M & L ASSOCIATES         (206) 522-8189                          
    6504 RAVENNA AVE. N. E.                                  
    SEATTLE, WA.  98115                                      
 DEAR RECORD COLLECTORS,                                     
 The lists that you have seen on-line represent our complete                           
 stock as of the cited date. The UPDATE files are generally              
 new items that have been received since the listed catalogs            
 were produced. We have over 21,OOO active enteries in the               
 data base i.e. records in stock. Our current plan is to                 
 update the general catalogs on a monthly basis and to prod-                  
 uce the update lists as new enteries come in. As time                       
 permits, new categories will be added to the on-line lists.                
 We welcome any and all comments and take offense at none.   
 Our business reputation is impeccable and we have shipped   
 all over the world.                                         
 1. PAYMENT may be by any instrument that we can cash at                    
    our local BANK. We will ship as soon as the payment           
    clears. This process normally takes ABOUT 12 DAYS.          
    We recommend MONEY ORDERS for fastest processing                      
    which garauntees shipment within 2 days.                              

  VISA or M/C: CALL WITH NUMBER (206) 522-8189 or EMAIL
    FOREIGN I.M.O.'s  in  U.S. $                      
 2. Please include shipping charges in accordance with the                     
    following schedule:                                                        
    Records   U.S.                                                        
              Mail;            FOREIGN;                                   
    1 - 5     6.50           ACTUAL POST OFFICE CHARGES,                  
    6 - 10    8.25             WRITE FOR QUOTE                            
    11-15    12.00                      
 3. Our grading scheme is stated below:                         
     SEALED  = unopened                                                    
     MINT    = looks as if it has ever been played                   
     NMINT   = played once or twice, no scuffs of any kind           
     EX      = played, no scratches, maybe non-damage scuff           
     VG      = an average LP, + or - (visible problems)                    
     GOOD    = many scratches but  music does come through           
     FILLER  = very noisy, filler only                                     
              Thank You...    Lelan Kuhlmann