Fred's Public Domain Programs

The files in this directory are Fredware public domain programs.

4/18/96 Fred:

Please note that many of these programs have not been updated in years.

Most are DOS programs I wrote long ago. I hope some are still useful to you.

The files in this directory are Fredware programs, information, and support tools in the public domain.

README An index to these files. Citadel86 networking information

cituser.wp5 Jeff's Guide to FredCit in WordPerfect 5 format. DateName, a DOS tool for renaming files. DeleteCR, a program for changing DOS text to unix, with source. The Source for FredCit! FredCit, Fred's Citadel BBS version 41a. FredCit version 41b. FredCit version 41x. Support files for FredCit Add on tools for FredCit The floppy disk version of FredCit FI2Cit, converts Norton FileInfo files to FCit file descriptions Fred's Fractals for Windows - IFS Fractal toy. Jeff's FredCit manual in WP5 Format

localnet.txt A description of local networking with FredCit Updated menus for FredCit A tool to test FredCit file descriptions. Richards updates for Quicknet networking for FredCit Another version of Fred's Fractals for Windows

Fred McLain

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