Jensen Electric Cello Features

  • Excellent tone quality
  • Finest craftsmanship and materials
  • Follows standard dimensions of the acoustic cello
  • Four, five, or six strings 
  • Graduated string clearances in all positions
  • Easy portability
  • Choice of state-of-the-art pickups with separate transducers for each string. 
  • Premium quality electronics.
  • Optional MIDI-compatibility with several types of MIDI processors
  • Optional wireless capability
  • Convenient and secure tuning
  • Selection of special hardwoods and color finishes
  • Complete, adjustable brace system with an end pin, chest rest and knee brace
  • Quick-release lever screws on the endpin and knee brace fixtures
  • Choice of three fourth position thumb stops
  • Optional performance stand for stand-up playing
  • Ergonomic dimensions of your acoustic cello can be copied
  • Custom designs and features are available..
Versatile. The Jensen cello is designed for professional use. It can be played as a conventional cello with a satisfying cello tone, and it can be transformed electronically to create an amazing variety of sounds. It is used by creative musicians around the world to play jazz, rock, pop, classical, fusion, country, New Age, avant garde, folk, and many kinds of progressive music.

Logical design. The Jensen cello is designed to give you all the special advantages of an electric instrument while keeping the essential playing dimensions of the acoustic cello. Its removable braces and endpin are adjustable for comfort. Its fingerboard is graduated to give playable string clearances in all registers. The continuous neck lets you play with your thumb behind the neck all the way to the end of the fingerboard. You may choose a conventional neck heel or a sculpted ebony thumb stop to locate the left hand at the fourth position. A cylindrical thumb stop, which is also a chest brace holder, is optional on six string cellos. Extra ebony thumb stops may be ordered for higher positions.

Finest craftsmanship and materials. The Jensen cello is handcrafted in the tradition of fine instrument building. The body is carved from hard maple or deluxe hardwoods. The fingerboard is made of black ebony or bicolor Macassar ebony. Especially designed hardware is precision machined from stainless steel and hard aluminum alloy. Renewable screw inserts are used with the main adjustment screws. All fittings are ruggedly constructed to give reliable service over years of use.

Choice of four, five, and six string formats. Each format is individually designed with correct dimensions and geometry. Five string models use a high E or a low F string. Six string models use both the high E and low F strings. Alternative tuning options and head extensions are available.

No feedback. Solid-body construction eliminates feedback and lets you play at any volume level, even onstage with effects processing and MIDI. This feature gives greater control of tone; permits freer use of feedback-based effects such as reverberation, delay, chorus, and EQ; improves MIDI frequency detection; and simplifies engineering in performance and recording. 

No ambient sound problems. Unlike an amplified acoustic cello, the The Jensen Cello lets you hear exactly what the audience hears, so you can perform with greater certainty. Since it produces very little sound without amplification, it also can be used for quiet practicing.

Effortless tuning. Smooth operating machine tuners placed at the top of the cello give precise and secure tuning, and let you bow as you tune the instrument. The tuners are a larger size for easier use. 

Portable. Compact and ruggedly built, the Jensen Cello is ideal for travel. Its endpin and braces are easy to assemble and take apart. Its hard case is suitable for general use and can travel as luggage on an airplane.

MIDI compatibility. With optional MIDI, you can control a synthesizer and operate computer music programs from the electric cello, and even combine processed cello sounds with MIDI-controlled sounds. A MIDI-compatible pickup can be installed on a new instrument, or retrofitted. 

Wireless systems. With a wireless system you can move freely without concern about cords. You can choose from several complete wireless systems using "true diversity" electronics which give fine audio performance and freedom from interference. 

Hardwoods. View the selection of fine hardwoods on the Hardwoods page.

    Standard Cello hardwoods: Instrument body in Rock Maple (clear finish, or optional solid color finishes). Fingerboard: Black Ebony.

    Deluxe Cello hardwoods: Instrument body in Rosewood, Black Ebony, Bicolor Ebony, Bubinga, Goncalo Alves, Walnut, Bocote, Palm Wood, Curly Maple and Deeply Figured Curly Maple. Fingerboard in Black Ebony or bicolor Macassar Ebony. 

Color finishes. Solid color, metallic, and color glaze finishes are available. View color choices on the Finishes page. 

Custom features. You can choose the string configuration, pickup, conventional neck heel or thumb stop buttons, wood type, and finish of your instrument; black ebony or striped Macassar ebony fingerboard; and black, gold, or chrome tuners.

Strings. Jargar A, D, G, and C strings are supplied unless other strings are specified. Specialized treble and bass strings are provided on 5 and 6 string cellos. Tungsten low register strings are available on special order - please inquire.

Preamplifier. A premium quality active electronics preamplifier with tone and volume controls is included with all cellos.

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