Marc's Distinctive Mascot Collection: Extinct/Dropped High School Mascots

Last Updated: July 30, 2019

This is a list of distinctive mascots that high schools used for their athletic teams. If you have any information you wish to share (e.g. additions or corrections), feel free to let me know. Schools that are already part of my mascot collection are marked with a pair of asterisks (**) and listed with their current name. The page that lists mascots formerly used by colleges is here. I hope you enjoy your visit to this page and the rest of the mascot site.

Advance Osceoleons (IN) -- The town of Advance was platted in 1820 and was originally called "Osceola." The school consolidated into Jackson Township in 1948.

Agar Hi-pointers (SD) -- This school is closed.

Alden Rascals (IL) -- Open from 1921 to 1948.

Alpha Mastodons (MI) -- Consolidated with Crystal Falls HS in 1967.

Andover Mighty Swedes (IL) -- The town had a large Swedish population. The school closed in 1945.

Andrew Jackson Hickories (New York, NY) -- For the nickname of school namesake Andrew Jackson, who was dubbed "Old Hickory." The school is closed.

Archbishop Weber Red Horde (Chicago, IL) -- The school closed in 1999.

Arlington Purple Breezes (IN) -- Closed in 1968.

Ashland Black Diamonds (PA) -- Open from 1893 to 1965.

Atkinson Balers (NE) -- This school is closed.

Ayr Rifles (ND) -- This school is now closed.

Banquo Ghosts (Huntington, IN) -- The name was dropped in 1929.

Bedford Stonecutters (IN) -- The school operated from 1890 to 1973.

Bishop Hoban Argents (Wilkes-Barre, PA) -- The school was replaced as part of a consolidation in 2007. "Argent" is a term for something of value, such as gold.

Black Earth Earthmen (WI) -- The mascot was likely derived from the school name.

Bloomington Academy Immortals (IN) -- This school is now closed.

Blue Ridge Railbirds (GA) -- Ceased operations in 1955, when it was consolidated into a larger high school.

Bowers Blackshirts (IN) -- This school closed in 1955.

Bramwell Millionaires (WV) -- This high school, which closed in 1991, was located in a rich coal-mining area that once had the most millionaires per capita in the United States. At least 14 and as many as 19 millionaires lived in a town of 4,000 residents.

Brandon Tanagers (WI) -- This school is defunct.

Breckinridge Training Eaglets (Morehead, KY) -- This name recognized the school's ties to Morehead State University, who operated the school and named its teams "Eagles." Breckinridge Training High was open from 1924 to 1982.

Britton-Macon Tories (MI) -- Combined with Deerfield in 2009 to form the Britton Deerfield "Patriots."

Brocton Purple Martins (IL) -- The school chose this type of bird as its mascot. The high school operated until 1952.

Brownsville Brownies (PA) -- This name was changed to "Falcons."

Buckley Dutch Masters (IL) -- The school closed in 1952. This name was (and still is) used by a local baseball team, who chose the nickname in 1926 after being inspired by the "Dutch Masters" cigar brand name.

Buffalo Seminary Sirens (NY) -- Currently called "Red Hawks."

Burlington Polar Cubs (IN) -- Closed in 1961.

Butler Windmills (IN) -- The school closed in 1963.

Cadiz Spaniards (IN) -- Closed in 1967. This was probably a play on words, since the town shares a name with Cadiz, Spain.

Cairo Pharoahs (WV) -- This school is closed.

Carnegie Little Tartans (PA) -- The school closed in 1969. Carnegie-Mellon University uses "Tartans" for their teams, so I think that's the source of this name.

Central Mirrors (Philadelphia, PA) -- The teams are now known as "Lancers."

Ceredo-Kenova Wonders (Kenova, WV) -- This school opened in 1921 and closed in 1998.

Chatsworth Bluebirds (IL) -- The high school closed in the 1980s.

Chebanse Firemen (IL) -- The school was consolidated into Clifton HS in 1950.

Cherryvale Fighting Cherries (KS) -- They changed the name to "Chargers" in 1972.

Clay Township Brickies (IN) -- Closed in 1948.

Clearmont Clowns (WY) -- The school consolidated into the Arvada-Clearmont "Panthers."

Commerce Auditors (Detroit, MI) -- The school operated from 1909 to 1964.

Commercial Typists (Atlanta, GA) -- They later were known as "Red Raiders" until the school closed in 1947.

Conemaugh Iron Horses (PA) -- The school was open from 1913 to 1965.

