Australian Resources


Jasmine, Julia; World Geography Series: Australia; Teacher Created Materials, 1995
Arnold, Caroline; A Walk on the Great Barrier Reef; Carolrhoda, 1988
Bailie, Allan; Adfift; Viking, 1992
Baker, Jeannie; Where the Forest Meets the Sea; Greenwillow, 1988
Browne, Rolle; A Family in Australia; Lerner, 1987
Browne, Rolle, An Aboriginal Family; Lerner, 1985
Crossland, Bert; Where on Earth Are We?; Book Links, September 1994
Czernecki, Stefan and Rhodes, Timothy; The Singing Snake; Hyperion, 1993
Dickinson, Mary B.; National Geographic Picture Atlas of Our World; National Geographic Society, 1993
Dolce, Laura; Australia; Chelsea, 1990
Fatchen, Max; The Country Mail Is Coming: Poems From Down Under; Little, 1990
Garret, Dan; Australia; Raintree, 1990
Germaine, Elizabeth and Burckhardt, Ann; Cooking the Australian Way; Lerner, 1990
Gleeson, Libby; Eleanor, Elizabeth; Holiday, 1990
Kelleher, Victor; Bailey's Bones; Dial, 1989
Kelly, Andrew; Australia; Watts, 1989
Klwin, Robin; All in the Blue Clouded Weather; Viking, 1992
Lepthien, Emilie U.; Australia; Childrens, 1982
Reynolds, Jan; Down Under: Vanishing Cultures; Harcourt, 1992
Trezise, Percy and Roughesy, Dick; Turramulh the Giant Quinkin; Stevens, 1988
Wheatley, Nadia; My Place; Kane-Miller, 1992
Wrightson, Patricia; Moon-Dark; Macmillan, 1988

Computer Programs and Websites:

From Alice To Ocean: Alone Across the Outback; Claris, Macintosh format, CD-ROM
MacGlobe and PC Globe; Brodebund, disk
World Fact Book; Bureau of Electronic Publishing Inc, CD-ROM
Explore-Australia; Learningways Inc, disk
Odell Down Under; MECC, disk
Atlas Explorer; Queue; CD-ROM
Sydney Morning Herald:
Canberra Times:
The Age (Melbourne):
Sydney 2000 Summer Games:
Australian Olympic Unit:
Australian News Network:
Australian Education:

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