Runner Control

What's Runner?

Runner is another example of an ActiveX control that can do "dangerous" things. While Runner doesn't do any harm itself, it is an example of what could be done on your machine using ActiveX. When viewed, Runner starts the program "" on your computer. Runner could run any program on your machine however. It could even instruct to delete files off of your machine.

For more information, see my ActiveX page.

For reasons I explain in the FAQ, this version of Runner is currently unsigned. To use it you must set the security level to medium in Internet Explorer and refresh this page. Here's how you set your security level:

  1. Click on the View menu
  2. Click on the Options menu item
  3. Click on the Security tab
  4. Click on the Safety level button
  5. Click on the Medium radio button
  6. Click OK twice

This test requires an ActiveX enabled client.

Contacting the Author

I love fan mail, but seldom respond to it. Please read the FAQ first, it may answer your questions.

Fred McLain

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