Upright Bass Options and Accessories


Series 1500 Poly/Mono Pickup. The most advanced bass transducer bridge available. The Series 1500 offers outstanding tone quality and dynamic range, and excellent sustain of plucked tones. With separate sensors for each string, it responds equally well to bowed and plucked tones on all strings, and does not require manual switching between arco and pizzicato modes. Comes with active preamplifier with volume control, four tone controls including midrange parametric filter, effects loop, line level and balanced low impedance outputs.

Series 2000 Polyphonic Pickup. Provides superior tone quality and dynamic range. Uses two vibration sensors for each string, configured to reduce noise and feedback while providing string-to-string crosstalk rejection. Provides superior tone quality and dynamic range. Uses two vibration sensors for each string, configured to reduce noise and feedback while providing string-to-string crosstalk rejection. It is compatible with all effects processors including the Roland VG-8 polyphonic processor. It can drive standard pitch to MIDI converter-synthesizers by Roland, Axon, and ZETA, within their respective frequency ranges. These converters have internal synthesizers, and also provide MIDI output which can drive external MIDI hardware and MIDI computer music software. The Series 2000 system includes a polyphonic preamplifier with volume and tone controls, mono and poly outputs, and two program switches.

Basic system requirements for a MIDI bass system are: 

     Solid body structure preferred to hollow or semi-hollow body 

     True polyphonic pickup with a separate output channel for each string and other features 
     for MIDI compatibility 

     Pitch-to-MIDI converter/synthesizer

In a MIDI system, each string is processed by a separate channel of a pitch-to-MIDI converter, which converts the frequency and amplitude of each string sound into a serial encoded MIDI signal. The MIDI signal from each string controls a separate synthesizer or other MIDI device, which can produce the same or different sounds controlled by all the strings. 

A true polyphonic MIDI system minimizes tracking mistakes by the converter. Because it can
process several tones simultaneously, it lets you play play multiple-stops and control different
sounds (even different transpositions) from individual strings.  Also, a true polyphonic system eliminates disruption of MIDI tracking by tone overlaps which occur normally during string crossings.


Padded Cordura Gig Bag. A fitted case with rigid bow tube, shoulder strap, and storage for all parts of the electric bass.

Airplane Luggage Case. A strong fitted case of laminated ABS and plywood, with aluminum tracking, heavy duty hardware, and fitted foam interior.

Wireless Systems

Two optional systems link the electric bass to stage electronics, letting you move freely on stage without cords. A lightweight transmitter and antenna are installed inconspicuously on the back side of the instrument, and are virtually invisible offstage. 

Wireless System A is a utility grade single channel system. 

Wireless System B is a deluxe 2 channel true diversity system. 


Extra Thumb Stops. Additional behind-the-neck thumb stops may be ordered, to place the left hand accurately in higher positions.

Fingerboard inlay. A customized mother-of-pearl fingerboard inlay is available, to aid pitch location. Please inquire for details.

Jensen Performance Stand. Especially designed for the electric upright bass, and not a modified drum stand, this strong, lightweight stand provides excellent stability yet allows a comfortable freedom of motion. Height and tilt are adjustable. You can play standing up or seated on a stool, and walk away from the instrument without worry. Solidly built of stainless steel and aluminum, the Performance Stand does not wobble or rattle. It uses extra strength screw fittings and rubber covered leg ends. Easy to assemble, it collapses to fit in an Airplane Luggage Case. Comes with a removable bow hook, audio cord ties, and cloth wrapper.

Poly Junction Box. The Poly Junction Box is a matrix patch bay and mixing device which can expand the usefulness of your electric bass equipped with the Series 2000 pickup. Its main function is to direct any of six inputs to any of six outputs, separately or joined in any combination. Compatible with all current MIDI converters and polyphonic processors, the Junction Box lets you distribute string channels to work optimally with MIDI processors without being limited to preset or default settings. This can be useful to match your instrument tunings to frequency-selective inputs on MIDI converter-synths, and it lets you use a greater variety of converters and open string tunings. The six separate outputs can connect with separate inputs of a sound mixing console or amplifier system, provide independent loops for split or stereo effects, or connect with your special processing devices in many different ways. Standard 1/4", 8-conductor DIN, and 13-conductor jacks are provided for the inputs and outputs. The Poly Junction Box is compact, occupying a half rack space. It is simple to use, and comes with concise and clear instructions.

Gold Colored Hardware. Aluminum hardware is anodized and finished with gold colored electroplate.

Knurled Tuning Knobs. Cylindrical twist tuning knobs with crosshatch surface, installed on standard machine tuners. Black or silver color.


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