Fred McLain

Solid products on a tight time line



SchemaLogic Inc., Redmond WA

February 2003 – Current

Principal Engineer

As the engineer in charge of server side systems I am responsible for new SOAP service designs while maintaining and enhancing existing systems. Products include SchemaServer, a SOAP (XML/RPC) framework in both Java using the J2EE/Tomcat framework and .NET implemented in C#. Projects include an XSD creation/display and formatting mechanism for QWest using SQL Server, .NET, XSLT and Java/Swing. I have also designed and implemented a data backup & restore subsystem using advanced data compression, XML data transfers and transforms, Swing and batch mode interfaces. The design and code quality of this system was such that it is being used as an example of integration with our server for our customer prospects including Disney. Recently I designed and implemented a machine locked keying mechanism for licensing our .NET/C# server. I am currently developing a new server/integrator framework using the Apache AXIS SOAP framework. Working in a small startup environment I perform various IT duties including maintenance and setup of HP/UX, Solaris and Linux Systems. I also am the de facto Oracle DBA and have taken charge of internal network security. Training included DB2 programming and porting of SQL Server and Oracle tables, triggers and stored procedures. I also performed speaking duties for the Seattle Java/XML SIG describing our product architecture. SchemaLogic provides enterprise meta data management and taxonomy tools. More information can be found on our web site,

AppWorx Incorporated, Bellevue WA

July 1999 – July 2002

Product Development Manager

Worked as a hands on development manager to create a robust multi tier distributed process management and scheduling system. This system is in production controlling critical business processes and job flow at multiple fortune 100 corporations including e-bay, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and NASD. This system uses multiple networking technologies including RMI, HTTPS, TCP/IP and pipes. Database operations were encapsulated in Oracle stored procedures. This system was implemented using multiple languages including Java, PL/SQL, GNU C, Perl, Unix and NT scripting. The user interface was developed in Swing under JRE 1.3.1 and included Java drag & drop, clipboard operations and, JavaHelp. I was directly involved in all of these areas with a primary focus on the Java development. In addition to the overall system architecture key contributions included multiple deployment methods (application, applet and Web Start), API design, build script automation with ant, and the system security models. I was responsible for hiring the full team of Java software developers as well as the documentation group. I lead all Java development, architecture and design as well as performing implementation of critical subsystems. I was also responsible for inter-department and inter-team coordination throughout the development cycle for multiple releases. Designed and developed multiple API interfaces for the product including shell, PL/SQL, RMI and CORBA. I also performed additional research in application of XML, HTTPS file transfers, JavaMail, JNDI authentication, (JAAS, LDAP, NIS, SASL etc.), WebLogic and Sun ONE for incorporation into future versions of the product. After the initial release I was on call 24x7 for issues that were raised to the developer level.

During my tenure at AppWorx I received significant bonus awards for on time product delivery. All work was performed working directly for the president of the company.

Continental DataGraphics, Bellevue WA

February 1999 – July 1999

Senior Technical Analyst

Advised the Vice President and technical team on technology decisions for an e-commerce product architecture for parts handling in the airline industry (SPEC 2000). Participated in design of a complex 3-tier architecture for a database system of over 140 screens with a large Oracle 8 back end and a MTS/COM/ADO middle layer. Acted as mentor and technology lead for the team. Designed and developed a XML/Java based data transport layer for COM business object to be transferred via secure web transfer on HTTPS. Lead the transition from a DHTML/JavaScript/VBScript front end to a Java/Swing implementation supporting the Netscape and Internet Explorer web browsers from a single source base. Selected personnel for COM and Java Development, Product Management and SQA leadership roles.

Apropos Incorporated, Kirkland WA

July 1996 - Current


Co-founder of a contract software engineering company.

For Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory: Consultant on Internet Security of ActiveX controls. Developer of an ActiveX security demonstration control to be shown to the US Navy.

For Crystal Point: Part of architecture and development team for the company’s flagship product Outside View, a terminal emulation product for Windows NT 4-5, Win95 and Win98. Developed several product features for least cost of ownership and remote administration. Features included automated download of workspaces, macros and sessions, automated software updates to the core product, and automatic transfer of macro files. Created several installation programs using Install Shield. Developed strategy for network, dongle and stand alone software licensing. Created a license target ID tool. Created a CD Browser using Demo Shield.