Connellsville Cokers (PA) -- This nickname, used until 1966, was adopted because of the presence of the coke industry in the late 19th and early to mid 20th century. Coke was the fuel that fed the blast furnaces of the Pittsburgh steel industry. The Cokers used a tiger as an athletic symbol for many years. The teams are now called "Falcons."

Converse Bordermen (IN) -- Consolidated into Oak Hill HS in 1959.

Cook Little Gophers (MN) -- Cook was consolidated into a larger school. The University of Minnesota's teams are called "Golden Gophers." Cook's logo and school colors matched the logo and colors used by Minnesota.

Cory Apple Boys (IN) -- In the early 1920’s, Mr. E.A. Doud started the Cory Orchards and made Cory famous for its apples. After Mr. Doud’s death in 1965, the orchards were sold and eventually closed down. Cory High School closed in 1967.

Crete Critters (ND) -- This school is closed.

Cynthiana Annas (IN) -- Closed in 1959.

Dacula Tramplers (GA) -- Now known as "Falcons."

Deer Creek Crickets (IN) -- Closed in 1958.

Delta Deltans (PA) -- The school closed in 1935. I'm guessing this was probably an extension of the school name.

DePauw Blue River Echos (IN) -- Closed in 1951.

Devils Lake Satans (ND) -- This name was dropped because many residents protested the idea of having their students being named after the epitome of evil. Now known as "Firebirds."

Dundee Community Cardunals (Carpentersville, IL) -- The nickname of "Cardunals" is a mixture of the four towns that are represented by the school - Carpentersville, East and West Dundee, and Algonquin (Car+Dun+Al). The school closed in 1983.

Dunkirk Speedcats (IN) -- This school ceased operations in 1975.

Dupont Coalcrackers (PA) -- Operated from 1937 to 1955 in a coal-mining area.

Eastern Christian Honey Badgers (Elkton, MD) -- The mascot was adopted when the school began operating in 2012, likely because this fierce animal became a popular culture sensation in 2011. The school closed in 2016.

Edison Dynamos (GA) -- Consolidated into Calhoun County High School in 1963.

Edison Sparkplugs (WA) -- Edison merged with Burlington HS to create the Burlington-Edison Tigers.

Eddystone Stoners (PA) -- This school operated from 1929 to 1965. The mascot was probably derived from the school name.

Edgemont Cactus (SD) -- Changed to "Moguls" in 1948, though the school yearbook still retains the old "Cactus" nickname in its title.

Edwardsport Powers (IN) -- The area is known for its electrical plant. The school closed in 1962.

Elberta Bandits (MI) -- The high school operated from 1950 to 1956, when it was absorbed into Frankfort HS.

Epsom Salts (IN) -- I'll guess that this was a mascot chosen because of the word play involved. The school is closed.

Eustis-Farnam Tigerbacks (NE) -- This name was a result of a consolidation of the Eustis Tigers and the Farnam Greenbacks.

Everly Cattlefeeders (IA) -- The school merged with Clay Central in 1990. The girls at Everly were known as "Cattlefeederettes."

Fairchance-Georges Runners (PA) -- This school ceased operations in 1986.

Flint Open Tasmanian Devils (MI) -- The school operated from 1976 through 1983.

Fontanet Beantowners (IN) -- The town has hosted a bean dinner since 1896.

Fort Branch Twigs (IN) -- The high school opened in 1920 and ceased operations in 1974.

Franklin Earthquake (Seattle, WA) -- Franklin's teams had been known as "Quakers" for many years. After concerns were raised about a public school using a religious symbol for its teams, this name was introduced as a replacement. But students, alums, and fans never took to the change, and the old "Quakers" nickname was revived after a couple of years.

Franklin Poor Richards ** (Philadelphia, PA) -- For Ben Franklin's famous almanac. The teams are now called "Electrons."

Gauley Bridge Travellers (WV) -- Now closed.

German Township Uhlans (PA) -- Closed in 1986. This is a term for German calvarymen armed with lances.

Gilberton Ducktowners (PA) -- Gilberton HS closed in 1959 when the borough became part of the Mahanoy Area School District. The borough got its "Ducktown" nickname mainly because of persistent flooding.

Glenbeulah Glens (WI) -- The school merged into Elkhart Lake-Glenbeulah, whose teams are called "Resorters."

Grand Chain Chainers (IL) -- The school closed in 1965.

