Marc's Distinctive Mascot Collection: Alphabetical Listing

Last Updated: January 1, 2018

Listed Alphabetically by Mascot Name (HS: High School, Coll: College)

Aardvarks, Oregon Episcopal (HS)
Abes, Lincoln (HS)
Academics, Hillhouse (HS)
Aces, Evansville (Coll)
Achaeans, Herron (HS)
Acorns, Oakville (HS)
Agates, Two Harbors (HS)
Airedales, Alma (HS)
Aklaqs, James Isabell (HS)
Alacranes, Tierra Encantada (HS)
Alices, Lincoln (HS)
Ambassadors, William Bodine (HS)
Amcats, Anna Maria (Coll)
Anchormen, Rhode Island (Coll)
Andies, Livermore Falls (HS)
Angoras, Clarkston (HS)
Anteaters, California Irvine (Coll)
Antlers, Elkhorn (HS)
Appleknockers, Cobden (HS)
Applemen, Musselman (HS)
Apollos, Sharpstown (HS)
Arabs, Coachella Valley (HS)
Arapaho Nation, Arapahoe Nation (HS)
Archangels, Lumen Christi (HS)
Archers, Moody Bible (Coll)
Arcs, Charles F. Brush (HS)
Argylls, Madison-Grant (HS)
Armadillos, San Saba (HS)
Armens, Holy Martyrs Armenian (HS)
Artesians, Martinsville (HS)
Artichokes, Scottsdale (Coll)
Athenians, Mt. St. Mary's (Coll)
Atomics, Poplar Springs (HS)
Atom Smashers, Sol C. Johnson (HS)
Atoms, Annandale (HS)
Auctioneers, Mullins (HS)
Auggies, Augsburg (Coll)
Auks, Archmere (HS)
Avenging Angels, Meredith (Coll)
Awesome Blossoms, Blooming Prairie (HS)
Baby Rattlers, FAMU (HS)
Badgers, Wisconsin (Coll)
Bald Eagles, Lock Haven (Coll)
Bambies, St. Hubert (HS)
Banana Slugs, California-Santa Cruz (Coll)
Bantams, Clarkston (HS)
Barbs, DeKalb (HS)
Barristers, John Marshall (HS)
Barrons, Woodbridge (HS)
Battlers, Alderson-Broaddus (Coll)
Battlin' Bears, Rocky Mountain (Coll)
Battling Bathers, Mt. Clemens (HS)
Battling Bishops, Ohio Wesleyan (Coll)
Bays, Brimley (HS)
Beacons, Massachusetts-Boston (Coll)
Bearkats, Sam Houston St. (Coll)
Beetdiggers, Jordan (HS)
Behrend Lions, Penn St.-Behrend (Coll)
Belles, Bennett (Coll)
Bellringers, East Hampton (HS)
Bernardians, St. Bernard's Central Catholic (HS)
Berries, Logansport (HS)
Big Blacks, Point Pleasant (HS)
Big Green, Dartmouth (Coll)
Big Green Machine, Naples (HS)
Big Macs, Canon-McMillan (HS)
Big Red, Cornell (Coll)
Big Trains, Silver Grove (HS)
Billies, Pleasant Hill (HS)
Billikens, St. Louis (Coll)
Billygoats, Pateros (HS)
Blackbirds, Long Island-Brooklyn (Coll)
Black Diamonds, Sallisaw (HS)
Black Flies, College of the Atlantic (Coll)
Blackjacks, Dawson-Boyd (HS)
Black Knights, U.S. Military Academy (Coll)
Blackshirts, Waukesha South (HS)
Blacksmiths, Westlake Academy (HS)
Black Tornado, North Medford (HS)
Blazing Trojans, Bloom Township (HS)
Blizzards, Winters (HS)
Blockbusters, Block Yeshiva (HS)
Bloodhounds, Fort Madison (HS)
Blue, Wellesley (Coll)
Blue and Blue, English (HS)
Blue Blazes, Westbrook (HS)
Blue Blazers, Elkhart Central (HS)
Blue Bombardiers, Attleboro (HS)
Blueboys, Illinois (Coll)
Bluecats, Coleman (HS)
Blue Darters, Apopka (HS)
Blue Eagles, Magnolia (HS)
Blue Hose, Presbyterian (Coll)
Blue Ponies, Havre (HS)
Blue Streaks, John Carroll (Coll)
Blugolds, Wisconsin-Eau Claire (Coll)
Bobkatz, Moulton (HS)
Bobwhites, Bellows Free Academy (HS)
Boilermakers, Purdue (Coll)
Boll Weevils, Arkansas-Monticello (Coll)
Bombers, Richland (HS)
Bonackers, East Hampton (HS)
Bonnies, St. Bonaventure (Coll)
Bookers, Washington (HS)
Boomers, Toledo (HS)
Borderites, Blaine (HS)
Bowmen, Sherwood (HS)
Boxers, Pacific (Coll)
Brahmans, Okeechobee (HS)
Bravehearts, Oglala Lakota (Coll)
Brewers, Vassar (Coll)
Briar Jumpers, Somerset (HS)
Brickies, Hobart (HS)
