Lesson: Geography of Australia

Author: Marc Sheehan

Grade Level: Fourth

Purpose: This lesson will acquaint the students with the geography of Australia.

Goal: The students will locate Australia on a map. The students will name at least 5 cities of the nation and the states and territories of the country. The students will name and describe at least 4 geographic features of Australia. The students will complete an accurate map of Australia.

Lesson Design: The students will work in pairs for this lesson. Groups will be assigned to find the required information using books, encyclopedias, atlases, and CD-ROMS. All groups will be rotated through the stations which will hold those materials. The maps and worksheets will be completed by the pairs, one set per student. At the end of the survey period, the students will reconvene to see if their maps and worksheets are completed correctly.

Worksheet Sample Items:
List five cities found in Australia.
Name the states and territories of Australia and their capitals.
List and describe four physical features found in Australia.

Assessment: Maps and worksheets will be evaluated to see if they meet the objectives, if they are accurate, and if they are neat. The material will eventually be included in the mini-books.

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