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Dear Musician,

Custom made instruments have been a specialty of ours since 1985. Orders are welcomed for one-of-a-kind instruments based on your concept and specifications. Details of your instrument can be developed by E-mail, fax, and telephone. You can select components including pickups, MIDI and wireless options, choose from a selection of natural hardwoods or color finishes, specify dimensions, and collaborate in other decisions affecting the performance and appearance of your instrument. Allow for extra time to complete your project if new technical features or special design work or are involved. A completion date can be estimated but not guaranteed. I would be glad to talk with you about possibilities of an instrument built especially for you.

- Eric Jensen

Jensen Musical Instruments
7730 14th Avenue Northwest, Seattle WA 98117, U.S.A. 
Telephone: 206-297-8120

Electric Violins, Electric Violas, Electric Cellos, Electric Cellobasses, Electric Upright Basses, Custom Electric Bowed Instruments.

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