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apple  Some new Manson pictures: school and view from the hill behind the grade school -- Manson, the Point, the lake.

apple  "King Apple" mural from the high school's old multi-purpose room, photos by Terry Urness.

apple  Reunions
      MHS '50 reunion, July 2000.
      MHS '57 - '61 reunion, 1-4 July 2000. Pictures of a whole bunch of people listed below.
      MHS '53 was planning a reunion for September 6, 2003, but nobody sent me any pictures.
      MHS '54 reunion, May 8-9, 2004.
      MHS '55 held their 50-Year Reunion on September 16-17, 2005. Pictures, anyone?
      MHS '95 reunion was held June 24th and 25th, 2005. Pictures?

apple  Old pictures listed below.

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apple  Jo's Homesick Page has links to photographs, maps, and Chelan Valley info on the Web. Also old postcards, historical photos, springtime photos, and "I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time."

MHS Class, ca 1924-25: P. A. CAMPBELL (teacher), Julius HANSEN, Floyd (Pinkie) KAYLOR, Elmer KING, Robert LONGSTON, Glenn MOREHEAD, Charlie OVERBAY, Dewey STUTSMAN.
MHS 1927 Basketball Team: Melborne WATKINSON, Archie KING, Sam SASLOV, Francis THOMPSON, Orville WILLIAMS, Sterling ADAMS, Unknown, John FELLOWS, Coach STONE.
MHS 1928 Basketball Team: Sterling ADAMS, LaRue BARKLEY, Ray BUMGARNER, Jim DEBAR, Archie KING, Kenneth MOREHEAD, Dan REAUGH, Orland REAUGH, Coach STONE, Francis THOMPSON.
MHS 1928 Track Team: Sterling ADAMS, LaRue BARKLEY, Ray BUMGARNER, Jim DEBAR, Archie KING, Gordon MOREHEAD, Kenneth MOREHEAD, Ralph OVERBAY, Dan REAUGH, Orland REAUGH, Sam SASLOW, Carl SHANK, Coach STONE, Francis THOMPSON.

Manson 6th-Grade Class (1951-52), group photo. R. D. ANDERSON, Dell BAKER, Hester BARTLETT, Beverly BATCH, Joyce BELL, Lynn CHANDLER, Monte COLE, Mike COLES, Billy COLLINS, Jerry DILLARD, Mickey EDMUNDS, Judy ENGLAND, Dick FLEMING, Sidney GLENN, Max HAND, Joan HAYES, Duane HUBBARD, Donza KEEN, Dennis KING, Mary MAY, Agnes McCASLAND (teacher), Danny MOGAN, Billy Gene MOON, Barbara MORICAL, Elwyn MORRISON, Chester NICHOLS, Judy OVERBAY, Doug PETERSEN, Leon PETIT, Anthony REED, Gaynelle ROACH, Darlene ROWLAND, Mable SIKES, Roger STANFORD, Don TARBERT, Henry WICKENHAGEN.
Manson 7th-Grade Class (1952-53), group photo. Louie ADCOCK, Owen ADCOCK, R. D. ANDERSON, Dell BAKER, Janey BAKER, Beverly BATCH, Joyce BELL, Lynn CHANDLER, Wicky CHOWEN, Monte COLE, Mike COLES, Billy COLLINS, Jerry DILLARD, Mickey EDMUNDS, Judy ENGLAND, Sidney GLENN, Max HAND, Joan HAYES, Duane HUBBARD, Donza KEEN, Dennis KING, Mary MAY, Elwyn MORRISON, Chester NICHOLS, Judy OVERBAY, Russell PERIGO, Doug PETERSEN, Anthony REED, Gaynelle ROACH, Darlene ROWLAND, Alma SCHULTZ (teacher), Mable SIKES, Roger STANFORD, Delbert VOSS, Henry WICKENHAGEN, Raymond WICKENHAGEN.

MHS '50 reunion picture, July 2000. Phyllis DANILSON Bunker, Joanne ERWIN Blackburn, Maxine HAYHURST, Harry KILLIAN, Carolynn LEGG Urness, Joanne MERRITT DeBruin, Beulah MOON Loomis, Raymond MOON, Lowell PITTMAN, John SENSENEY, Leroy STANFORD, Leonard VENNEBERG, Doris WHITNEY Bennett.

