Color Finishes

The colors shown on this page, and also custom colors, are available on all instruments.

Solid colors

Solid colors are applied to hard maple. White, black, metallic silver, metallic gold, and requested colors are available in addition to these colors:

Bright Red
Neon Green

Radiance finishes

Radiance multicoat finishes are applied in several stages. Over a reflective gold or silver base coat, several layers of translucent color coatings are applied, which are covered with a high gloss clear coat. This finish appears darkly colored or reflective depending on the viewing angle, producing glowing and flashing effects. Colors include Deep Red, Crimson Gold, Orange Gold, Brilliant Blue, Cobalt Blue, Dark Jade, Cold Green, Platinum, Gold, and other choices. These deluxe colors cannot be reproduced well on the computer screen. A chart of 42 color samples is available on request - serious inquiries only, please. Allow an additional four weeks for this finish.


Glaze finishes are translucent tinted coatings applied over maple, which may be plain or figured. The wood texture is visible through the glaze. With highly figured maple, the grain pattern scintillates as the instrument is viewed from different directions.

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Light Blue

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