Bridgers, Ambridge (HS)
Britons, Albion (Coll)
Broncbusters, Garden City (Coll)
Bruisers, Girls Prep (HS)
Bubblers, Boiling Springs (HS)
Buckaroos, Breckenridge (HS)
Buckeyes, Ohio State (Coll)
Buckhorns, Wallenpaupack Area (HS)
Buckskins, Conestoga Valley (HS)
Buffanblu, Punahou (HS)
Builders, Newport News (Coll)
Bulldawgs, Las Cruces (HS)
Bulldoggers, Dewey (HS)
Bullfrogs, Bret Harte (HS)
Bullpups, Gonzaga Prep (HS)
Burghers, Warrensburg (HS)
Burkies, Burke Mountain (HS)
Burros, Hillsboro (HS)
Burrs, West Philadelphia Catholic (HS)
Bunnies, Benson (HS)
Bushmen, Pine Bush (HS)
Buttons, Central Catholic (HS)
Caballeros, Flowing Wells (HS)
Cahillites, Roman Catholic (HS)
Caimans, Hostos (Coll)
Caissons, Fishburne Military (HS)
Camels, Campbell (Coll)
Campers, Allegany (HS)
Canalmen, Bourne (HS)
Canefire, Christian Liberty Academy (HS)
Canaries, William Allen (HS)
Canners, Biglerville (HS)
Cannoneers, Pratt (Coll)
Canucks, North Plainfield (HS)
Caravan, Mount Carmel (HS)
Cardinal, Stanford (Coll)
Caseys, Red Bank Catholic (HS)
Castle Guards, Washburn (HS)
Catamounts, Vermont (Coll)
Cavers, San Diego (HS)
Caxys, Lake Forest Academy (HS)
Cee Bees, Clay-Battelle (HS)
Centaurs, Maple Woods (Coll)
Centurions, Centura (HS)
Ceramics, Crooksville (HS)
Challengers, Cuyahoga (Coll)
Chameleons, Concord Academy (HS)
Champions, Cesar Chavez (HS)
Chancellors, Chatsworth (HS)
Chanticleers, Coastal Carolina (Coll)
Chaparrals, Midland (Coll)
Charging Wildcats, North Little Rock (HS)
Cheesemakers, Tillamook (HS)
Chemics, Midland (HS)
Chesty Lions, Lawrence (HS)
Chipmunks, Archbishop Chapelle (HS)
Chimeras, Willingboro (HS)
Chinooks, Kalama (HS)
Chitwhins, Taholah (HS)
Chix, Zeeland East (HS)
Chokers, Grays Harbor (Coll)
Chucks, Punxsutawney (HS)
Chukars, Treasure Valley (Coll)
Churchmen, Episcopal Academy (HS)
Claim Jumpers, Columbia (Coll)
Clerks, Cardozo (HS)
Clockers, Ashland (HS)
Coalers, Coal City (HS)
Coasters, Paul T. Albert (HS)
Cobbers, Concordia (Coll)
Cobblers, Rapid City Central (HS)
Cogs, Genoa-Kingston (HS)
Colonials, George Washington (Coll)
Colonists, Anaheim (HS)
Columbians, Rainier (HS)
Commodores, Vanderbilt (Coll)
Conchs, Key West (HS)
Conquistadors, Olive Branch (HS)
Continentals, Hamilton (Coll)
Copperheads, Anaconda (HS)
Copper Kings, Calumet (HS)
Cornhuskers, Nebraska (Coll)
Cornjerkers, Hoopeston (HS)
Corsairs, Massachusetts-Dartmouth (Coll)
Cossacks, Sioux Valley (HS)
Cottonpickers, Robstown (HS)
Couriers, Clinton Christian (HS)
Coursers, Vanguard (HS)
Crabbers, Crisfield (HS)
Cranes, Cranbrook Kingswood (HS)
Crescents, Cabrini (HS)
Crickets, Fall Creek (HS)
Criminals, Yuma (HS)
Crimson, Harvard (Coll)
Crimson Tide, Alabama (Coll)
Cristeros, Cristo Rey Jesuit (HS)
Cruisers, Eatonville (HS)
Crushers, Vintage (HS)
Cubans, Cuba City (HS)
Curley Wolves, Prescott (HS)
Cutters, Fair Lawn (HS)
Cutthroats, Community School of Ketchum (HS)
Daggers, Pahoa (HS)
Daisies, Hockaday (HS)
Danes, Elk Horn-Kimballton (HS)
Daredevils, Wonderview (HS)
Darts, Davis (HS)
Dashers, Divine Savior Holy Angels (HS)
Dateliners, Diomede (HS)
Delta Kings, Stagg (HS)
Democrats, Jefferson (HS)
Demon Deacons, Wake Forest (Coll)
Desert Shields, Cheyenne (HS)
Devilpups, Lejeune (HS)
Diamond Hornets, Lower Richland (HS)
Dine Warriors, Tse Yi Gai (HS)
Dinos, Carbon (HS)
Diplomats, Franklin and Marshall (Coll)
Disciples, R.J. Hendley Christian (HS)
Discoverers, Columbus (HS)
Divers, Lake Preston (HS)
Dogies, Newcastle (HS)
