Lesson: Event Writing

Author: Marc Sheehan

Title: Event Writing

Subject: Writing

Time: 2 hours to be split over 2 days

Materials: paper, pens, pencils, white board

Objectives: The student will write at least 6 sentences about an event that occurred in his/her family. The writing piece will follow the rules of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

Source of Idea: Houghton Mifflin Teacher's Book 2.2, pgs. 125, 145

Introduction: The students have read Tomie DePaola's "Now One Foot, Now the Other," a story about an event that occurred in the author's family. The students will now write about events that occurred in their families. Before the writing process begins, a mini-lesson on sequencing will be taught. The events of "Now One Foot, Now the Other" will be listed and placed in chronological order. The students will do the same with episodes that occurred in their families.

Procedure: Once the students have decided what they will write about and have properly sequenced the events in their stories, they will complete first drafts of their pieces. After the stories have been edited, the final copies will be written.

Closure: The completed stories will be included in the student family albums (separate assignment).

Assessment: The stories will be collected and looked over to see if the grammar is correct, if 6 sentences have been written, and if the stories have been properly sequenced.

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