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Last Updated: January 1, 2019

This is a page of unusual nicknames used by high schools and colleges for their female athletic teams. I have included a number of unusual mascots from all-female institutions in the main parts of my mascot collection, but this section is dedicated to those names that are either as distinctive or more distinctive than the names used for the male teams at their respective schools. The list includes distinctive uses of the female "ette" suffix (e.g. "Thorobrettes"), oxymoronic or contradictory uses of the "Lady" prefix (e.g. "Lady Kavemen"), and other interesting names used by high schools and colleges for their female athletes. Some of these names (and the names for their male counterparts) have already been included in my mascot collection, and are marked with asterisks (**). Other names are new to this site and are found only on this page. I have added a section to record distinctive names formerly used by female teams that were dropped in favor of using the same name as their male counterparts, or defunct schools that had more unique names for their female teams than their male teams. I hope you enjoy your visit to this page and the rest of the mascot site.


Albia Lady Dees (IA) -- The boys' teams are called "Blue Demons."

Alma Airedalettes ** (AR) -- The boys are called "Airedales."

Annawan Bravettes (IL) -- The boys are called "Braves."

Apollo E-Gals (Owensboro, KY) -- The boys' teams are called "Eagles."

Atlantic Trojanns (IA) -- A variation of the boys' nickname of "Trojans."

Atwood-Hammond Rajenes ** (Atwood, IL) -- The boys are called "Rajahs," a term for a prince in India.

Avon Lake Shoregals (OH) -- The boys' teams are known as "Shoremen."

Bethlehem Banshees (Bardstown, KY) -- This name, for the mythical Celtic female spirits who wail to warn of impending death, are used for the female athletes, while "Eagles" are used by the male athletes.

Benton Rangerettes (IL) -- Their male counterparts are called "Rangers."

Berrien Rebelettes (Nashville, GA) -- The boys' teams are known as "Rebels."

Bigfork Vals (MT) -- Likely for the Valkyrie, mythical maidens who conduct the souls of Viking heroes who die in battle to the warriors' paradise of Valhalla. Boys at this school are called "Vikings."

Big Spring Lady Steers (TX) The boys are named "Steers."

Blackduck Lady Drakes ** (MN) -- A "drake" is a name for a male duck, so this is a bit contradictory.

Bunker Hills Minutemaids (IL) -- The boys have been dubbed "Minutemen."

Burnt River Lady Bulls (OR) -- Yes, this is oxymoronic, as a "Bull" is a male.

Butler Bearettes (Louisville, KY) -- Boys at Butler are dubbed "Bears."

Cadott Hornettes (WI) -- The male teams are known by the "Hornet" moniker.

Cairo Syrupmaids ** (GA) -- The boys go by the "Syrupmaker" nickname at Cairo.

Cairo Co-Pilots (IL) -- The boys at CHS are known as "Pilots."

Cameron Lady Yoe ** (TX) -- The boys at Cameron are known as "Yoemen."

Centralia Orphan Annies ** (IL) -- The boys at Centralia are called "Orphans." The girls at Centralia are called "Orphan Annies," possibly for famed coach Ann Murray, but more likely as a replacement for their earlier name, "Orphanettes."

Charles Owen Warlassies ** (NC) -- The boys are known as "Warhorses."

Chiloquin Queens (OR) -- The boys' teams are called Panthers. The "Queens" mascot was created by a couple of sports writers around 1976-77. The writers derived the moniker from the name of the town and came up with "Chil-o-queens."

Coahoma Bulldogettes (TX) -- The boys are "Bulldogs."

Colorado Rocky Mountain Pearls ** (Carbondale, CO) -- The boys are called "Oysters."

Comfort Deer (TX) -- The male teams are the "Bobcats."

Crane Cougarettes (Chicago, IL) -- Boys teams at Crane are called "Cougars."

Crosbyton Chiefettes (TX) -- The boys' nickname is "Chiefs."

Dixon Duchesses (IL) -- Male teams at Dixon are known as "Dukes."

Dorsey Donnas (Los Angeles, CA) -- The boys are called "Dons."

