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Mark Jackobs. Member of the Cleveland Orchestra. Plays a custom six string Jensen violin made from black and striped ebony.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The MIT Media Labs owns two polyphonic Jensen violins which are used as research and performance instruments for the Hyperviolin Project. The Hyperviolin has been played in concerts in several countries by Joshua Bell and other distinguished violinists.

Rudolf Haken. Concert soloist, composer and conductor. Viola Professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana. Plays a wireless Jensen violin. He has composed and performed a virtuosic concerto for wireless electric violin and symphony orchestra. In 2004 he played an original solo work for his violin on the PBS program "Center Stage".

"I wanted to let you know how tremendously I have enjoyed the five string electric violin you made for me. It has a lovely tone and is wonderfully easy to play. The built-in wireless transmitter is a blessing, as it allows me to move around freely and check the sound in the hall while playing, without the problems of a belt-pack. I believe this is the ideal instrument for playing in clubs as well as in concert halls. I would also like to thank you for your extraordinary willingness to consider every suggestion and question I had during the completion of this project."

Joseph Deninzon. Violinist, composer and songwriter. Plays a six string Jensen violin. Studies with Joseph Gingold at the University of Indiana. Currently a graduate student in jazz and classical music at the Manhattan School of Music. He has produced an album of his compositions, "Joe Deninzon: Electric Blue", released on the Wilberts Blues label.

"Thank you for providing an instrument of superior quality. Having tried several electric violins, I can say that yours is the best overall product. In addition to sounding the closest to an acoustic violin, it can perform wonders when played through an effects processor. Your violin is comfortable to play. I am having an easy time alternating between electric and acoustic violins. I appreciate that you work hard on every detail with your customers to make sure that every detail is fit according to specifications. The paint job is beautiful and the overall shape of the instrument is a work of art in itself. It was a pleasure doing business with you and I recommend your products to all string players interested in expanding their musical horizons"

Dan Trueman. Violinist, composer, and researcher. Owns a custom six string Jensen violin. Research projects include an innovative 3D spherical loudspeaker and a violin bow fitted with sensors that detect bow motion and pressure. Currently a doctoral candidate in composition at Princeton University.

"I am thrilled with my new 6-string instrument from Eric Jensen. First off, it is gorgeous: the wood, design and craftmanship together make this a real looker. It is also very comfortable. Eric really took my needs into account; in particular, it is light, and the neck is much more manageable than many other 6-string instruments I've played. I look forward to many years of playing this instrument."

Shelby Eicher. Longtime member of the Roy Clark Band. He has performed on Nashville Now, the Tonight Show, and Grand Old Opry Live. He plays a 5 string all-ebony violin. 

"In live performances and TV appearances, I find the Jensen Electric Violin to be superior in tone and playability. The design of the instrument is a fresh, new approach to the violin, and it fits me like a glove. The tone has a velvet quality and is the most natural violin sound of any amplified instrument I have heard. Sound engineers say it has higher highs, lower lows, and overall performance far superior to anything else we have used. I find that the solid body design eliminates feedback, which is inmportant in concert situations. The craftsmanship is beautiful to look at and to touch. Overall, the Jensen Electric Violin is a wonderful instrument, and I recommend it highly."

Guildhall School of Music and Drama. This professional arts school in London uses a five string Jensen MIDI violin outfit in its conservatory program. 

Miriam Rabson. Violinist / violist, composer, arranger. Graduate New England Conservatory. Assistant Professor at Berklee College of Music. Violinist for the Klezmer Conservatory Band, XLCR, and other ensembles. Recordings: Itzhak Perlman: In the Fiddler's House (Angel 7423 5 55555 2 6) These recordings are available on EMI and Rounder.

"I started out with a five-string Jensen violin. Now I also have a six-string. They sound great, they are very comfortable, and it's wonderful to have the extra range. I play my Jensen violins with the Klezmer Conservatory Band. We perform widely and have recorded a PBS program and two CD's with Itzhak Perlman. I've been playing the six string violin with XLCR (electric violin, electric guitar, accordion, and drums), a group that's been declassifying 20th century music. I added an octave pedal in that band and find myself playing bass lines as well as wildly distorted guitar licks with unbelievable sustain."

Ray Fyhr. Freelance violinist, teacher, session player, and software consultant based in New Jersey. Violin studies with Spivakovsky.

"The Jensen Violin is a unique composite of Old World Cremona with New Age Danish Modern. What immediately attracted me to this instrument was the beautiful and practical design, however its playability and tonal characteristics transcend its physical beauty. Mr. Jensen is a master craftsman and the workmanship on each individual creation reflects this. I'm not suggesting that you sell your acoustic violin, but this fiddle can do it all. From the classics through bluegrass, country, jazz, fusion, rock, even heavy metal."

