Electric Violin Features

  • Excellent tone quality
  • Finest craftsmanship and materials
  • Four, five, or six strings. Seven strings available as a compact viola.
  • State-of-the-art pickups
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • String clearances are calibrated for playability in all positions
  • 3-D shoulder support moves in all directions and locks in place for a perfect fit
  • No feedback
  • Performs excellently with amplification, effects processing, and recording systems
  • Wireless systems available
  • Effortless tuning
  • Reinforced body with durable fittings
  • Selection of special hardwoods and finishes

Versatile. The Jensen violin can be played as a conventional violin with a satisfying violin tone, or it can be transformed electronically to create an amazing variety of sounds. It can be played at full concert volume, and used for quiet practicing. It works excellently with effects processors.

Logical design. The Jensen violin is designed to give all the special advantages of an electric instrument, while keeping the essential standard dimensions of the acoustic violin.

Choice of string formats. Four, five, and six string models are available. Five string models use a low C string, combining the ranges of the violin and viola. Six string models use low C and F strings. Bridge heights on both treble and bass sides, and the bridge curvature, are adjustable. 

Seven strings. The seven string instrument tuned E-A-D-G-C-F-Bb is offered as a compact viola, to give sufficient length for the F and Bb strings to function well.  

Lightweight and well balanced. With extra weight eliminated and its center of gravity close to the shoulder, the Jensen violin is easy to support and comfortable to play. 

Graduated fingerboard. The fingerboard is calibrated to give correct string clearances in all registers, making the violin easier to play and helping intonation accuracy in the high range.

No Feedback. Solid-body construction (unlike hollow body construction) eliminates feedback and lets you play at any volume level, even in stage performance with effects processing. This feature gives greater control of tone; permits unrestricted use of feedback-based effects such as reverberation, delay, chorus, and EQ; improves frequency detection; and simplifies engineering in performance and recording. 

No ambient sound problems. Unlike an amplified acoustic violin, the Jensen Violin lets you hear exactly what the audience hears. Since it produces very little sound without amplification, it also can be used for quiet practicing.

Finest craftsmanship and materials. The Jensen violin is handcrafted in the tradition of fine instrument building. Its body is carved from select curly maple or from a choice of other deluxe hardwoods. All instruments come with a choice of black ebony or bicolor Macassar ebony fingerboard. Specially designed hardware is precision machined from hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

3-D shoulder support. A wide, padded shoulder support, available exclusively on Jensen violins, may be pivoted and extended in all directions, and securely locked in any position to give you a perfect fit. 

Optional wireless. With a wireless system you can move freely without concern about cords. On Jensen violins the wireless transmitter is mounted virtually out of sight on a specially designed shoulder rest which accepts most standard transmitters. It is easy to switch between cord and wireless operation, and to service the transmitter. You can choose from several complete wireless systems using "true diversity" electronics which give fine audio performance and freedom from interference. 

Effortless tuning. Premium quality machine tuners, placed between the bridge and the chinrest for optimal weight distribution, give convenient and precise tuning. You can adjust the tuners as you are bowing the violin. 

Choice of hardwoods. View the selection of fine hardwoods on the Hardwoods page.

  • Standard grade violin hardwoods: Instrument body in Curly Maple with clear finish. Rock Maple is used with optional solid color finishes. Fingerboard: Black Ebony. Chinrest: Black Ebony or bicolor Macassar Ebony.
  • Deluxe grade violin hardwoods: Instrument body in Rosewood, Black Ebony, Bicolor Macassar Ebony, Goncalo Alves, Walnut, Bocote, Palm Wood, Curly Maple, Deeply Figured Curly Maple. Fingerboard: Black Ebony or bicolor Macassar Ebony. Chinrest: Black Ebony, Bicolor Macassar Ebony, Pink Ivory, Goncalo Alves, Bocote.
Color finishes. Solid color, metallic, and special glaze color finishes are available. View color choices on the Finishes page. 

Standard and custom details. You may choose a black ebony or bicolor Macassar ebony fingerboard; and black, gold, or chrome tuners. Without extra cost, you may specify details such as neck dimensions, string layout, type and placement of the chinrest, and other features - even copy dimensions of your acoustic violin. Or you may specify standardized dimensions which have proved successful. 

Standard features include an ebony chin rest, quarter inch output jack (or a locking DIN jack on polyphonic models), audio cable, and individualized instructions. Thomastik "Dominant" strings are supplied on 4 and 5-string models unless other strings are specified. 

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