Electric Cellobass Features

  • Customized active string length: cello scale (695 mm.) or extended scale (up to 770 mm.)
  • Choice of tunings 
  • Continuous neck and graduated fingerboard extend the usable high range
  • Four or five strings
  • State-of-the-art Series 2000 pickup system
  • Compatible with standard MIDI converters
  • Adjustable support system
  • No feedback
  • Active electronics with tone and volume controls
  • May be played seated or standing
  • Optional wireless systems
  • Optional head extensions
  • Dual string length model available
  • Fine craftsmanship and materials
  • Selection of special hardwoods and solid color finishes
Versatile. The Cellobass lets you create many different kinds of music. It works excellently with amplifiers, mixing boards, and effects processors - even with MIDI. It has an astonishingly large range, from the lowest tone of a grand piano to the treble range of the viola. It can be played at full concert volume, and used for quiet practicing. 

Portable. With its compact-scale string length and rugged construction, the Cellobass is ideal for travel. A fitted air luggage case is available. 

Superb pickup. The Series 2000 pickup-preamplifier system, standard on the Cellobass, provides excellent tone and dynamic response. It can operate MIDI synthesizers, samplers, and computer music software. The pickup uses two vibration sensors for each string to improve tonal clarity and crosstalk rejection, and responds equally well to bowed and plucked tones without pizz/arco mode switching. The Series 2000 system includes a polyphonic preamplifier with volume and tone controls, mono and poly outputs, and two program switches. 

No feedback. Solid-body construction eliminates feedback and lets you play at any volume level, even in stage performance with effects processing. This feature gives greater control of tone; permits unrestricted use of feedback-based effects such as reverberation, delay, chorus, and EQ; improves MIDI frequency detection; and simplifies performance and recording setups. 

No ambient sound problems. Unlike an amplified acoustic instrument, the Cellobass lets you hear exactly what the audience hears, so you can perform with greater certainty. Since it produces very little sound without amplification, it also can be used for quiet practicing.

Finest craftsmanship and materials. The Jensen Cellobass is handcrafted in the tradition of fine instrument building. Its body is carved from select hardwoods and reinforced inside for stability. The fingerboard is made of ebony. Its hardware is machined from stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum. 

Graduated fingerboard. The fingerboard is precisely calibrated to provide correct and playable string clearances even in the highest positions. 

Continuous neck. The continuous neck design lets you play with the thumb behind the neck in all positions to the end of the fingerboard, giving improved access to the top positions. You may choose a conventional neck heel or a thumb stop button to locate the left hand. Additional thumb stop buttons may be ordered for higher positions.

Adjustable brace system. Two removable braces provide excellent stability and playing comfort. A chest brace mounts on the instrument body. A leg leg brace mounts mounts on the endpin. Dimensions of the braces are based on the acoustic cello, and offer a wide range of adjustment.

Playable seated or standing. You may play the Cellobass like a cello, using its standard braces. With the optional performance stand, you may play it standing up, or seated on a high stool.

Optional wireless systems. Two wireless systems are available which let you move freely without concern about cords.

Effortless tuning. Smooth operating machine tuners are located at the top of the instrument to give convenient and secure tuning, and let you tune as you are bowing. 

Choice of hardwoods. View the selection of fine hardwoods on the Hardwoods page.

    Standard Cellobass hardwoods: Instrument body in Rock Maple with clear finish, or optional solid color finishes. Fingerboard: Black Ebony.

    Deluxe Cellobass hardwoods: Instrument body in hand selected Rosewood, Bubinga, Shedua, Goncalo Alves, Palm Wood, Chechen, Broadleaf Maple and other beautiful woods with a choice of subtle to deeply figured natural markings. Fingerboard in Black Ebony or bicolor Macassar Ebony.

Color finishes. Solid color, metallic, and special glaze color finishes are available. View color choices on the Finishes page. 

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