Lesson: Money Figure Research

Author: Marc Sheehan

Subjects: Reading, Writing

Instructional Level: Fourth-Eighth Grade

Skills: Researching facts from Internet sites, recording facts, citing research sources

Time: 45-60 minutes

Materials: Pencils/pens, worksheets, paper, computers with Internet access, Internet filters, encyclopedias

Objectives: Students will use non-fiction resources to research facts. Students will record facts they find as part of the research and record the sources they used to find their facts.

Introduction: This lesson is designed to give students practice at researching facts, particularly using the Internet. The students will find facts on people who are and were featured on United States coins and bills and also record what sources they used in conducting their research.

Procedure: Students will be given worksheets (click on this link for a sample) to begin the lesson. The worksheets will include the instructions for the project: The task is to find and record three (3) facts on people featured on United States coins and bills. The facts will be recorded on another sheet or two of paper. They may use encyclopedias, non-fiction books, and Internet sites as part of the research. The students must record what resources they used during the project.

Internet sites that can be used include:
U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing: www.moneyfactory.com
U.S. Treasury: www.ustreas.gov
U.S. Mint: www.usmint.gov
White House: www.whitehouse.gov
America's Library: www.americaslibrary.org
Wikipedia: www.wikipedia.org
Yahoo: www.yahoo.com
Google: www.google.com

The students will choose six of the following figures found on current coins and bills to research from this list:

Abraham Lincoln: Penny and $5 Dollar Bill
Thomas Jefferson: Nickel and $2 Dollar Bill
Franklin D. Roosevelt: Dime
George Washington: Quarter and $1 Dollar Bill
John Kennedy: Half-Dollar
Sacajawea: Golden Dollar
Alexander Hamilton: $10 Dollar Bill
Andrew Jackson: $20 Dollar Bill
Ulysses Grant: $50 Dollar Bill
Benjamin Franklin: $100 Dollar Bill

The students will also choose two of the following figures found on coins and bills out of circulation to research from this list:

Dwight Eisenhower: Silver Dollar
Susan B. Anthony: Dollar Coin
William McKinley: $500 Dollar Bill
Grover Cleveland: $1,000 Dollar Bill
James Madison: $5,000 Dollar Bill
Salmon Chase: $10,000 Dollar Bill
Woodrow Wilson: $100,000 Dollar Bill

Closure/Modifications: Students will hand in their completed research sheets after the lesson is concluded. The number of figures and facts that are to be researched can be altered to reflect the grade level of the students and the amount of time available in a class session. Modifications for students who have special needs include: allowing the use of a scribe to record facts, allowing students to work in teams, enlarging the worksheets, allowing for students to record facts in an electronic format, and reducing the number of people to be researched and/or facts that a student must record.

Assessment: The research sheets will be collected and judged on these factors: Were a sufficient number of figures researched? Were a sufficient number of facts recorded? Did the students correctly record where they found their facts?

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