Donkeys, Bray-Doyle (HS)
Dons, San Francisco (Coll)
Dots, Poca (HS)
Doughboys, Pershing (HS)
Doves, Western (HS)
Dragons, St. George's (HS)
Drakes, Blackduck (HS)
Dreadnaughts, Dexter (HS)
Drifters, Colonial Beach (HS)
Drovers, Science and Arts of Oklahoma (Coll)
Duhawks, Loras (Coll)
Dutch, Central (Coll)
Dux, Zeeland West (HS)
Dynamiters, Glendale (HS)
Dynamos, Springdale (HS)
Eaglets, St. Mary's Prep (HS)
Earwigs, Dunn (HS)
Eddies, Edwardsburg (HS)
Eels, Clay City (HS)
Electrics, Philo (HS)
Electrons, Franklin (HS)
Elis, Yale (Coll)
Elkers, Ridgway (HS)
Elks, Lake Quinault (HS)
Emeralds, Manistique (HS)
Emperors, Dinuba (HS)
Ephs, Williams (Coll)
E-Rabs, Rockford East (HS)
Eskymos, Escanaba (HS)
Eutectic, St. Louis College of Pharmacy (Coll)
Evergreens, D.C. Everest (HS)
Executives, Jane Addams (HS)
Explorers, LaSalle (Coll)
Exporters, Brazosport (HS)
Feet, Webb (HS)
Fightin' Blue Hens, Delaware (Coll)
Fighting Clan, Vineland (HS)
Fighting Cocks, Cocke County (HS)
Fighting Farmers, Lewisville (HS)
Fighting 59ers, Andrean (HS)
Fighting Irish, Notre Dame (Coll)
Fighting Leathernecks, Western Illinois (Coll)
Fighting Leemen, Robert E. Lee (HS)
Fighting Muckers, Tonopah (HS)
Fighting Muskies, Muskingum (Coll)
Fighting Okra, Delta St. (Coll)
Fighting Pickles, North Carolina School of the Arts (Coll)
Fighting Porcupines, Springstown (HS)
Fighting Sea Lions, Bataan Military (HS)
Fire Ants, South Carolina-Sumter (Coll)
Firebrands, Word of Life (HS)
Firestorm, Arizona Christian (Coll)
Fishermen, Ilwaco (HS)
Flaming Hearts, Effingham (HS)
Flivvers, Kingsford (HS)
Flying Dutchmen, Hope (Coll)
Flying Fleet, Erskine (Coll)
Flying Flucos, Fluvanna County (HS)
Flying Forts, Fort Edward (HS)
Flying G's, Gladwin (HS)
Flying Geese, Wethersfield (HS)
Flying Horses, Troy (HS)
Flying L's, Fort Lauderdale (HS)
Flying Squadron, Highland Home (HS)
Fordians, Waterford-Halfmoon (HS)
Fords, Haverford (Coll)
Foresters, Huntington (Coll)
14ers, Lake City Community (HS)
Freddies, Fredericktown (HS)
Friars, Providence (Coll)
Furies, Forsyth Country Day (HS)
Fusion, Richey-Lambert (HS)
Galloping Ghosts, Abington (HS)
Gamecocks, South Carolina (Coll)
Garnet, Swarthmore (Coll)
Gauchos, California-Santa Barbara (Coll)
Gauls, Webb (HS)
Geckos, GateWay (Coll)
Generals, Washington and Lee (Coll)
Gentlemen, Centenary (Coll)
Geoducks, The Evergreen State (Coll)
Gila Monsters, Eastern Arizona (Coll)
G-Men, Georgetown (HS)
Gnomes, Emerson Waldorf (HS)
Go-Devils, Gurdon (HS)
Go-Hawks, Waverly-Shell Rock (HS)
Goldbugs, Alva (HS)
Golden Bears, California (Coll)
Golden Flashes, Kent St. (Coll)
Golden Gales, Lancaster (HS)
Golden Gators, Decatur (HS)
Golden Goblins, Harrison (HS)
Golden Gophers, Minnesota (Coll)
Golden Griffins, Canisius (Coll)
Golden Gusties, Gustavus Adolphus (Coll)
Golden Horde, West Rutland (HS)
Golden Hurricane, Tulsa (Coll)
Golden Sandstorm, Amarillo (HS)
Golden Tors, Ball (HS)
Gold Rush, Xavier (Coll)
Gondoliers, Venice (HS)
Gore Rangers, Vail Mountain (HS)
Gorillas, Davenport (HS)
Gorloks, Webster (Coll)
Goslings, Watertown (HS)
Governors, Austin Peay State (Coll)
Grangers, LaGrange (HS)
Granite Diggers, Mellen (HS)
Grape Pickers, North East (HS)
Gray Bees, St. Benedict (HS)
Great Danes, Albany (Coll)
Great Lakers, Oswego (Coll)
Greenbacks, Pratt (HS)
Green Bears, Ottawa Hills (HS)
Green Mountain Boys, Ethan Allen (HS)
Green Terror, McDaniel (Coll)
Green Wave, Tulane (Coll)
Gremlins, Karns City (HS)
Grenadiers, Indiana-Southeast (Coll)