East St. Louis Flyerettes (IL) -- The boys are known as "Flyers."

E.E. Smith Bullettes (Fayetteville, NC) -- The boys are known as "Golden Bulls."

Enka Sugar Jets (Candler, NC) -- The boys' teams are called "Jets."

Episcopal Academy Lady Churchmen ** (Merion, PA) -- The boys at Episcopal Academy are called "Churchmen;" the girls go by this oxymoronic name.

Fairbury Lady Jeffs ** (NE) -- An oxymoronic nickname, considering "Jeff" is usually a male name; the name "Jeffs" is indeed applied to the boys' teams.

Flora Wolfgals (IL) -- Flora's mascot is the wolf.

Floresville Jaguars (TX) -- The boys are called "Tigers," but no one knows why there is a different name for the girls at Floresville.

Georgetown Lady G-Men ** (OH) -- Here's one of those oxymoronic names...

Grants Pass Lady Cavers (OR) -- The nickname for the boys is "Cavemen."

Greenville-Weston Honeybees (Greenville, MS) -- The male teams are known as "Hornets."

Hanson Beaverettes (Alexandria, SD) -- The boys are dubbed "Beavers."

Henry-Senachwine Lady Mallards (Henry, IL) -- Yet another oxymoronic name, as mallards are male.

Hollandale-Simmons Devilettes (Hollandale, MS) -- The boys have been dubbed "Blue Devils."

Holt Lady Ironmen ** (Tuscaloosa, AL) -- Anorther oxymoronic nickname...

Hurley Midgettes (WI) -- The boys are called "Midgets."

Jackson Ironladies (OH) -- The boys are dubbed "Ironmen."

Johnstown Lady Bills ** (NY) -- Another oxymoronic nickname. The boys are called "Sir Bills" for town forunder Sir William Johnson.

Kelso Lassies ** (WA) -- "Lassie" is a Scottish nickname for females. The boys at Kelso High are called "Hilanders."

Ketchikan Lady Kings ** (AK) -- Actually, this name refers to king salmon, but "Lady Kings" is still rather oxymoronic.

Killingly Redgals (CT) -- The boys at Killingly are called "Redmen."

King Cove Rookies ** (AK) -- The boys are called "T-Jacks."

Kuna Lady Kavemen ** (ID) -- The male teams are known as "Kavemen."

Lanai Pinelasses ** (Lanai City, HI) -- Lanai's boys are called "Pine Lads."

Laramie Lady Plainsmen (WY) -- The boys at LHS are known as "Plainsmen."

Louisville Collegiate Amazons (Louisville, KY) -- Named for the mythical fierce female warriors. This might be due to Louisville Collegiate's history as a girls' school (They went co-ed in 1972). Boys at the school are called "Titans."

Lowndes Vikettes (Valdosta, GA) -- A variation of the "Vikings" used by the boys' teams.

Loyola-Sacred Heart Breakers (Missoula, MT) -- The boys are called "Rams."

Marinette Catholic Central Cavalettes (Marinette, WI) -- Boys at the school are called "Cavaliers."

Marquette Redettes (MI) -- The boys' teams are known as "Redmen."

Marvelwood Dactylettes ** (Kent, CT) -- The boys are called "Pterodactyls."

Metlakatla Misschiefs (AK) -- The boys use the "Chiefs" moniker.

Minot Majettes (ND) -- Boys at this school are called "Magicians."

Moshannon Valley Damsels (Houtzdale, PA) -- Boys at this school are called "Black Knights."

Munday Mogulettes ** (TX) -- Munday's mascot for the male teams is the "Mogul."

Nashville Scrapperettes ** (AR) -- The boys are called "Scrappers."

Nativity Golden Girls (Pottsville, PA) -- The boys are called "Hilltoppers."

Nazareth Swiftettes ** (TX) -- The boys at the school go by the nickname of "Swifts."

Newark Lady Norsemen (IL) -- Here's an oxymoronic name...

Northeast Hamilton Trojets (Blairsburg, IA) -- The boys are called "Trojans."

North Mesquite Lady Stallions (TX) -- An oxymoronic name, as stallions are exclusively male horses.