MHS '57 - '61 reunion pictures (I'm not old enough to remember which year all these people graduated):
R. D. ANDERSON and here
Betty ASHMUN Pettit, here, here
Gene AUTRY (memorial)
Janey BAKER Hair and here
Karen BAKER Lesmeister, here and here
Pam BAKER Morrical
Joyce BELL
Hannah COBB Hubbard, here and here
Mary COBB Closson
Monte COLE
Mike COLES (memorial)
Deanna DEBAR Taylor
Sandra DEBAR King
Mike DETERING and here
Beulah DeWALT (memorial)
Dot DeWALT Gobel-Ganz and here
Sam DIAL (memorial)
Jerry DILLARD and here
Donnie ESTES (memorial)
Dave EVERETT (memorial)
Sharon FISHBOURNE Johnson
Sid GLENN (memorial)
Max HAND, here and here
Marv HARTMAN (unable to attend reunion, but sent a picture and a message to classmates)
Charlotte HUBBARD Rehpohl, here and here
Elbert HUBBARD, Jr. and here
Carla JOHNSON Everett, here and here
Mamie KILLIAN (memorial)
Dennis KING
Ron KING and here
Bob LESMEISTER and here
Larry LESMEISTER and here
Carol LONGSTON (memorial)
Judy McCLELLAN Richards, here and here
Lois McCLELLAN Tolmich, here, here and here
Gary MILLER and here
Sally Jo NICHOLS Styles and here
Jay OVERBAY, here, here and here
Doug PETERSEN and here
Lynn PETERSEN, here, here, here and here
Emma Jean PETESORICH Clark
Mark RUSSELL (memorial)
Dennis SHAW
Arlene STANFORD Evavold
Roger STANFORD and here
Lynda WHITNEY Dietrich
Janet Lee WILLIAMS and here
Roger WILLIAMS and here
Patty YOUNG Hand and here
Judy ZAMZOW (memorial)

MHS graduates on the Net

Helen DEBAR Wilsey ('27) [16 Mar 1909 - 19 May 2001]Obituary

Elbert HUBBARD ('32)

Ray BAKER ('37) [19 Aug 1917 - 9 Oct 2000] Obituary
Margaret THRASH McFadden ('37) [28 Jun 1919 - 27 Feb 2000]Obituary

Ben GRANDY ('40) [13 Nov 1921 - 25 May 2000]Obituary

Virginia DEBAR Bassett ('42) [3 May 1924 - 2 Jan 2002]

Bud LAWS ('43) -- "I am retired now after spending many years as a professional engineer in Minnesota, Washington and Alaska." Photos by Bud Laws

Dewey CHANDLER ('44) "Dewey Chandler honored by crop consultant group"

Bob BENNETT ('45) Bennett Family Home Page

Dale PETERSON ('47?) [6 Jul 1929 - 29 Jun 2000] Obituary

Waneene KING Reid ('49) [28 Feb 1931 - 20 May 2001]

Harry KILLIAN ('50) 2000 reunion picture
Doris WHITNEY Bennett ('50) 2000 reunion picture [20 May 1932 - 7 May 2004] Obituary

Dale HAASE ('52) [1 Sep 1934 - 12 Mar 1999]
Paul KILLIAN ('52)
Shirley VENNEBERG Meier ('52)

Beverly CHANDLER Jackson ('53)

Sonja ZAMZOW Yeager ('55)

Claudia DEBAR Lund ('56)
Ellis MOREHEAD ('56)

Betty ASHMUN Pettit ('57); see list above for 2000 reunion pictures
Marv HARTMAN ('57); picture and email message.

Dennis KING ('58); see list above for 2000 reunion pictures. Dennis King Photography -- Images from the Grand Coulee Dam Area

Chuck ASHMUN ('59); see list above for 2000 reunion picture
Sandra DEBAR King ('59); see list above for 2000 reunion pictures
Lois McCLELLAN Tolmich ('59); see list above for 2000 reunion pictures

Ron KING ('60); see list above for 2000 reunion pictures -- Ron King Photography & Digital Imaging also music, catering, and lots of pictures. Ron has a nice page with a virtual painting of the Manson Indian church and a photographic portrait of Chief Peter Wapato, Qui-til-qua-soon (1854-1949).
Chris STAPLES Almeida ('60)
Richard UHLHORN ('60) Uhlhorn Photography
Lynda WHITNEY Dietrich ('60); see list above for 2000 reunion picture -- "I would love to hear from anyone who would like to correspond and be in touch with someone who is still in the valley."

