"A Substitute for the Family Tree"


1916 March

cover design


1916 May through October

"A Man of Means"

A series of six stories.


1916 June

"Man of Means"


1916 August

"Lavinia. Comes Home"


1924 December

"A Ballad of Christmas"


1925 November

"The Unfathomable Lincoln"


The Saturday Evening Post

1912 January 20

"The Lightning Change"


1912 February 17

"The ABC of Unscrambling Eggs"


1912 February 24

"Government and Business"


1912 April 24

"My Son Harold, Man of Might"


1912 September 7

"Some Funny Foreign Cures"


1912 November 16

"How to Beat the Building Game"


1913 February 15

"The Saint and the Second Nail"


1913 April 5

"The Pebble in the Path"


1913 July 5

"Phadrig Carves for Himself"


1913 July 20

"Every Man His Own Merchant"


1913 November 1

"The Jobber’s Justification"


1913 December 20

"Every Man’s Castle"


1914 November 28

"Romance in Hardware"


1915 November 6

"The Red Splash of Romance"


1915 December 4

"The Man Who Needed Nerve"


1915 December 11

"Lo, the Poor Piute"


1916 January 8

"The Practical Joker"


1916 October 7



Today’s Housewife

1918 January

"Jane, M.D."


1918 February

"A Highbrow Courtship"



Source: The Baum Bugle, Autumn 1964, 8:2, p15-18.
The Baum Bugle, Christmas 1965, 9:3, p8-9.
The Baum Bugle, Spring 1994, 9:3, p8-9.
Other magazines that may have Neill illustrated articles, but specific articles are not yet identified are:
  • Adventure
  • American Boy
  • The Classmates
  • Everybody's
  • McClure's
  • New Success Marden's Magazine
  • Photoplay
  • Physical Culture
  • Railway Man's Magazine
  • St. Nicholas
  • Vogue
  • Vanity Fair

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