Grey Ghosts, Illinois Valley Central (HS)
Greyhounds, Duluth East (HS)
Grizzly Cubs, Franklin (HS)
Grovers, Oak Grove (HS)
Guardians, Saint Peter-Marian Central Catholic (HS)
Gumbies, Green Mountain Valley (HS)
Gyrenes, Ave Maria (Coll)
Halfbreeds, Aniak (HS)
Hambletonians, Chester (HS)
Hardrockers, South Dakota Tech (Coll)
Harlem Hellfighters, Thurgood Marshall (HS)
Harpooners, Point Hope (HS)
Harriers, Miami-Hamilton (Coll)
Hatchets, Bad Axe (HS)
Hatters, Stetson (Coll)
Hawkeyes, Iowa (Coll)
Hawklets, Rockhurst (HS)
Haybalers, San Benito (HS)
Haymakers, Cozad (HS)
Headless Horsemen, Sleepy Hollow (HS)
Helmsmen, Cape Cod (Coll)
Hematites, Ishpeming (HS)
Hermits, St. Augustine (HS)
Highclimbers, Shelton (HS)
Highland Cavaliers, Virginia-Wise (Coll)
Highwaymen, Teaneck (HS)
Hilanders, Kelso (HS)
Hi-Liners, Valley City (HS)
Hillbillies, Man (HS)
Hillcats, Rogers State (Coll)
Hillclimbers, Urbana (HS)
Hillers, Tower Hill (HS)
Hilltoppers, Western Kentucky (Coll)
Hippos, Hutto (HS)
Hoboes, Laurel Hill (HS)
Hodags, Rhinelander (HS)
Hoggers, Northfield Mount Hermon (HS)
Hokies, Virginia Tech (Coll)
Honey Bears, Harpeth Hall (HS)
Honkers, Lakeview (HS)
Hoosiers, Indiana (Coll)
Horned Frogs, Texas Christian (Coll)
Horned Toads, Coalinga (HS)
Horsemen, St. Michael's (HS)
Hot Dogs, Frankfort (HS)
Houn' Dawgs, Aurora (HS)
Howlers, Penobscot Valley (HS)
Hoyas, Georgetown (Coll)
Hubbers, Smethport (HS)
Hubs, Rochelle Township (HS)
Huntsmen, Huntington (HS)
Hustler Bees, Melbourne Central Catholic (HS)
Hustlin' Owls, Oregon Tech (Coll)
Hustling Quakers, Earlham (Coll)
Hyaks, North Beach (HS)
Ichabods, Washburn (Coll)
Impalas, Poudre (HS)
Imperials, Napoleon (HS)
Imps, Cary (HS)
Inferno, Alverno (Coll)
Ingots, River Forest (HS)
Inventors, Thomas Edison (HS)
Ironheads, Eufaula (HS)
Ironmen, Holt (HS)
Iron Mikes, Trenton Catholic Academy (HS)
Irrigators, Newell (HS)
Jacks, Quincy (HS)
Jaegers, Ayaprun (HS)
Jaspers, Manhattan (Coll)
Javelinas, Texas A&M-Kingsville (Coll)
Jayhawks, Kansas (Coll)
Jeeps, South Webster (HS)
Jeffs, Fairbury (HS)
Jegos, Tohono O’odham (Coll)
Jems, Villa Joseph Marie (HS)
Jersey Blues, Brookdale (Coll)
Jesters, Willard (HS)
Jesuits, Fairfield Prep (HS)
Jimmies, Jamestown (Coll)
Johnnies, St. John's (Coll)
Judges, Brandeis (Coll)
Juggernauts, Lloyd Memorial (HS)
Jugglers, Notre Dame (HS)
Jug Rox, Shoals (HS)
Jumbos, Tufts (Coll)
Jungaleers, Southeastern (HS)
Junior Billikens, Saint Louis University (HS)
Junior Jays, Creighton Prep (HS)
Junior Rainbows, University (HS)
Junior Ravens, Maur Hill-Mount Academy (HS)
Ka Makani, Hawaii Prep (HS)
Kangaroos, Lake Washington (HS)
Kares, Rio Hondo Prep (HS)
Kavemen, Kuna (HS)
Keelhaulers, California Maritime (Coll)
Kernels, Mitchell (HS)
Kewpies, Hickman (HS)
Keydets, Virginia Military Institute (Coll)
Kicking Mules, Bedford (HS)
Killer Whales, Kingikmiut (HS)
Kilties, Mt. Pleasant (HS)
Kings, Ketchikan (HS)
Kingsmen, California Lutheran (Coll)
Kittens, Grambling (HS)
Knotty Oakers, Coventry (HS)
Koalas, Columbia (Coll)
Kodiaks, Cascade (HS)
Kohawks, Coe (Coll)
Kokanee, Lake Tahoe (Coll)
Konkrete Kids, Northampton Area (HS)
Koyotes, Kahlotus (HS)
Lambkins, Fort Collins (HS)
Lancers, John F. Kennedy Catholic (HS)
Larks, Hesston (Coll)
Larries, Saint Lawrence Central (HS)
Lasers, Lasell (Coll)
Lawyers, John Marshall (HS)
Lava Bears, Bend (HS)
Ledgers, St. Mary's Springs (HS)
Liberators, Bolivar (HS)
Li'l Irish, Aquinas (HS)
Links, Lincoln (HS)
