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This page began as my personal list of things I liked looking at some days, and then I had a bunch of interesting bits left over from the Chelan County, WAGenWeb page, now hosted by my husband, John. People have sent me more pictures since then. This page is roughly organized into economy and landscape. Feel free to drop me a note with comments, corrections, and links.

County-by-county map of the contiguous 48 states showing distribution of federal lands. Chelan County is shown as 95% or more federal land.

County-by-county map of the contiguous 48 states showing distribution of cropland. Apples are Washington's largest cash crop.

Lake Chelan Reclamation District site has history, map, FAQ.

Washington Apple Commission
Washington Apple Commission

Washington produces more than half of the fresh apples grown in this country.
Slide show of historical photos of the NCW apple industry.

Apple labels from the collection of Elbert Hubbard, Sr.
Apple label e-cards

Pear Bureau Northwest
Washington Tree Fruit Directory
Washington State Fruit Commission
Info and shippers/packers lists
for peaches, apricots,
plums, prunes, nectarines, cherries

Manson High School Alumni Page -- find old and new pictures of MHS grads, links to MHS grads, listen to the fight song, sign up today!

Manson view from the hill behind the grade school. Manson Business Association -- This page has some nice pictures; events calendar, business listings, maps. Misleading and interestingly uninformative page (with pictures) on Manson "Village on the Bay". There are hundreds of acres of apple trees just out of the picture. Also Manson Bay. The skiing picture is identified as Echo Valley but is also used on one of the Holden pages. (Maybe a skier will identify its location?) Winter upper Lake Chelan, aerial, shows Domke Lake. Chelan County PUD's Lake Chelan report, updated daily.

Important dates in Lake Chelan history. History of Wapato Point and Manson area, with old photos. A collection of 17 historical photos of Wapato Point and the Manson area. More historical photos of the Chelan Valley here and here. Ron King's page with a virtual painting of the Manson Indian church and a photographic portrait of Chief Peter Wapato, Qui-til-qua-soon (1854-1949).

Another beautiful picture "taken on Saturday, June 5, 1999, from the old translator station on Bear Mountain. The view is to the North looking over Manson. Slide Ridge can be seen on the left and Wapato Point is just right of center."

From Terry Urness:
Aerial photo of Manson (10 Sep 1999)
Aerial photo of Manson
"King Apple" mural, by Richard Davis, ca 1958, from the high school's old multi-purpose room

Dan Baker sent a 1950s aerial view of Manson.

Harry Killian sent a 1920s photograph of J. O. Killian (and two unidentified men) working with a horse-drawn spray rig.

Elbert Hubbard, Sr., sent me some great photos from his personal collection.
Wapato Point in 1950
High Places -- mountain goat on rocky shore. Picture taken in 1950's across from and uplake from Safety Harbor Creek.
See also Hub's Manson and Chelan history photos.

Linda Flotto sent me these scanned images of postcards from her grandmother's collection. The cards were mailed from Chelan in the early 1900s.
Hart Lake
Mule deer
Mailed from Chelan
Pine trees and Lake Chelan (boat in right foreground)

Betty (Ashmun) Pettit took these springtime photos.
Manson Bay
Apple Orchard in Bloom
Apple Blossoms
More Apple Blossoms (You can play "I'll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time" here.)  [Send a virtual postcard.]
Cherry Trees in Bloom

Full moon on Lake Chelan, photo by Chris Vaughn.

View of Manson from Slide Ridge, photo by Bobby (Debar) New.  [Send a virtual postcard.]

Lake Chelan Virtual Tour -- mix of scenery, history, commerce, recreation, and wildlife information. Lake Chelan, Stehekin, Manson on the Cascade Loop.

Lake Chelan slide show -- photos of the upper part of the lake. Info about Stehekin and Holden and more about Holden Village, a former mining town, several miles downlake from Stehekin -- and several miles uphill -- on the west side of Lake Chelan (several miles up the mountain), one of the remotest places in the contiguous 48 states. My family lived there in 1955.

Lake level and weather updates -- lake reports are part of the regular news at noon. Live Web cam views of Snoqualmie, Blewett, and Stevens summits.
"The Grapevine of the Lake Chelan Community" -- local news. Lower lake from the south shore

Ohme Gardens

North Cascades National Park, the least accessible area in the contiguous states, includes Ross Lake National Recreation Area and Lake Chelan National Recreation Area for a total of 684,242 acres.

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