Sample: Money Fact Research

Your task is to find and record three (3) facts on people featured on United States coins and bills. (You will use another sheet or two of paper to do this.) You may use encyclopedias, non-fiction books, and Internet sites as part of your research. Remember, you must record the sources you use during this lesson.

Internet sites you may use include:

U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing:
U.S. Treasury:
U.S. Mint:
White House:
America's Library:

People on Coins and Bills in Circulation: Choose 6 people to research (3 facts for each)

Abraham Lincoln: Penny and $5 Dollar Bill
Thomas Jefferson: Nickel and $2 Dollar Bill
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Dime
George Washington: Quarter and $1 Dollar Bill
John Kennedy: Half-Dollar
Sacajawea: Golden Dollar
Alexander Hamilton: $10 Dollar Bill
Andrew Jackson: $20 Dollar Bill
Ulysses Grant: $50 Dollar Bill
Benjamin Franklin: $100 Dollar Bill

People on Coins and Bills Out of Circulation: Choose 2 people to research (3 facts for each)

Dwight Eisenhower: Silver Dollar
Susan B. Anthony: Dollar Coin
William McKinley: $500 Dollar Bill
Grover Cleveland: $1,000 Dollar Bill
James Madison: $5,000 Dollar Bill
Salmon Chase: $10,000 Dollar Bill
Woodrow Wilson: $100,000 Dollar Bill

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