Lesson: Read-Alouds

Author: Marc Sheehan

Subject: Reading

Time: 15-20 minutes over 3 to 4 days

Materials: My Fun-to-Read Books: Book 3, globe or world map

Objectives: The students will compare and contrast how the three families in the book are alike and different from each other and alike and different from the students' families.

Introduction: The students will be told that there are three stories in the book: one deals with a family in Mexico, one with an Inuit family in Canada, and the third with an Arabian family in Jordan. The geographic locations will be identified on the globe or map.

Procedure: The book will be read aloud to the students for a short period each day. The students will be asked to compare the family they are reading about with their families and the other families in the book. Pictures and new concepts will be explained during the story as well.

Closure: The current story can be summarized by the teacher and/or the students.

Assessment: Assessment will be informal: are the students answering questions? Are they making comparisons and are they pointing out contrasts?

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