Lesson: Introducing Stories

Author: Marc Sheehan

Subject: Reading

Time: 50 minutes (to be done when a new story is introduced) for 4 days each

Materials: Copies of Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon!, Now One Foot, Now the Other

Objectives: The student will read each story at least once in a group setting and once in a paired setting.

Introduction: Each story will be introduced briefly before the students begin to read. Mini-lessons on certain topics (vocabulary words, noting details, identifying verbs) from the Houghton Mifflin Teacher's Edition. Once the mini-lessons are over, the students will be divided into 3 small reading groups of 6 students each.

Procedure: On the first day that the story is dealt with, the teacher will read the story out loud while the students follow along silently. On the second day, the story will be read in a group, with each student taking turns reading one page each out loud. The teacher can also stop to point out vocabulary words, new concepts, interesting pictures or episodes, or to ask the students to make predictions.

Closure: The teacher can summarize the story or have the students do so. Questions about the story can be asked and answered as well. Once the large group reading is done, students can be paired off to read together. Once the paired reading is done, students can be switched to read with other students in the group.

Assessment: Has each student had a chance to read the story twice? Paired reading groups can be monitored to check on student progress (areas of strength and weakness, for instance).

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