Granite Falls Kilowatts (MN) -- This name was due to the town's power plant. The name was changed to "Kilo-Cards" when Granite Falls merged with the Clarkfield Cardinals. A further merger saw a new school created, Yellow Medicine East HS, whose teams are called "Stings."

Gulf Cooties (New Port Richey, FL) -- The teams at Gulf were known as the "Cootees" and "Cotteeites," also "Cooties" in the 1920s and 1930s. The school was formerly located on the Pithlachascotee River, which was usually called the Cootie River, although nowadays it is more commonly called the Cotee River. The school nickname was changed to the "Buccaneers" by 1940.

Hallsville Cannibals (MO) -- This mascot was changed in the 1950s to "Indians."

Hannah Legionaires (ND) -- The school is closed.

Harrisburg Academy Riversiders (Harrisburg, PA) -- The school closed in 1963.

Harrisburg Central Capitolians (Harrisburg, PA) -- The school closed in 1917 and was located in the capital city of Pennsylvania.

Hartford City Airedales (IN) -- Operated from 1906 until 1969.

Hartline Buckaroos (WA) -- The school has been a part of multiple mergers and is currently part of the Almira-Coulee-Hartline "Warriors."

Haubstadt Elites (IN) -- Closed in 1974.

Hayes Pacesetters (Birmingham, AL) -- The school closed in 2007.

Hebron Brickmakers (ND) -- The city dubs itself "The Brick City." The teams are now known as "Bearcats."

Hebron Green Giants (IL) -- The school is now part of Alden-Hebron HS, whose teams are called "Giants."

Henryetta Fighting Hens (OK) -- This mascot has since changed to "Knights."

Holton Warhorses (IN) -- The school closed in 1969.

Honey Creek Honey Bees (IN) -- Consolidated into Terre Haute HS in 1971.

Huntingburg Happy Hunters (IN) -- The school was replaced in 1972 by Southridge HS.

Hurst-Bush Hummers (IL) -- The school closed in 1966. "Hummers" refers to "Hummingbirds" in this case.

Hymera Shakamaks (IN) -- Shakamak State Park, located near Hymera, was dedicated on September 3, 1928. The name "Shakamak" was chosen by the park's founders. The word is said to mean "river of the long fish" in the language of either the Delaware (Lenape) or Kickapoo Indians, and was said to be used by them to describe the nearby Eel River.

Ireland Spuds (IN) -- This school was closed in 1970.

Irwinton Ishs (GA) -- The high school closed in the 1950s.

Jackson Jackhammers (NE) -- The school is now closed.

Jasper Quartziters (MN) -- A "Quartziter" refers to a miner of quartzite rock.

Jefferson Mud Turtles (GA) -- Their teams are now called "Dragons."

Jonathan Law Lawmen (Milford, CT) -- This mascot was replaced by "Eagles," but many fans and media members still use the old name.

Kampsville Kingfishers (IL) -- Closed in 1951.

Kennard Leopardcats (IN) -- The school was open from 1915 to 1957.

Keystone Dynamiters (SD) -- This school is closed.

Kinderhook Killers (IL) -- This school closed in 1952.

Kingswood Aardvarks (Cranbrook, MI) -- The school merged with Cranbrook HS in 1984-85, and the athletic teams at the newly named Cranbrook Kingswood School retained Cranbrook's nickname of "Cranes."

Klondike Nuggets (West Lafayette, IN) -- Open from 1926 to 1970.

Ladoga Canners (IN) -- There was a canning factory in town. The school was open from 1905 until 1971.

LaGrange Veterans ** (GA) -- This name was dropped in favor of "Grangers."

Laguna Beach Artists (CA) -- This name was dropped in favor of "Breakers." Laguna Beach has a long history as an artists' colony.

Lake City Catfish (Lake City AR)--- The school consolidated into Riverside High.

Lake Geneva Resorters (WI) -- This school no longer operates.

Lanier Poets (Macon, GA) -- This school operated from 1920 to 1967.

Laona Kellys (WI) -- This school merged its programs with Wabeno HS to form the Laona Wabeno "Rebels" in 2013.

Leavenworth Wyandottes (IN) -- The Wyandotte Caves are located near Leavenworth. The site was made a National Natural Landmark in 1972. The school was consolidated into Crawford County High in 1976.

Logan County Streamliners (Gandy, NE) -- The school was open from 1918 to 1957.

Lynnville Lindys (IN) -- The "Lindys" referred to Charles Lindbergh. The school was absorbed into Tecumseh HS is 1965.

