Theme Unit Modifications

Here are some possible modification ideas:

For students with Mental Retardation: Keep the material as concrete as possible. Try to infuse life skills when possible (examples include working with others, writing, speaking with others, staying on task, reading, listening). Pairing these kids with hard-working students who are good role models can help them learn the aforementioned skills and help them develop friendships. Assignments can be shortened if necessary.

For Students with Learning Disabilities: It is helpful to keep the material concrete when possible. These students may also need to have assignments shortened or divided up into smaller tasks. Students who have difficulties with writing may need to give oral answers instead of written answers. Drawing pictures instead of writing could also work. Students with reading difficulties may need one-to-one assistance when they read. When the students work in groups, put these kids in groups that have good role models. Distractions should be minimized if possible. Remember to positively reinforce good work.

For Students with Behavior Disorders: Assignments can be divided into smaller blocks. Good work and behavior should be positively reinforced. For kids with attention difficulties, remember to minimize distractions. As mentioned above, these kids should be placed in groups that have good role models.

For Gifted Students: Assignments could be altered or extended. Alteration ideas include writing on different topics (instead of writing an extra page) or doing research and giving a presentation in lieu of doing smaller assignments.