Lesson: Family Albums

Author: Marc Sheehan

Title: Family Albums

Time: 5 hours to be broken up over 5 days

Materials: Paper, pencils, white board, pens

Objectives: The student will draw at least 4 pictures about his/her family and about events that have occurred in his/her family. The student will write at least 3 sentences describing each picture. The sentences will follow the rules of spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

Source of Idea: Houghton Mifflin Teacher's Book, pg. T-10

Introduction: This is the major project of the unit. The students will be told that for this unit, they will create family albums. The requirements are: a minimum of 4 illustrations must be included, and each picture must be accompanied by a 3 sentence description. Each description must be spelled correctly, capitalized correctly, and punctuated correctly.

Procedure: The class will brainstorm possible ideas to write and draw about. Once the brainstorming is complete, the students will be sent back to their seats to begin drawing and writing. 5 days will be reserved for the creation and sharing of albums.

Closure: The students will share their albums on the last day of the unit. They will then take their albums home to share with their families.

Assessment: The albums will be collected to see if all objectives are met: the albums contain at least 4 pictures, each picture is described in 3 sentences or more, and each description is spelled, capitalized, and punctuated correctly.

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