Macomber Macmen (Toledo, OH) -- Closed in 1991. The teams also used "Craftsmen" as a name for a time to reflect Macomber's status as a vocational school.

Madison Central Downtowners (WI) -- This now-closed school was located just two blocks from the state capitol in downtown Madison.

Magnolia Blue Blizzard ** (New Martinsville, WV) -- The name was changed in 1933 to the Blue Eagles, the symbol of Franklin Roosevelt's National Recovery Act.

Maple Park Parkers (IL) -- Closed in 1958.

Marenisco Milltowners (MI) -- The town was the site of a sawmill. The school used a lumberjack as a symbol. They are now part of the Wakefield-Marenisco Cardinals.

Maria Mystics (Chicago, IL) -- The school closed in 2013.

Marion Pigeons (WI) -- Changed to "Mustangs."

Marion-Montpeiler M&M's (ND) -- This school combination is dissolved.

Marycliff Dollies (Spokane, WA) -- This all-girls' school closed in 1979. The mascot was represented by a Raggedy Ann doll.

Masonic Home Craftsmen (Franklin, IN) -- Closed in 1944.

Masonic Home Mighty Mites (Ft. Worth, TX) -- This school closed in 2005.

Mauch Chunk Catholic Chunkers (Mauch Chunk, PA) -- This must have been derived from the now-closed school's name.

Mecca Arabs (IN) -- Likely a play on words. The school closed in 1963.

Menlo Prep Acorns (CA) -- Menlo College, which had a relationship with the school, calls its teams "Oaks." Menlo Prep teams are now called "Knights."

Michigantown Ganders (IN) -- This school closed in 1959.

Midpark Meteors (Berea, OH) -- The high school ceased operations in 2013 due to a consolidation into Berea-Midpark HS.

Mill Creek Creekers (IN) -- This was probably derived from the town name. The school was consolidated into LaPorte HS in 1964.

Millpark Junior Tide (AL) -- This name was inspired by the Alabama Crimson Tide. The school consolidated into South Lamar HS in 1986.

Monmouth Zippers (IL) -- Monmouth merged into Monmouth-Rosevillle High School, which called its teams "Titans." I've heard a number of stories about how the "Zippers" name came into being. The most likely explanation is that the name was attached to Monmouth's teams by sportswriters, who were impressed by the way Monmouth "zipped" past their opponents. For a time, JV teams at Monmouth were called "Snappers," and freshman teams were dubbed "Buttons."

Monroe Wooden-Shoed Canaries (SD) -- The teams were originally called "Canaries." After the turn of the century, many Dutch people moved into the area, and the name was altered to the Wooden-Shoed Canaries, since wooden shoes were traditional footwear for the Dutch. This school is closed.

Monroe City Blue Jeans (IN) -- The name "Blue Jeans" is from the Honorable Govenor James D. “BlueJeans” Williams. The Govenor was from this community and being a country boy at heart, acquired this nickname from wearing home-made bluejeans to the Govenor’s office. The school closed in 1967.

Morganfield Guerrillas (KY) -- This name may have been inspired by men who fought guerrilla battles in the area during the Civil War.

Morris Praying Hands (Houston, TX) -- I believe this high school has either been re-named or has ceased operations.

Mosinee Papermakers (WI) -- Changed to "Indians."

Mt. Morris Mounders (IL) -- Open from 1868 to 1994.

Mulberry Berries (IN) -- Open from 1910 to 1961.

Murray Smelterites (UT) -- Their teams go by "Spartans" these days.

Nashville Swampers (GA) -- This high school no longer operates, as it was consolidated into Berrien High School in 1954.

Newberry River Rats (IN) -- The school closed in 1947.

New Hope Academy Charter Mighty Ants (York, PA) -- The school closed in 2014.

Newport Township Nutcrackers (PA) -- The school closed in 1966.

Newton Little Washers (IA) --Newton is the home of the Maytag appliance company. The school used this mascot until they got tired of the opposing teams yelling "You're all washed up." Newton now uses "Cardinals" as a team name.

Niagara Catholic Rapideers (Niagara Falls, NY) -- Probably to recognize Niagara Falls. The teams are now called "Patriots."

Nisland Beettoppers (SD) -- This school is closed.

Nordstrum Toddlers (Detroit, MI) -- Merged with Southwestern HS in 1922.

North Central Corvairs (Barnes, ND) -- Consolidated into the Barnes County North Bison in 2007.

Northumberland Pineknotters (PA) -- Operated from 1893 to 1964.

