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The Cirque du Soleil. The traveling circus Quidam uses a four string MIDI-compatible Standard cello with Series 2000 pickup in its stage orchestra. 

Frances-Marie Uitti.  Renowned avant-garde cellist, concert and recording artist, inventor of polyphonic two-bow cello technique. Plays a custom six string MIDI compatible cello with many special features.

"Eric Jensen is a master instrument builder who also happens to also be a top electronics expert. He was a professional cellist playing demanding contemporary scores before he decided to dedicate himself to innovative instrument design. Eric not only builds standard electric instruments but also works closely with clients to develop custom made specialty instruments. The beauty of his work is worthy of a museum- the gorgeous hardwoods chosen, the refined shapes, the perfection in details. In actuality his instruments are sounding sculptures. For musicians who are serious about getting a state of the art electric instrument, I think Eric is The Man."

Philip Sheppard. Classical cello virtuoso and professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Performs and records with a five string MIDI-compatible Standard cello. Philip is well known for creating unusual performance events encompassing many art forms. festival organizer, member of the London Sinfonietta and the Smith Quartet The Composers Ensemble  a composer and a pioneer of the electric cello.

"Thank you for building such a stunning instrument, a beautiful sculpture and something I shall treasure. It sounds glorious."

Richard Fortus. Rhythm/Lead Guitarist and Electric Cellist with the band Guns N' Roses. Plays a Jensen six string MIDI-compatible Standard cello.

Louis Lowenstein. Cellist with the Pittsburgh Symphony and jazz performer. Owns a six string custom designed cello with Series 2000 pickup. 

The London Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Owns a four string MIDI-compatible Standard cello. 

Michael Fitzpatrick. Acoustic and electric cellist. Plays a five string Standard cello with Series 400 pickup and performance stand. Outstanding Musician award at the Spoleto Festival. Director of Millenia Music. 

"Thanks again for the great cello. Everyone who has heard it appears equally as hypnotized as I, an appeal that has already reached 80-year olds, and 4-year olds! Since recording our rock tunes on it in Florida to the Bach sessions I will do tomorrow in the studio, the cello has reavealed itself capable of doing almost anything! It is truly a revolutionary tool, which I will take great strides to honor."

Zeno Gabaglio. Electric cellist in based in Switzerland. After classical cello studies, and philosophy degrees in Florence and Basel, he now works as an original artist in all kinds of musical improvisation, performing concerts, composing for film and recently producing a CD, "UNO". Plays a five string Air Travel cello with Series 2000 pickup.

"To play with the Air Travel Cello was the biggest revolution in my musical experience. All the possibilities of live electronics are now under my fingers, and my playing can at last have a contemporary language and a very personal expression. An unbelievably good feeling in strings and bow."

Denney Goodhew. Jazz multi-instrumentalist, composer. ECM recording artist. Owns 5 string all-ebony cello. Has taught jazz at the Cornish College of Arts in Seattle and at the Hochschule der Kunst in Berlin. 

Christopher Glansdorp. Acoustic and electric cellist. Graduate, Eastman School of Music. Performances with Briareus Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, New World Symphony, Palm Beach Opera Orchestra. Plays five string Standard cello with Series 2000 pickup.

"After purchasing my Jensen 5-string electric cello three years ago, I have nothing but high praise to offer. Being a classical cellist, I really appreciate the superior quality of workmanship, excellent feel and playability. The sound quality of the built-in bridge transducer is exceptional, and gives me a clean audio signal that is perfectly responsive to all left hand and bowing techniques. The instrument's futuristic, sleek good looks raise eyebrows everywhere I play. It really is a gorgeous instrument."

Seth Blair. Electric cellist, songwriter, vocalist, and biologist. His bands have included the Boston Bad Boys and the Reptile Palace Orchestra. Plays a six string Standard cello with Series 400 pickup. 

Kendall Reid. Freelance cellist and media artist in Johannesburg, South Africa. Classsical / progressive / fusion musician. Media software designer. Plays 6 string Orion electric/MIDI cello with Series 2000 pickup and performance stand.

"Not only am I a satisfied customer but I am indeed a delighted one. The making of my custom cello was a feat in communication. Your help in assisting me with critical design decisions resulted in an instrument that exceeded all expectations. I asked for an instrument that would not only be the finest from a sound point of view, but also from a stage presence viewpoint. Thank you for a fine instrument that will now help me realize my full dream - an electric cello CD." 

Jami Sieber. Electric cellist, composer, and vocalist with Rumors of the Big Wave and with Warner Brothers recording artist, Ferron. Touring performances in the U.S., Russia, China, Italy. Owns a rosewood five string cello with Series 2000 pickup. Her solo CD "lush mechanique" (OFM 1008) is available nationally in the U.S.

"The sounds I create with my Jensen cello have been described as soaring, lush, quirky, percussive, haunting, and memorable; it is rare that an instrument is so versatile. The Jensen cello helped me to win the Northwest Music Association 1990 Rock Instrumentalist of the Year Award, and in my six years of owning it, the quality has held up on the road and in the recording studio. Eric Jensen is a fine craftsman who stands behind his work. It is a joy to own an instrument which inspires me to create new frontiers." In May 2001 Jami wrote: I thought you would like to see your cello in Thialand playing for the Elephant Orchestra! I was asked to write the music for a film about an elephant hospital outside of Lampang. Next door to the hospital is an Elephant Conservation Center that has an elephant orchestra as well as some elephants who paint. So I played cello for the elephants one day and then the next day we recorded a jam session with me and the orchestra. It has been a highlight of my career! I am going back there next winter." 

Marston Smith. Freelance cellist and studio musician in Los Angeles, studied with Bernard Greenhouse, has recorded with Bobby Brown, Neil Diamond, Rosie Gaines, Don Henley, Michael Jackson, KISS, Stevie Wonder, and many others. Owns: 5 string electric/MIDI cello with Series 2000 pickup and wireless system, and a 5 string electric cello with a Series 400 pickup. He plays standing up and wireless, with the electric cello supported on a special Cellovest that he developed. His new CD "MARSTON LIVE" features electric cello exclusively, and is highly recommended. His excellent CD's "Wall of Cello", "Forever Cello", and "Trance Cello"His CD's "Wall of Cello", "Forever Cello", and "Trance Cello" feature acoustic & electric celli.

"I have discovered the creative potential of this five string instrument. My own music. My own sound. The instrument responds brilliantly." 

Dion Sorrel. Classical and jazz cellist and electric cello pioneer in the Los Angeles area. Plays a five string Standard cello with Series 400 pickup. Performs in the duo Silicon Underground.

"I am extremely happy with this instrument."



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