Orangeburg-Wilkinson Bruinettes (Orangeburg, SC) -- The boys are called "Bruins."

Parkersburg Catholic Crusaderettes (WV) -- Boys at PCHS are called "Crusaders."

Pateros Nannies ** (WA) -- A term for female goats. Pateros High uses the nickname "Billygoats" for its boys.

Pine Bush Lady Bushmen ** (Pine Bush, NY) -- Another of those contradictory entries...

Pius XI Lady Popes ** (Milwaukee, WI) -- Another name that seems a bit oxymoronic...

Pleasant Hill Chicks (MO) -- The boys are known as "Roosters."

Point Hope Harpoonerettes ** (AK) -- Point Hope's male teams use "Harpooners" as a mascot.

Pojoaque Elkettes (Santa Fe, NM) -- The school's boys are called "Elks."

Princeton Tigresses (IL) -- At Princeton, the boys are known as "Tigers."

Princeville Lady Princes (IL) -- Boys at Princeville are called "Princes."

R.A. Long Lumberjills (Longview, WA) -- The boys are known as "Lumberjacks."

Revere Lady Minutemen (Bath, OH) -- A contradiction of terms...

St. Albert Saintes (Council Bluffs, IA) -- The boys are known as "Falcons."

St. Cecilia Hawkettes (Hastings, NE) -- The boys are known as "Bluehawks."

St. Francis Xavier Lady Padres (Sumter, SC) -- The boys are called "Padres," which is Spanish for "Fathers," so we have an oxymoronic name here with "Lady Padres."

St. Mary Catholic Central Kestrels (Monroe, MI) -- A small European falcon. The boys' teams are known as "Falcons."

St. Michael's Lady Horsemen ** (Santa Fe, NM) -- Here's a name that is a bit oxymoronic.

Ste. Genevieve Headhunters (MO) -- The boys are called "Dragons."

Santa Fe Demonettes (NM) -- Santa Fe High's boys are known as "Demons."

Scranton Prep Classics (PA) -- Boys at Scranton Prep are called "Cavaliers."

Shelbyville Central Golden Eaglettes (Shelbyville, TN) -- Boys at Shelbyville Central are known as "Golden Eagles."

Shelton Gaelettes (CT) -- The boys are known as "Gaels."

South Shore Tarettes (Chicago, IL) -- The boys are called "Tars," an old name for a sailor.

Sutton Suzies ** (MA) -- The boys' teams are known as "Sammies."

Trenton Catholic Lady Mikes ** (NJ) -- The boys at the school are known as "Iron Mikes."

Union Damsels (Rimersburg, PA) -- The boys are known as "Knights."

Valmeyer First Mates (IL) -- The boys at Valmeyer are called "Pirates."

Van Buren Pointerettes (AR) -- Boys at Van Buren are called "Pointers."

Washington County Commanderettes (Springfield, KY) -- At WCHS, the boys are called "Commanders."

Waverly Viqueens (NE) -- The boys use the "Vikings" nickname.

Wells Raiderettes (Chicago, IL) -- The Wells boys are called "Raiders."

West Liberty Belles (IA) -- An obvious reference to the Liberty Bell. The boys are called the "Comets."

West Philadelphia Catholic Burrmaids ** (Philadelphia, PA) -- The boys are called "Burrs," for the rough prickly husk or covering surrounding the seeds or fruits of plants such as the chestnut or the burdock. The school is located on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, which has many such trees growing in the vicinity.

White County Warriorettes (Sparta, TN) -- At WCHS, the boys are called "Warriors."

Wishkah Valley Loggerettes (Aberdeen, WA) -- Wishkah Valley's mascot is a logger.

Yankton Gazelles (SD) -- Boys are called "Bucks" at Yankton.


Angelo State Rambelles (San Angelo, TX) -- The men at the college are called "Rams."

Arkansas-Monticello Cotton Blossoms ** (Monticello, AR) -- The male athletic teams use "Boll Weevils" as a mascot, which are notorious scavengers of cotton fields.

Central Arizona Vaqueras (Coolidge, AZ) -- This is the feminine form of "Vaqueros," Spanish for "cowboys."