Ocilla Orphans (GA) -- They were called "Orphans" in the 1920s because they didn’t have a home football field. Ocilla's teams were also known as "Aces," "Blue and Gold Terrapins," and "Indians" before they were consolidated into Irwin County High.

Olive Branch Branchers (IL) -- The school operated from 1922 to 1947.

Ontonagon Polar Bears (MI) -- The school was consolidated into the Ontonagon Area Gladiators after the 1969 season.

Oriska Flickers (ND) -- This school is closed.

Our Lady Star of the Sea Tunas (Grosse Pointe Woods, MI) -- The school operated from 1971 to 1993.

Patty Welder Rosebuds (Victoria, TX) -- This name was adopted in 1919 but was supplanted by "Stingarees" in the 1920s. The school was replaced by Victoria High in 1958, whose teams were also known as "Stingarees" until it merged with another school.

Pearson Derbies (GA) -- This high school consolidated into Atkinson County High in 1955.

Pekin Chinks (IL) -- Considered one of the most infamous mascots in American history, because of the word's use as an anti-Chinese insult. I'm explaining the origins of this mascot, NOT endorsing its use. The name replaced "Celestials" in the 1930s. Reportedly, the city is located halfway around the world from Peking (Beijing), China. I've heard this name was represented by a Chinese workingman in a large hat. The mascot was replaced by "Dragons" in 1981.

Peru Prep Bobkittens (NE) -- This mascot was likely inspired by the Peru State University Bobcats.

Pimento Peppers (IN) -- I think this was a play on words.

Pine Village Pine Knots (IN) -- This school is now closed.

Plant City Planters (FL) -- This name was used until 1972, when Plant City High School consolidated with the Turkey Creek Gobblers and Pinecrest HS to become the Plant City Raiders. The "Planter" was depicted as a Southern Colonel to commemorate postbellum history and the influence of agriculture in the area. The former school building is listed on the National Register of historic buildings and houses a museum at present.

Port Carbon Carbonites (PA) -- This school closed in 1934.

Poseyville Posies (IN) -- I'm guessing this was derived from the town name.

Potomac Artesians (IL) -- Closed in 1994.

Quinn Quinntuplets (SD) -- The school has ceased operations.

Raleigh Sir Walters (IN) -- This school, now closed, seemed to have taken the ready-made opportunity for its nickname from the famous Sir Walter Raleigh.

Rockford RABS (IL) -- This was an acronym for "Red And BlackS." The high school closed in 1940.

Roll Red Rollers (IN) -- The high school closed in 1962.

Rosendale Dalers (WI) -- This must have been from the town name.

Rudolph Reindeer (WI) -- This school has ceased operations.

Rosedale Hot Shots (IN) -- Closed in 1986.

Sacred Heart Thorns (Roseville, MI) -- The school closed in 1971.

Sacred Heart of Mary Scooters (Montebello, CA) -- The all-girls school was represented by a female elephant on a scooter. The school folded into the co-ed Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary "Cardinals" in 1991.

St. Anne Couturemen (Alpena, MI) -- This school is closed.

St. Francis Frankies (Hankinson, ND) -- The school has ceased operations.

St. Gabriel Trumpeteers (Detroit, MI) -- The school closed in 1970.

St. Martin's Kenmars (Rapid City, SD) -- The school shut its doors in 1991. The teams were named for John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

St. Mary Shillelaghs (Bay City, MI) -- The school consolidated with Visitation High School in 1966.

St. Mary Rustics (Redford, MI) -- This school ceased operations in 1992.

St. Mary's Moyas (Scranton, PA) -- Open from 1930 to 1963. The mascot is an acronym: "Mother of Young Athletes."

St. Matthias Victorians (Downey, CA) -- This mascot was replaced in 2013 by "Warriors," when the school became part of the co-ed St. Pius X-St. Matthias Academy.

St. Paul Blasters (IN) -- The school closed in 1967.

Saltville Shakers (VA) -- In 1957, Saltville High School was replaced by R. B. Worthy High School.

Savage/Lambert Furies (MT) - The schools' football teams consolidated under this name in 1990 and split in 2002 to form different teams.

Scircleville Ringers (IN) -- Consolidated into Clinton Central HS in 1959.

Scranton Holy Rosary Beads (Scranton, PA) -- Open from 1923 to 1951; the mascot probably was a play on words.

Seminole Celery Feds (Sanford, FL) -- The teams are now called "Fighting Seminoles." Sanford was at one time a farm town known as "Celery City."

Sheldon Shadows (ND) -- This school is closed.

