Marc Sheehan

Native American Theme Unit

This theme unit is primarily about the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. During the course of this unit, the students will be able to describe the beliefs, customs, lifestyles, artifacts, and places of origin of the Coastal and Plateau Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest. The students will investigate the effects of Native American-European American contact. The students will also be able to state the causes and effects of Native-White conflicts. The students will also be able to describe how the Northwest Natives made use of the environment.

The unit is designed to run for approximately three weeks and is intended for use with students in the third through fifth grades. Many of the lessons can be altered to study other groups of Native Americans, so feel free to use these plans as you wish. This unit was originally developed in conjunction with my former classmates Sharlene Rittgarn and Paula Maguylan for an undergraduate course at Pacific Lutheran University.

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