Lesson: Literature Circle #2

Author: Marc Sheehan

Subject: Reading

Time: 50 minutes

Source of Idea: Alice Quist, Lister Elementary (Tacoma, WA)

Materials: Butcher paper, pens, pencils, copies of Annie and the Old One, Through Grandpa's Eyes, A Chair for My Mother, journals

Objectives:. The students will complete a character study on at least 2 major characters from the book.

Introduction: The students will read their story in a round-robin group setup. They will each read one page. The group will consist of 6 students and one teacher.

Procedure: The students will complete a character study on 2 people from the story. The gridwork will work as follows:

An example would look like this:
Somebody: Goldilocks
Wanted: something to eat and a cozy place to sleep
But: she chose the home of the three bears who didn't want her there
So: she ran away and never returned.

The gridwork will be written down on the butcher paper.

Closure: The character study grid could be hung up in the classroom to share with the other two literature circle groups.

Assessment: (Relate to Objectives) The 2 character studies will be written down and saved for the rest of the class upon their completion.

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