Theme Unit Social Studies Lesson

Author: Marc Sheehan

Title: The Nez Perce War (Direct Instruction)

Content Area: Social Studies, Study Skills

Grade: 3-5

Concepts Addressed: History, Note-Taking

Objectives: The students will be able to list three causes of the Nez Perce War. The students will be able to identify three major figures from the war. The students will also be able to describe the events that occurred at Big Hole, Montana and Snake Creek, Montana. Also, the students will be able to list three things that happened as a result of the Nez Perce War. Finally, the students will have an opportunity to practice note-taking skills.

Materials: Two books: "The Nez Perce," "The Indian Book," paper, pencils, overhead projector, overhead pens, maps of the geographic area (Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Canada) provided by the Nez Perce book (paper and overhead copies)

Time: 50 minutes for lesson, 40 minutes for quiz in two weeks. Total: 90 minutes.

Introduction: I will open this lesson by reading the famous speech spoken by Chief Joseph: (Nez Perce war leader) "I Will Fight No More Forever." He gave it after the surrender of the Nez Perce to the U.S. Army. (The class will not be told who gave this speech.) I will ask the class if they knew who gave this speech and why. After fielding their guesses, I will reveal the answer: Chief Joseph gave this speech when he surrendered to the Army, thus ending the Nez Perce War.

Procedure: This will be a direct instruction lesson. I will have the students take out a sheet of paper and a pencil. I will them that they will be taking notes on what I am about to teach them. I will model the format on the overhead for them; all they will have to do is follow my lead. (I will give a good example and a bad example before we begin.) They will be told that they will have a quiz on the information in two weeks, and they will use the notes to study for that quiz. They will have to know three causes of the Nez Perce War, three effects of the war, three people involved in the war, and two battle sites of the war. I will tell them (and also write down) all the information they need to know. I will go slowly so that the students can follow along ("Here are the causes: The first one was....")

Closure and Assessment: Once I am done with the lecture, I will give a summary of what we wrote down (The first cause was....Chief Joseph was....). I will ask the students if they have questions on the material. Once those questions are answered, I will ask a couple of students to answer questions on the material we just went over (Who can tell me....). The students will have a test in two weeks in which they will identify three causes, three effects, three historical figures, and two major events of the Nez Perce War.

The Material:

Causes: Broken Treaties, Pressure From U.S. Governmentt, Pressure from White Settlers and Miners, Unwillingness/Refusal to Leave Ancestral Land, Violence Resulting from Revenge-seeking Murders (Triggered War)

Effects: Many Dead, Nez Perce Exiled to Oklahoma, Nez Perce Lost Land, Assimilation Attempts, Nez Perce Had to Change Lifestyle,

Events: Big Hole -- Site of Slaughter by Col. John Gibbon of Nez Perce Women and Children; Snake Creek: Site of Nez Perce Surrender

Figures: Chief Joseph -- Nez Perce leader; Gen. Oliver Howard -- Army Commander Charged with Nez Perce Capture; Col. John Gibbon -- Led Slaughter at Big Hole; Col. Nelson Miles -- Led Siege at Snake Creek, Forced Nez Perce Surrender