Central Arkansas Sugar Bears (Conway AR) -- The men's teams are known by the less colorful "Bears" name. At one time, the female athletes were called "Bearettes."

Central Missouri State Jennies (Warrensburg, MO) -- Central Missouri's male teams use the mule as their mascot. The "Jennies" nickname for Central Missouri's women's athletic teams was officially adopted in February, 1974 after the school's student newspaper, The Muleskinner, offered a prize of $50 in a contest to choose a nickname for the women's athletic teams. Cynthia Almaguer of Knob Noster, Mo., Class of 1974, was chosen winner from 34 entries. Almaguer told the contest judges, "The reason I picked the name is because of the obvious feminine kinship of the jenny to our mule mascot. It is a fact that a mule is a descendant of a female donkey -- the jenny."

Clafin Pantherettes (Orangeburg, SC) -- The men are called "Panthers."

Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Athenas (Claremont, CA) -- Named for the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. The men's teams are known as "Stags."

Dakota State Lady T's (Madison, SD) -- Men at Dakota State are called "Trojans."

Delta State Lady Statesmen ** (Cleveland, MS) -- Another oxymoronic name for a women's program...

Eastern New Mexico Zias (Portales, NM) -- The men's teams are known as "Greyhounds." The women are named after the Zia Sun Symbol, New Mexico's distinctive insignia, which originated with the Indians of the Zia Pueblo in ancient times. The figure is composed of a circle from which four points radiate, signifying the Earth and its four main directions; the year with its four main seasons; the day with sunrise, noon, evening and night; life with its four divisions, childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. The women's teams were once known as "Greyhoundettes" until 1981.

Enterprise State Weevil Women (AL) -- The male teams at the college are called "Boll Weevils."

Hawaii Rainbow Wahine ** (Honolulu, HI) -- Sometimes also known as "Na Wahine," translated as "The Women." The men's teams are known as "Rainbow Warriors."

Kaskaskia Blue Angels (Centralia, IL) -- The men are called "Blue Devils."

Kentucky State Thorobrettes ** (Frankfort, KY) -- Their male counterparts are known as "Thorobreds."

Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters (Ruston, LA) -- This is derived from the school's name. The men's teams use the nickname of "Bulldogs."

Lyon Pipers (Batesville, AR) -- The male athletes are called "Scots." The Lyon women opted to be different, but with a name that would maintain the college's Scottish heritage.

Minot State-Bottineau Ladyjacks (Bottineau, ND) -- The men's teams are called "Lumberjacks."

Montana State-Northern Skylights (Havre, MT) -- The men's teams are called "Lights."

St. Ambrose Queen Bees (Davenport, IA) -- The men at Saint Ambrose use the moniker of "Fighting Bees."

St. Peter's Peahens ** (NJ) -- The men are called "Peacocks."

Seminole State Belles (Seminole, OK) -- The men are called Trojans. The women's teams were originally sponsored by the Blue Bell Meat Company, so the teams honored the company by naming themselves "Blue Belles."

Southern California Women of Troy (Los Angeles, CA) -- The men at USC are called "Trojans."

Tarelton State TexAnns (Stephenville, TX) -- The men are known as "Texans."

Tennessee State Tigerbelles (Nashville, TN) -- This name has been applied to the college's women's track team since the 1950s.

Tuskegee Tigerettes (AL) -- The Tuskegee men are called "Tigers."

Wayland Baptist Flying Queens (Plainview, TX) -- This nickname is used for Wayland Baptist's famous women's basketball team. The men are called "Pioneers."

William Smith Herons (Geneva, NY) -- Hobart College and William Smith College united in 1995 to create one institution. The male athletes are known as the Hobart Statesmen, while the women retained their previous school name and mascot.

Xavier Gold Nuggets ** (New Orleans, LA) -- The men at Xavier use the "Gold Rush" nickname for their teams.


Arkansas Tech Wonderettes ** (Russellville, AR) -- The mascot was formerly used by the women's teams at Arkansas Tech until being dropped in 1975 for the current "Golden Suns" moniker. The men's teams at the college still use "Wonder Boys" as a name.