Lions of Judah, Ets Chaiyim (HS)
Little Cyclones, Ames (HS)
Little Dutchmen, Annville-Cleona (HS)
Little Giants, Wabash (Coll)
Little Green, Central (HS)
Little Hawks, Iowa City (HS)
Little Hoyas, Georgetown Prep (HS)
Little Johns, Danville (HS)
Little Lions, State College Area (HS )
Little Muskies, John Glenn (HS)
Little Prexies, Washington (HS)
Little Red, Ithaca (HS)
Llamas, Simon's Rock (Coll)
Lobos, New Mexico (Coll)
Loconets, Harper-Huntington (HS)
Longhorns, Texas (Coll)
Lopers, Nebraska-Kearney (Coll)
Lords, Kenyon (Coll)
Lunas, Lahainaluna (HS)
Lutes, Pacific Lutheran (Coll)
Lyncs, Lynden Christian (HS)
Maccabees, Yeshiva (Coll)
Magi, Colon (HS)
Magicians, Lemoyne-Owen (Coll)
Magic Storm, Starkweather-Munich (HS)
Maiingan, Nay Ah Shing (HS)
Main Streeters, Sauk Centre (HS)
Majors, Mount Vernon (HS)
Makos, MAST Academy (HS)
Malemutes, Lathrop (HS)
Mammoths, Amherst (Coll)
Manatees, State College of Florida (Coll)
Maniacs, Orofino (HS)
Marists, Academy of the Holy Family (HS)
Marcos, Polo (HS)
Markers, Nerinx Hall (HS)
Marksmen, Tell City (HS)
Marshmen, Horicon (HS)
Martians, Goodrich (HS)
Martlets, Westminster (HS)
Masai Lions, Rowe-Clark (HS)
Mastiffs, Haas Hall Academy (HS)
Mastodons, Indiana-Purdue-Fort Wayne (Coll)
Matadors, Parkland (HS)
Mawrtians, Bryn Mawr (HS)
Mayhem, Fuchs Mizrachi (HS)
Mean Green, North Texas (Coll)
Mean Moose, Alamosa (HS)
Mechanics, Williamson (Coll)
Mercuries, McGregor (HS)
Meloneers, Rocky Ford (HS)
Menehunes, Waimea (HS)
Midgets, Freeburg (HS)
Midshipmen, U.S. Naval Academy (Coll)
Mighty Bad Hawks, Holly Springs (HS)
Mighty Elephants, Math Civics & Sciences Charter (HS)
Mighty Hoppers, Georgetown Day (HS)
Mightymen, Dunbar (HS)
Mighty Mikes, Carmichaels (HS)
Mighty Mikinocks, Turtle Mountain (Coll)
Millionaires, Williamsport (HS)
Minutemen, Massachusetts (Coll)
Moccasins, Florida Southern (Coll)
Mocs, Tennessee-Chattanooga (Coll)
Modeltowners, Gwinn (HS)
Moguls, Munday (HS)
Monarchs, Mercy (HS)
Mongoose, Meridian (HS)
Monks, St. Joseph's (Coll)
Monsoons, Mayfair (HS)
Moors, Alhambra (HS)
Morning Stars, Lame Deer (HS)
Moundbuilders, Southwestern (Coll)
Movin' Maroons, Dieterich (HS)
Muhls, Muhlenberg (HS)
Muleriders, Southern Arkansas (Coll)
Mules, Newmarket (HS)
Muleskinners, St. John Military (HS)
Musher Dogs, Camas County (HS)
Musketeers, Xavier (Coll)
Muskrats, Algonac (HS)
Mystics, Bismarck St. (Coll)
Na Alii, King Kekaulike (HS)
Nads, Rhode Island School of Design (Coll)
Nanooks, Alaska-Fairbanks (Coll)
Naps, Holy Name Central Catholic (HS)
Navigators, Northwest Christian (HS)
Nikes, Notre Dame (HS)
Nimrods, Watersmeet (HS)
Nittany Lions, Penn State (Coll)
Noises, Nathan Hale-Ray (HS)
Nor'easters, New England (Coll)
Normans, Beverly Hills (HS)
Norse, Luther (Coll)
Northern Lights, Shishmaref (HS)
Nubians, Africentric (HS)
Oatkan Knights, LeRoy (HS)
Obezags, Key (HS)
Ocelots, Schoolcraft (Coll)
Ogichida, Fon du Lac Ojibwe (HS)
Old Abes, Eau Claire Memorial (HS)
Oles, St. Olaf's (Coll)
Orabs, Sheldon (HS)
Oracles, Delphi (HS)
Orange, Syracuse (Coll)
Orcas, Whatcom (Coll)
Orediggers, Colorado Mines (Coll)
Oredockers, Ashland (HS)
Orphans, Centralia (HS)
Ospreys, North Florida (Coll)
Otters, Otter Valley (HS)
Outlaws, Rawlins (HS)
Oxen, Oxford Academy (HS)
Oysters, Colorado Rocky Mountain (HS)
Paladins, Furman (Coll)
Palominos, Palo Alto (Coll)
Pam Pack, Washington (HS)
Pandas, Lee Academy (HS)
Papermakers, Camas (HS)
Parrots, Poly (HS)
Parsons, Snead St. (Coll)
