Lesson: Family Poems

Author: Marc Sheehan

Title: Family Poems

Subject: Reading, Writing

Time: 1 hour

Materials: white board, pen, paper, pencils, scaffolding worksheets

Objective: The student will write a poem about his/her family containing two rhymes and 5 lines.

Source of Idea: Cecil, Nancy Lee; For The Love of Language ; Chapter 12 (Definitions)

Introduction: The students have finished reading the rhyming story "Clean Your Room Harvey Moon!" They will now write poems about families in general and their families specifically. The poems will contain at least 5 lines. Ideas on what to include in the poems will be brainstormed and listed on the white board. A poem scaffold will also be constructed: "My Family Is...." The students will suggest how to complete this scaffold.

Procedure: Each student will be given a poem scaffold to complete. Their assignment is to write a poem containing 2 rhymes and 5 lines.

Closure: Poems will be typed up to be included in the student family albums (separate assignment).

Assessment: Poems will be collected and assessed to see if they are at least 5 lines long and contain 2 rhymes.

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