Xander Nichting. Violinist, composer, and arranger. Xander studied at the conservetory of Rotterdam in The Netherlands. He plays a six-string Jensen violin.

"I came across the home page of Jensen Musical Instruments on the Internet. The violins displayed appealed to me at once. From that day on I knew that this would be my new instrument. It turned out to be a beauty! No effort is needed to adjust to this instrument, and the sound is the best I have ever heard. I always get compliments from the audiences and sound engineers in the theaters where I play. Working with Eric Jensen has always been very pleasant, and I thank him for the patience he had with me. I can recommend the Jensen violin to everyone who takes electric violins seriously." 

Atwell Jansen. Violinist, flautist, and vocalist living in Singapore. Fronts the blues band Heritage. Plays a five string Jensen violin with dark tone pickup.

"Every time I play my Jensen five string violin, I am amazed at its wonderful tone. It has the sound I had been seeking for years - I had almost given up on getting an "acoustic" tone from an electric instrument. My violin is set up for comfortable playing and is a joy to play. The workmanship is impeccable. Thank you very much for making me a masterpiece."

Robert Anderson. Los Angeles-based violinist and composer. Co-founded the acclaimed jazz string quartet Supernova. Known for his ability to switch among genres, he has performed with artists from Paul Oakenfeld to Ray LaMontagne to Tony Bennett. Current projects include the Abe Bonacci Trio and collaborations with electronic musicians Martin East and Mike Corvington. As a studio musician, he can be heard playing the music of Bear McCreary on the soundtrack of Battlestar Galactica. With cellist Jacob Szekely he founded String Project Los Angeles to re-establish the importance of styliastic flexibility, improvisation and creativity to the classical string education.

Sergei Czerewko. Owns a custom five string Jensen violin. Performs with the free-spirited improvisation group Intensity, based in Rock Island, Illinois.

Timothy Huang. Session violinist and composer for Foxtel in Sydney, Australia. Plays six-string and seven-string Jensen violins.

"Of the four solid body electric violins that I have played in the last 15 years, the Jensen violin is the least classically shaped yet it is the most Stradivarius-like to play. The design and materials of the instrument provide the pickup with a magical X-factor giving the truest acoustic violin sound of any electric instrument I have heard." 

Ritsu. Ritsu Katsumata is an electric violinist and composer living in Tokyo. Classically trained, she soloed with the Philadelphia Orchestra at age 11, and was finalist in the first Jimi Hendrix Guitar Competition. Her music is an eclectic collection of urban tone poems with influences stemming from noise-rock, punk, gypsy, classical and jazz.

Mark Malone. Irish rock fusion fiddler in the bands Jack in the Green and The Hooligans in the Camden, New Jersey - Philadelphia area.

"You have provided a beautiful, finely crafted musical instrument that is the hallmark of a creative artist. I am well pleased with the instrument and pleased to know there are still craftsmen who exceed customer expectations. I would most definitely recommend the instrument to anyone looking for not only a great violin but a supportive maker who listens and innovates."

Charles Nichols. Graduate of Eastman and Yale. Ph.D. studies at Stanford. Active in electronic and computer-assisted music. Research in human-computer music interfacing, musical perception, and computer generated sound. 

Vincent Calcaterra. Freelance jazz violinist in the Washington, DC area. In addition to jazz he also has played Irish, country, bluegrass, and rock music. An electrical engineer and software consultant, he has developed the excellent Aerbo dual axis speaker system for the electric violin.

"I was looking for a violin for jazz performance that would be easier to hold and balance, that embodied advanced design features, and retained the dynamic sound of a solid body instrument. I saw an ad in Strings Magazine for a beautiful, rather minimalist solid body violin by Eric Jensen. I was in love! I'm definitely pleased with my five string violin, and I get a lot of compliments on it. I found working with Eric to specify the design of my semi-custom multichannel instrument to be quite easy and pleasant."

John Schussler. Electric violinist and author of the landmark web site on electric violins, Bowed Electricity. Plays Jensen five and six-string violins. A multi-instrumentalist, his interests include world music, electronic music, improvisation, and new musical idioms. He has recently recorded a solo world jazz album, Minor Arcana. He also collaborated in an album, New World, as one-half of the duo The Guarneri Underground.

"Probably the most elegant, efficient design for an electric violin I've seen. As one gent told me after a concert, 'That's not an instrument, that's art!'"

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