Pathfinders, John Fremont (HS)
Peacocks, St. Peter's (Coll)
Peglegs, Stuyvesant (HS)
Pendragons, Pender (HS)
Penguins, Youngstown State (Coll)
Penmen, Southern New Hampshire (Coll)
Peregrines, Purdue-Calumet (Coll)
Piasa Birds, Southwestern (HS)
Pied Pipers, Hamlin (HS)
Piikani Thunder, Blackfeet (Coll)
Pine Lads, Lanai (HS)
Piners, Lakewood (HS)
Pintos, Moriarty (HS)
Piranhas, Northwest (HS)
Planets, Mars (HS)
Plowboys, Roscoe (HS)
Poets, Whittier (Coll)
Pointers, Wisconsin-Stevens Point (Coll)
Polar Bears, Frost (HS)
Polars, North (HS)
Pomeroys, St. Mary-of-the-Woods (Coll)
Ponies, Panola (Coll)
Popes, Pius XI (HS)
Portagers, Onekama (HS)
Porters, Lockport (HS)
Potters, East Liverpool (HS)
Prairie Fire, Knox (Coll)
Praying Colonels, Centre (Coll)
Preachers, Johnson Bible (Coll)
Preppers, University (HS)
Presidents, Washington and Jefferson (Coll)
Pretzels, Freeport (HS)
Privateers, New Orleans (Coll)
Professors, Rowan (Coll)
Pronghorns, Farson-Eden (HS)
Prophets, Prophetstown (HS)
Provets, Providence (HS)
Prowlers, Thief River Falls (HS)
Pterodactyls, Marvelwood (HS)
Pueo, Hualalai (HS)
Pugs, Paoli (HS)
Punchers, Big Piney (HS)
Purgolders, Madison East (HS)
Purples, Bowling Green (HS)
Purple Pounders, Chattanooga Central (HS)
Purple Tornadoes, Parrish (HS)
Pythians, Lawless (HS)
Qaavik, McQueen (HS)
Quarriers, Dell Rapids (HS)
Quasars, Southwest Star Concept (HS)
Queensmen, Bishop O'Reilly (HS)
Quips, Aliquippa (HS)
Racers, Murray State (Coll)
Ragin' Cajuns, Louisiana-Lafayette (Coll)
Railroaders, Sparks (HS)
Rainbow Warriors, Hawaii (Coll)
Rajahs, Atwood-Hammond (HS)
Ramblers, LaFayette (HS)
Ramblin' Wreck, Georgia Tech (Coll)
Rampants, J.H. Rose (HS)
Rappites, New Harmony (HS)
Razorbacks, Arkansas (Coll)
Reapers, Plano (HS)
Rebel Bulls, South Stanly (HS)
Red Ants, Progreso (HS)
Redbugs, Fordyce (HS)
Redcoats, Berlin (HS)
Reddies, Henderson State (Coll)
Red Elephants, Gainesville (HS)
Red Foxes, Marist (HS)
Red Heifers, Gann Academy (HS)
Red Ravens, Coffeyville (Coll)
Red Riots, Orono (HS)
Red Rocketeers, North Attleboro (HS)
Red Rovers, Easton (HS)
Redsides, South Wasco County (HS)
Redstickers, St. Joseph's (HS)
Red Terrors, Glynn (HS)
Red Tops, Slocomb (HS)
Refiners, North Toole County (HS)
Regents, Rockford (Coll)
Reggies, Greater Lawrence Tech (HS)
Reivers, Iowa Western (Coll)
Resorters, Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah (HS)
Retrievers, Maryland-Baltimore County (Coll)
Revelators, Tabernacle of Prayer Christian (HS)
Ricebirds, Stuttgart (HS)
Riders, Rodney (HS)
Ridgerunners, Grove (HS)
Ringnecks, Hill City (HS)
Riptide, Charleston Charter School for Math and Science (HS)
Rivals, Geraldine-Highwood (HS)
Riverbats, Austin (Coll)
River Kings, Clinton (HS)
River Rats, Huron (HS)
Roadrunners, Metro St. (Coll)
Roaring Lions, Penn St.-Fayette (Coll)
Rock-a-Chaws, St. Stanislaus (HS)
Rockcrushers, Knippa (HS)
Rocks, Rock Island (HS)
Ro-Hawks, Randolph (HS)
Romans, Los Angeles (HS)
Roneagles, McDonough (HS)
Roosters, Palco (HS)
Ropers, Will Rogers (HS)
Roses, Wildrose-Alamo (HS)
Roughers, Muskogee (HS)
Roughnecks, Columbia (HS)
Royal Comets, Rush-Henrietta (HS)
Running Eagles, Life (Coll)
Russets, Shelley (HS)
Saddleites, Regina (HS)
Sagehens, Pomona-Pitzer (Coll)
Sages, Monticello (HS)
Sailfish, Palm Beach Atlantic (Coll)
Sallies, Salesianum (HS)
SaltHawks, Hutchinson (HS)
Salukis, Southern Illinois (Coll)
Sammies, Sutton (HS)
Samsons, Gogebic (Coll)
Samurai, Sheridan Japanese (HS)