Ashland Dockerettes ** (WI) -- This nickname, which had been used by the girls' teams at Ashland HS, was dropped in favor of the same "Oredockers" name used by the boys.

Bethany Flying Fillies (IL) -- The mascot was used for the girls' teams, while the boys were called "Mustangs." The high school closed in 2001.

Farwell Steerettes (TX) -- This name for the girls' teams at Farwell High was changed in 1975 to the current "Lady Blue."

Florida A&M Rattlerettes (Tallahassee, FL) -- Female athletes at the university are now known as "Lady Rattlers."

Gregory Girl-illas (SD) -- This name was used for the female athletes at Gregory HS. The girls' teams are now known as "Lady Gorillas." The boys are "Gorillas."

Howard Hawk Queens (Big Spring, TX) -- The female teams now use the same "Hawks" mascot as the male teams do at the college.

Mercer Teddy Bears (Macon, GA) -- The college's women's teams now use the same "Bears" name as their male counterparts.

Morgan State Honey Bears (Baltimore, MD) -- This name for the university's women's teams has been dropped in favor of the same "Bears" mascot used by the men.

Naselle Comettes (WA) -- This name for the girls' teams has been dropped in favor of the same "Comets" mascot used by the boys at Naselle High.

North Carolina A&T Aggiettes (NC) -- Female athletes at A&T now go by the same "Aggie" nickname as their male counterparts.

North Georgia Golddiggers (Dahlonega, GA) -- Women's teams at this college are now known as "Saints."

Northwestern Missouri State Bearkittens (Maryville, MO) -- This name for the school's female athletes was dropped in 1993. All teams at the university go by "Bearcats."

Pittsburg State Gussies (Pittsburg, KS) -- This mascot was used by the women's teams from 1974 until 1989, when they adopted the same "Gorillas" title used by the men at the college.

Rhode Island Wrams (Kingston, RI) -- The "W" was for "Women," while the "Rams" are the mascot at the university. This name was eventually dropped, so now all Rhode Island athletes are called "Rams."

Ritzville Broncettes (WA) -- The moniker was used for the high school's female teams. The girls now go by "Broncos," just as the boys do.

Salisbury She Gulls -- This name was replaced in 1983 when the women's teams adopted the same "Sea Gulls" name used by the men.

Science and Arts of Oklahoma Droverettes ** (Chickasha, OK) -- The college's female teams are called by the same "Drovers" name the male teams use.

Seton Hall Bucettes (South Orange, NJ) -- Now known as "Pirates."

South Dakota Tech Rockerettes ** (Rapid City, SD) -- This mascot was used by the college's female athletes, but they now use the same "Hardrockers" nickname that is applied to the male teams.

Southern Arkansas Riderettes ** (Magnolia, AR) -- This was used by the womens' teams as a derivative of the mens' "Mulerider" nickname. The women's teams at the university are now called "Lady Muleriders."

Southern California College Deaconettes (Costa Mesa, CA) -- The men were called "Deacons." The school is now known as Vanguard University, and the teams are called "Lions."

Stronghurst Southern Belles (Stronghurst, IL) -- The mascot was used by the girls' teams, while the boys were called "Rebels." The high school closed in 2005.

Tennessee Tech Golden Eaglettes (Cookeville, TN) -- The women at the college are now called "Golden Eagles," just as the men are.

Thomson Tom Boys (GA) -- This nickname was used in the 1950s by the girls' teams.

Truett-McConnell Danettes (Cleveland, GA) -- The men were known as "Danes." The college adopted "Bears" as their mascot in 2004.

Washington and Jefferson First Ladies ** (Washington, PA) -- The nickname was used by the women's teams before they switched to the same "Presidents" mascot used by the men at the university.

Western Illinois Westerwinds (Macomb, IL) -- This name was used for the women's teams until 2009, when they adopted the same "Fighting Leathernecks" mascot as the men's teams at the university.

York Dutcherettes (PA) -- This name was dropped around 1970 to "Spartans." The men at the college were called "Flying Dutchmen" before switching to "Spartans."

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