For iBroadcast Incorporated: Developed a streaming video display and catalog product in 100% pure Java. From initial coding to completion initial product was completed in approximately 2.5 man/weeks. Resulting products were targeted for both IE 3 and Netscape 3. Produced a large number of process flows for patent application.

For Crystal Gate Incorporated: Consulting on a Java based UI for the Curtis Mathis TV set top internet box similar to Web TV.

For TechWave Incorporated: Developed an ActiveX control for compression/decompression of CAB file contents in just over 1 week. Developed an Office 97 UI style application with SQL server back end. I wrote over 80% of the code for this product and completed it in approximately 3 months from first specification discussions.

White paper for IBM in Austin Texas titled ActiveX vs Java, a Developer’s Perspective

Created a complex ActiveX control for Scott McNealy (Chairman & CEO of Sun Microsystems) keynote presentation at JavaOne in San Francisco. This involved a 3 person team, included advanced animation and was prepared in approximately 10 days. Provided on site support for the demo.

Developed a working demo product in Java for Microframe Technologies. Created a white paper for them describing active internet programming methods.

Speaker at Internet World and Java Day in LA for Sun Microsystems on Java and ActiveX issues. Talk was rated #2 for the conference by attendees.

Developed an ActiveX/OLE control named Exploder demonstrating security concerns in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer product that is featured in many magazines and newspapers in several nations including the November 1996 Byte Magazine (page 32) and March 1997 Net Guide. This OLE/ActiveX control was developed using Microsoft Developer Studio and MFC.

Produced an “intelligent web site” for AccessLine Technologies that was used to configure a complex telephone network system from the Internet. This project was done using HTML and advanced Perl CGI development.

Speaker for several groups including the Seattle HTML Guild and the Seattle Computer Human Factors group on design for the World Wide Web (WWW), HTML development, and ActiveX technologies.

Co-Author for “Internet Explorer 4.0 How-To” for the Waite Group Press.

Attachmate Corporation, Bellevue WA

June 1995 - July 1996

Contract Software Engineer

Development of Win95 user interfaces (UI) complying to Microsoft Office UI standards. Work performed included functional requirements, UI design, coding in VC++/MFC and testing of resultant products. Produced executable UI for three DLL based systems in less then four (4) weeks from start of project, including set up time, research, interviews with team members, requirements, peer review, analysis, design, coding, testing, and configuration management. Responsible for highly visible new areas of company’s primary product.

Later work at Attachmate was on component based non MFC development including an IDataObject OLE interface, and extensive work with usability studies for the new user interface design.

This work related to highly complex network configuration for DLC networking, including SDLC, 802.2 and DFT networks on their flagship product.

Internet America, Seattle WA

September 1994 - June 1995


Created an Internet Service Provider (ISP). I was responsible for all hiring, interviews, office siting, and was one of two people who specified all equipment, created all necessary UNIX software for operating a fully functional ISP including e-mail servers, web servers, news servers, mailing list servers, and the modem and router interconnects. Performed web page design for several web sites.

Unison Group Development Corporation, Bothell WA

October 1989 - June 1995

Senior Vice President

One of two partners who created a high paced development company, specializing in contract work for firms varying from sole proprietors to fortune 50 corporations. In this company I was the “technical” side of the organization.

Roles included all user interface specification and design, C++ software development, and leading the development efforts for all MS Windows and communications software. Primary developer for all 32 bit products, including Win95 and NT development for Quinton Medical’s EXPORT product using VC++ & MFC. Applications development for IBM. MS Windows development efforts included a Borland C++ based multi-platform medical OR & ICU database system, a construction labor management system with integral Zmodem communications, a multi-media retail sales kiosk, and several installation and configuration programs, including Install Shield development. Sought out by IBM contractor for development of OS/2 Presentation Manager tools for NetView V2 R3, and successfully completed the development of 5 applications early enough in the project to continue development on their host VM/MVS systems. All 5 32 bit applications and the host application were developed and tested in less then one year.

Experience prior to 1989 available on request