Electric Violin Prices
Effective April 6, 2010

Prices shown are for violins made from hand selected Broadleaf Maple with graduated ebony fingerboard, customized neck dimensions, Barbera deluxe "Stereo Twin" monophonic output transducer bridge, 3-D adjustable shoulder rest, anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware, Dominant, Helicore or other strings of your choice (pricing varies), and precision tuners in a choice of black, gold, or chrome finish. Shipping is additional to the prices shown.

These prices are in United States Dollars. To convert to other currencies, click here.

4 strings       $1950
5 strings       $2150
6 strings       $2450


Baggs Para-Acoustic DI Preamplifier       $160 
Baggs Gigpro Preamplifier       $90
Fitted flight case       $250
Ebony tuner table facing       $100
Custom chin rest       $50
Polyphonic output option for Barbera pickup, with separate leads from each string, poly output jack, poly output cable, and poly-to-mono conversion cable       $200 
Wireless system with transmitter mounted on fitted shoulder rest, and remote receiver      From $425 
Economy wireless system with plug-type transmitter and remote receiver     From $300
Shoulder rest for mounting wireless transmitter     $150 
Cylindrical tuning knobs (per tuner)       $30 
Inlaid fingerboard pitch locator dots (each)       $10 
Inlaid fingerboard pitch locator bands (each)       $30 
Ornamental fingerboard inlay       (Priced individually)
Custom sensor mounting       (Priced individually)

Please inquire about other custom work that we can provide.


Hardwood Option A - Instrument body made from premium Deeply Figured Maple, with Black Ebony or Macassar Ebony fingerboard. $250 

Hardwood Option B - Instrument body made from a choice of figured hardwoods: Cocobolo Rosewood, Koa, or Palm Wood. Black or Macassar Ebony fingerboard. $400

Hardwood Option C - Instrument body made from a choice of black Ebony or bicolor Macassar Ebony. Black or Macassar Ebony fingerboard. $600 

Color Finishes

Color Finish A - Glaze finish: Blue, Blue-Green, Green, Red, Gray. Can be applied to either lightly figured or deeply figured maple.       $250. 

Color Finish B - Solid color lacquer applied to a hard maple body: Bright Red, Blue, Dark Green, Black, White, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, and other choices. Allow two weeks additional time.      $250 

Color Finish C - Pearlescent white, other pearlescent colors on request. Allow four weeks additional time.       $400 

Color Finish D - Multi-coat Radiance color finish with gold or silver undercoat, color coats and clear coat. Deep Red, Crimson Gold, Orange Gold, Brilliant Blue, Cobalt Blue, Dark Jade, Platinum, Gold, and other colors. Applied to hard maple body. Allow five weeks additional time.       $500 


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