Sandcrabs, Calhoun (HS)
Sand Devils, Page (HS)
Sandites, Sand Springs (HS)
Sand Lizards, Dardanelle (HS)
Sand Sharks, South Carolina-Beaufort (Coll)
Sandstoners, Potsdam (HS)
Sartans, St. Pius X (HS)
Sasquatch, Spokane (Coll)
Satellites, South Central (HS)
Savage Heat, Hot Springs (HS)
Savage Storm, Southeast Oklahoma St. (Coll)
Sawyers, Saugerties (HS)
Scarabs, Saint Cecilia (HS)
Scarlet Fliers, Neptune (HS)
Scoopers, Sturgis Brown (HS)
Scrappers, Nashville (HS)
Screaming Devils, Warren County (HS)
Screaming Penguins, Explorations (HS)
Sea Aggies, Texas A&M-Galveston (Coll)
Sea Beggars, Providence Christian (Coll)
Seagulls, Everett (HS)
Seahorses, Burlington (HS)
SeaKings, Corona del Mar (HS)
Seal Pups, St. George (HS)
Sea Parrots, Saint Paul (HS)
Seasiders, Brigham Young-Hawaii (Coll)
Seaters, Belvidere County (HS)
Senators, Joe T. Robinson (HS)
Seraphs, St. Bonaventure (HS)
Serpents, Mineral County (HS)
Setters, Pace (Coll)
Settlers, Southold (HS)
Sheepherders, Sweet Grass County (HS)
Sheiks, Hollywood (HS)
Shells, Roxana (HS)
Sherman Tanks, Unioto (HS)
Shiners, Rising Sun (HS)
Ships, Manitowoc Lincoln (HS)
Shipbuilders, Morse (HS)
Shires, Dayspring Academy (HS)
Shiretowners, Houlton (HS)
Shock, Washington Adventist (Coll)
Shockers, Waterville (HS)
Shoremen, Washington (Coll)
Shorians, Lake Shore (HS)
Shorthorns, Schulenberg (HS)
Sidewinders, San Luis (HS)
Silver Foxes, Dutch Fork (HS)
Silverswords, Chaminade (Coll)
Sir Bills, Johnstown (HS)
Sissaungi, Buckland (HS)
613s, Northwest Yeshiva (HS)
Skeeters, Mesquite (HS)
Skiers, Aspen (HS)
Skipjacks, Chesapeake (Coll)
Skirts, Beth Chana Academy (HS)
Skylanders, Sussex County (Coll)
Skyrockets, Wellington (HS)
Slaters, Fair Haven (HS)
Slicers, LaPorte (HS)
Smithies, Smithville (HS)
Smoky Bears, Sevier County (HS)
Snails, Madeira (HS)
Snappers, Spoon River (Coll)
Solons, Montpelier (HS)
Sooners, Oklahoma (Coll)
Space Pioneers, Northwest (HS)
Sparkplugs, Speedway (HS)
Speedboys, Bessemer (HS)
Spiders, Richmond (Coll)
Spires, St. Mary (Coll)
Spoilers, Grafton (HS)
Spongers, Tarpon Springs (HS)
Spoofhounds, Maryville (HS)
Springers, Highland Springs (HS)
Spuds, Moorhead (HS)
Spudders, Ridgefield (HS)
Spy Ponders, Arlington (HS)
Soaring Eagles, Elmira (Coll)
Sobos, South Beloit (HS)
SonBlazers, Mesilla Valley Christian (HS)
Squirrels, Mary Baldwin (Coll)
Stags, Deer Park (HS)
Stanners, Archbishop Molloy (HS)
Stateliners, Phillipsburg (HS)
Steamers, Fulton (HS)
Steamrollers, Steelton-Highspire (HS)
Steelmen, Joliet Central (HS)
Stingarees, Miami (HS)
Stockaders, Old Fort (HS)
Stormin' Pointers, Center Point-Urbana (HS)
Stormy Petrels, Oglethorpe (Coll)
Strivers, Mountain Village (HS)
Strutting Jaguars, Athens Drive (HS)
Student Princes, Heidelberg (Coll)
Sugar Beeters, Chinook (HS)
Sultans, Sultana (HS)
Sunbirds, Fresno Pacific (Coll)
Super Larks, Grand Meadow (HS)
Surge, Cincinnati State (Coll)
Swamp Foxes, Marion (HS)
Swathers, Hesston (HS)
Swedes, Bethany (Coll)
Swifts, Nazareth (HS)
Sycamores, Indiana State (Coll)
Syrupmakers, Cairo (HS)
Talbots, Hampton (HS)
Tanagers, Vermillion (HS)
Tanners, Woburn (HS)
Tarantulas, Gabbs (HS)
Tarbabes, Compton (HS)
Tarblooders, Glenville (HS)
Tar Heels, North Carolina (Coll)
Tarriers, Charles Wright (HS)
Tars, Rollins (Coll)
Tartans, Carnegie Mellon (Coll)
Tartars, Taylorsville (HS)
Techmen, Simon Benson Tech (HS)
Technicians, Cass Technical (HS)
Teddies, Roosevelt (HS)
Tejanos, El Paso (Coll)
Templars, Manti (HS)
