Electric Upright Bass Prices - February 15, 2008

Electric Upright Basses are made from hand-selected hard maple, walnut or special hardwoods in clear satin finish, with graduated ebony fingerboard, black anodized aluminum and stainless steel hardware, active preamplifier with tone and volume controls, and performance stand. MlDI-compatible instruments are supplied with a monophonic audio output regulated by tone and volume controls, and polyphonic MlDI-compatible output. Basses come with a padded soft case. A fitted air luggage case also is available.

Special hardwoods for the instrument body include hand selected Rosewood, Bubinga, Shedua, Goncalo Alves, Broadleaf Maple and other beautiful woods with a choice of subtle to deeply figured natural markings.

Custom-designed instruments and features are priced individually - please inquire for a price quote.

Shipping charges are additional.

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Bass with Series 1500 Transducer System
(monophonic output)

4 Strings       $3500 
5 Strings       $3800
6 Strings       $4100

Bass with Series 2000 Transducer System
(MIDI-compatible with mono & poly outputs)

4 Strings       $3750
5 Strings       $4050
6 Strings       $4350


Special hardwood body        Starting at $250 - please inquire
Head extensions

  • Semitone extension        $150
  • Whole tone extension       $250
  • Minor third extension        $400

  • Color finishes
  • Glaze       $300
  • Solid color       $400
  • Radiance multicoat       $550

  • Flight case
  • Purchased in place of Gig Bag       $300
  • Purchased separately      $550

  • Mini processor / headphone amplifier for travel       $220
    AC adapter for mini processor       $25 
    Wireless transmitter & receiver set       From $350 
    Poly junction box for Series 2000 systems       $300
    Extra thumb stop buttons (each)       $ 25
    Inlaid fingerboard pitch locator dots (each)       $ 10 
    Inlaid fingerboard pitch locator bands (each)       $ 30 
    Ornamental fingerboard inlay       (Priced individually)
    Custom sensor mounting       (Priced individually)

    Please inquire about custom work we can provide.


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