Deanna DEBAR Taylor ('61) [16 Jul 1943 - 11 Feb 2002] Obituary; see list above for 2000 reunion picture

Ken KILLIAN ('62)
Judy McCLELLAN Richards ('62); see list above for 2000 reunion pictures
Roxie OVERBAY Killian ('62)

John ASHMUN ('64) -- Johnny Be Good! Software BeOS

Dean MOREHEAD ('65) -- MHS faculty picture

Janice COURTWAY Carden ('66) [20 Oct 1947 - 22 Sep 2000] Obituary
Bing DEBAR ('66) Bing's Genealogy Pages
Warren McCASLAND ('66)

Terry COLLINS ('67) [26 Aug 1949 - 26 Dec 2000] Obituary
Joanna DEBAR Ashmun ('67) -- home page
Thomas KEENEY ('67)
Carol McCLELLAN Jones ('67)

Rod BARKLEY ('68)
Dave KEENEY ('68)
Mike KEYS ('68) [8 Nov 1949 - 24 Feb 1971] Obituary with photo

Mike COLLINS ('69)
Greg HOLLIDAY ('69)

Arland BAKER (grad? was in class of '70) [12 Apr 1951 - 14 Oct 2000] Obituary

Roena BARKLEY Crandell ('71)
Patricia GRIFFIN Nichols ('71)
Dave LEWMAN ('71)

Jerry COURTWAY ('72)


Rozanne COCHRAN Williams ('75) -- "My dad, Dick Cochran, who used to teach at Manson and still lives there, can also be reached through this e-mail address if any of his former students want to e-mail him."
Jim SCRIBNER ('75)

Paul GRAVELLE ('76)
Morgan PICTON ('76) -- Morgan Picton & Associates, Lake Chelan real estate sales and services
Terrie VENNEBERG Holm-Nielsen ('76)
Barry WISE ('76) -- Eigenvector Research, Inc., chemometrics research and applications, in Manson.

LeeRay BAKER ('81)
Dan QUIGLEY ('81)


Tiffany FARNSWORTH Nash ('83) -- family picture
Janelle GRIFFITH-Schnelle ('83)
Sandra JACKSON Zick ('83)
Grace PICTON Olrun ('83) -- Cup'ik Warrior Productions

Rod COFFMAN ('84)

Scott TACKITT ('85)

Teresa JONES Coffman ('86)

Kathleen KORSBORN ('87)

Adam HOWELL ('91)
Steven JUNGK ('91)
Sarah McFARLAND Brandolini ('91) -- Homepage

Heather COLLINS Doherty ('93) -- genealogy page and European travel pictures
Tim SPEARS ('93)

Willy WILSON ('94)

Beckie JONES Frame ('95)
Jennifer WILSON Rosenbalm ('95)

Ryan ABBASINIA ('96)

Casey COLLINS ('96) Casey's Lounge
Shannon "Shae" HOLSMAN ('96)

Jennifer Jo DUNDAS ('97)
Jonathon KLUDT ('97)
Dane LEWMAN ('97) Great Dane's Home Page
Corey James McKENNA ('97)
Nicholas ODORIZZI ('97)  Oops! "Wango Tango" is a 404.
Tylar SELF ('97) or Tylar SELF -- Web page

Mistie Dawn PEARSON ('00)

Other Links of (Possible) Interest

2004 parade pictures, Manson Apple Blossom Festival

Manson Elementary School field day pictures from spring 2000. Local history projects by Manson sixth-graders in 1998 (Canoe Creek, History of Irrigation, Old Schools, William Harding Jr., Wapato Race Track, Dams on the Chelan River, Lady of the Lake, Early Manson Life) and 1999 (Old School in Stehekin, Field Hotel on Lake Chelan, Chelan and Entiat Indians). I thought these were interesting to read; there are some old pictures here.

Washington Apple Education Foundation 2003-04 Scholarship Recipients - - Laura Van Wechel, MHS '00, Juan Guzman, MHS '01, Christine Ewing, MHS '03, Zoila Sedano, MHS '03, Christian Servantes, MHS '03, Shelby Simmons, MHS '03, Jesus Valle, MHS '03.

WSU Class of 2004 Regents Scholars - - Sarah Katherine Cross, Faye Anne Peterson.

Resume of Edward D. Davis - - taught music in Manson 1971-73.

UW's Rural Girls in Science program Morrie Pedersen, Pierce College, Chair of Arts and Humanities Division, Director of Choral Music Activities. Picture.

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