Terrapins, Maryland (Coll)
Terriers, Boston (Coll)
Teutons, Inman (HS)
"The Rock," Slippery Rock (Coll)
Thorobreds, Kentucky St. (Coll)
Thorpes, Pine Ridge (HS)
Threshers, Bethel (Coll)
Thunderbirds, Edsel Ford (HS)
Thunder Chicken, Doane Stuart (HS)
Thunderducks, Richland (Coll)
Thundering Herd, Marshall (Coll)
ThunderWolves, Colorado St.-Pueblo (Coll)
Tides, Gig Harbor (HS)
Tigercats, LaCrosse-Washtucna (HS)
Tiger Cubs, Greencastle (HS)
Tigerhawks, Colfax-Mingo (HS)
Tigersharks, Green Lake-Princeton (HS)
TigerScots, Weston-McEwen (HS)
Tillers, Tustin (HS)
Titans, Palo Verde (HS)
T-Jacks, King Cove (HS)
Toilers, Manual Arts (HS)
Tologs, Flintridge Sacred Heart (HS)
Tomcats, Ashland Blazer (HS)
Tommies, St. Thomas (Coll)
Torchbearers, Columbia River Christian Academy (HS)
Torches, Tabernacle Christian (HS)
Toreros, San Diego (Coll)
Torreys, La Jolla Country Day (HS)
Townies, East Providence (HS)
Tracers, Ohio-Zanesville (Coll)
Tractors, Dearborn Fordson (HS)
Trainers, McKinley (HS)
Trappers, Ft. Vancouver (HS)
Trevians, New Trier (HS)
Tribunes, Monroe (Coll)
Tritons, Edmonds (Coll)
Trollers, Bayfield (HS)
Trolls, Trinity Christian (Coll)
Troubadors, St. Francis (HS)
Truckers, Clintonville (HS)
Turkeys, St. Mary's Episcopal (HS)
Turks, Sultan (HS)
Tuskers, Somers (HS)
Unicorns, New Braunfels (HS)
Urchins, East Union (HS)
Valkyries, Sacred Heart (HS)
Valley Cubs, Alexandria (HS)
Vandals, Idaho (Coll)
Vaqueros, Fernley (HS)
Vee Bees, Van Buren (HS)
Vendeens, Holy Family (HS)
Ventures, Bishop Foley (HS)
V-Hawks, Viterbo (Coll)
Victors, Villa Maria (HS)
Villagers, Our Lady of Mercy (HS)
Villains, Bishop McGuinness (HS)
Villa Novans, Woonsocket (HS)
Vineyarders, Martha's Vineyard (HS)
Violets, New York (Coll)
Vivettes, Visitation Academy (HS)
Vixens, Sweet Briar (Coll)
Voks, Lanier (HS)
Volunteers, Tennessee (Coll)
Voyageurs, Rainy River (Coll)
Vulcans, Hawaii-Hilo (Coll)
Wahawks, Waterloo West (HS)
Wahoos, Virginia (Coll)
Wardens, Powell County (HS)
Wardogs, Miami (HS)
Warlords, Kokhanok (HS)
Wambdi, Tiospa Zina Tribal (HS)
Wampus Cats, Itasca (HS)
Wapiti, Winchendon (HS)
Warhorses, Charles D. Owen (HS)
Wasps, Emory & Henry (Coll)
Watchdogs, Beresford (HS)
Watchmen, Elgin-Millville (HS)
Waves, Pepperdine (Coll)
Webbies, Webb (Coll)
Westcos, Westchester (Coll)
Westies, West Haven (HS)
Wheelers, Audubon (HS)
Whippets, Minden (HS)
Whip-Purs, Hampshire (HS)
Whirlies, Grimsley (HS)
White Buffaloes, Madras (HS)
Whitefaces, Hereford (HS)
White Mules, Colby (Coll)
Wild Boars, Choate Rosemary Hall (HS)
Wildebeests, Sandy Springs Friends (HS)
Wild Gators, Lake View (HS)
Wildkits, Evanston (HS)
Windjammers, Camden Hills (HS)
Winged Beavers, Avon Old Farms (HS)
Winged Lions, Rowland Hall-St. Mark's (HS)
Witches, Salem (HS)
Wombats, Wisconsin-Sheboygan (Coll)
Wonderboys, Arkansas Tech (Coll)
Wonders, A.L. Brown (HS)
Woodchucks, St. John (HS)
Wood Ducks, Century (Coll)
Wooden Shoes, Teutopolis (HS)
Woolies, Millbury (HS)
Wreckers, Staples (HS)
Wrecking Crew, Hamilton-Lincoln (Coll)
Wrens, Wrenshall (HS)
Wykons, West Iron County (HS)
Wyverns, Saint Francis (HS)
Yachtsmen, Falmouth (HS)
Yaks, Yakima Valley (Coll)
Yeguas, Somerville (HS)
Yellowhammers, Rotan (HS)
Yeomen, Oberlin (Coll)
Yoemen, Cameron (HS)
Zags, Gonzaga (Coll)
Zebras, Wayne (HS)
Zee Bees, Zion-Benton (HS)
Zephyrs, Whitehall (HS)
Zeps, Shenandoah (HS)
Zips, Akron (Coll)
Zizzers, West Plains (HS)

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