Lesson: Literature Cirle Day 1

Author: Marc Sheehan

Subject: Reading, Writing

Time: 50 minutes

Materials: Butcher paper, pens, pencils, copies of Annie and the Old One, Through Grandpa's Eyes, A Chair for My Mother, journals

Objectives: The students will identify the major characters in the stories they have selected. They will also define the major problem in the story. The students will identify at least 3 major events from the story.

Introduction: The students will read silently from the book they have chosen while their teacher reads aloud.

Procedure: Once the sharing is done, the students will complete a story map: identifying major characters, the major problem in the story, and important events. They will write the map in conjunction with the reading group.

Closure: The story map chart could be hung up in the classroom to share with the other two literature circle groups.

Assessment: (Relate to Objectives) The story map will be assessed to see if the characters, problem, and events are identified.

Modifications/Extensions: After the maps are done, the students will be paired off to read the story together. They will alternate reading the pages. Strong readers will be paired with those students who are not as proficient.

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