Shenandoah Catholic Mighty Atoms (PA) -- The school operated from 1927 to 1967.

Smithville Skibos (IN) -- The teams were symbolized by a penguin. The school was open from 1928 to 1972.

South Hills Airshafters (PA) -- This school closed in 1984. I think this refers to the shafts used in mines to deliver fresh air to the miners.

Spencer Cops (IN) -- Spencer was once the U.S. center of population (C.O.P.), according to the 1920 census.

Starkweather Stormkings (ND) -- The girls were called "Stormqueens." This school combined with Munich HS into the Starkweather-Munich "Magic Storm."

Stella Maris Flippers (Rockaway Park, NY) -- The mascot was a whale because the school was near the sea. The school closed in 2010.

Stinesville Quarry Lads (IN) -- 1827, Richard Gilbert opened a commercial limestone quarry in the area. The town calls itself "Birthplace of the Limestone Industry."

Summitville Goblins (IN) -- Consolidated into Madison-Grant HS in 1969.

Superior East Orientals (WI) -- Simply because the school was in the east ("oriental" is another term for "east") end of the city. Superior East was consolidated into Superior Senior High in the 1960s.

Swayzee Speedkings (IN) -- Swayzee closed in 1965.

Terre Haute State Young Sycamores (IN) -- Indiana State calls teams "Sycamores." The school closed in 1978.

Tippecanoe Police Dogs (IN) -- Consolidated into Triton HS in 1963.

Tower City Clams (ND) -- The school is closed.

Trinity Springs Little Sulphurs (IN) -- Open from 1924 until 1943.

Trout Creek Anglers (MI) -- The school merged with Ewen High in 1967.

Twelve Mile Milers (IN) -- Closed in 1961.

Union Mills Millers (IN) -- The school was replaced by South Central HS in 1962-63.

Union Township Unionites (IN) -- This school closed in 1938.

University Tutors (Lincoln, NE) -- This school closed in 1967.

University Univees (Bloomington, IN) -- Likely for its ties to Indiana University. The school was open from 1939 until 1972.

Ursuline Sonics (Springfield, IL) -- The school closed in 2008.

Vale Beetdiggers (SD) -- This school is closed.

Vancouver Christian Light (WA) -- The school is now closed. This name was chosen in part of its religious connotations ("Light to the World," "The Light of Christ," "Christ our Light," etc.). The school used to use a lighthouse as a symbol, but they later shifted to lightning bolts to represent the mascot.

Versailles Frenchies (IN) -- Also known as "Lions" and "Red & Whites" until the school was consolidated in 1966 into South Ripley High School.

Victoria Stingarees (TX) -- This school merged with Memorial HS, and the teams are called "Vipers."

Vulcan Giant-Killers (MI) -- The school operated from 1950 to 1964.

Wabeno Logrollers (WI) -- The school combined its programs with the Laona Kellys to create the Laona Wabeno "Rebels" in 2013.

Warren Lightning Five (IN) -- Closed in 1966.

Waupaca Spudders (WI) -- Now known as "Comets."

Weedsport Central Johnny Greens (NY) -- This name was selected around 1952. The mascot was a combination of the school color of green and the name of a long-time coach, teacher and administrator, John Skvorak. A leprechaun-type character represented the "Johnny Greens." The name was changed in 1973 to "Warriors."

West Baden Sprudels (IN) -- Closed in 1957. "Sprudel" is German for "spring." The area was known for its Sprudel mineral spring water.

Webb Scholars ** (Bell Buckle, TN) -- This name was dropped in the 1970s in favor of the current mascot "Feet."

Wilbraham & Monson Academy Coachmen (Wilbraham, PA) -- This mascot was changed to "Titans" in 2001.

Wilkes-Barre Saint Marys Marymen (Wilkes-Barre, PA) -- Closed in 1942. "Marymen" was likely an extension of the school's name.

William King Mighty Midgets (Abingdon, VA) -- This school was absorbed by Abingdon HS.

Willamsport Bingy Bombers (IN) -- Absorbed by Seeger HS in 1973

Wingate Gymless Wonders (IN) -- Wingate won the Indiana state basketball title in 1913 and 1914, though they didn't have a home gym until 1925. The teams were later called "Spartans." The school closed in 1954.

Winslow Squirrels (AR) -- The school closed in the summer of 2005.

Winterville Sky Riders (GA) -- The school consolidated with Athens HS in 1956.

Woodland Choppers (IL) -- This school closed in 1943.

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