Fred's Guide to VRML

Virtual Reality Modeling Language

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Perhaps the hottest thing to hit the Web, VRML is designed for creating three dimentional places which can be explored by anyone with a good connection to the internet, and the appropriate browser software. Although still in it's infancy, VRML acceptance is expanding dramaticly. Add on packages are arriving that allow one to have a virtual body in these landscapes, called an "Avatar". You can build your own dwelling place on alternate worlds, explore, meet others, and even set up your own business.
The Language Client Software World Builder Software Additional Information Other Well Linked Sites

The Language

Here are a couple of places to find technical specifications for VRML.

VRML 1.0 Specification

VRML 2.0 Specification Proposal

Client Software

Here are places with software to make your computer able to display 3D VRML scenes.

Netscape Navigator 3.0

Live3D Plugin for Netscape

Stroud's VRML Browser List

WebSpace Browser Demo

Worlds Inc., the makers of AlphaWorld, a virtual reality chat program. Very neat!

World Builder Software

The software from these sites will allow you to make your own 3D environments.

Paragraph Home Space Builder

Virtus Walkthrough VRML

Additional Information

These are places you can find more information on VRML.

VRML Logo - AddTech


Digest Links

ARC VRML Hotlist

3D's VRML Links

VRML Worlds Mailing List

World View Browser Info

VRWeb Browser Info

Templage Graphics Software - Developer tools and software

Template Graphics Software's VRML Information Page

Other Well Linked Sites

The links below lead to links to even more sites with VRML information and tools.


AddTech VRML Page

Wired's VRML Page


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