Descendants of John McMAHAN, Jr.

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Gary McMahan's report on sixteen more John McMahans

Over 80% of the information here was compiled by Ruth Canote and Paul Zebe. Joanna Ashmun contributed the rest of the data and all of the HTML. If you need more information about anyone listed, email Joanna Ashmun.

The main sources of information on the early generations of this family are Descendants of Israel Boone (1969), by Alice H. Boone, and A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri (1876), by W. Bryan and R. Rose.

John McMAHAN, Jr., was born 23 May 1741 in County Cavan, Ireland. (Cavan is one of the counties of Ulster that are now in the Republic of Ireland.) It's not known when he came to America. There is disagreement about the identity of his wife, some saying he had two wives, but the only one ever identified by name is Sarah "Sallie" BOONE, daughter of Israel BOONE. On the other hand, some BOONE family members have said that both of Israel BOONE's daughters died as girls and so couldn't have married and had children. Sources agree that John (and Sallie?) had five sons: James McMAHAN, Jesse McMAHAN , William McMAHAN, John McMAHAN, and David McMAHAN. Jesse was born at Boone's Station, Kentucky; the birthplaces of the other sons are not known. Jesse, William, and John moved to Missouri in the 1820's, Jesse to Callaway County, and William and John to Saline County.

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