Upright Bass Features

  • Excellent tone quality
  • Follows standard measurements for the upright bass
  • Four, five and six-string models
  • Choice of two superb pickups
  • Optional MIDI capability
  • No feedback
  • Fine workmanship
  • Choice of special hardwoods and solid color finishes
  • Excellent stability and playing comfort
  • Advanced support system
  • Exclusive string retainer lets you use your preferred strings
  • Reinforced unitary body eliminates alignment problems
  • Ebony fingerboard with graduated string clearances in all positions
  • Convenient tuning
  • Adjustable bridge height 
  • Active electronics with tone and volume controls
  • Easily portable
  • Optional wireless systems
  • Optional head extensions
  • Choice of string lengths: Full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 size, CelloBass

Versatile. The Jensen Upright Bass can be played at full concert volume, and used for quiet practicing. It works excellently with effects processors, and frees you to create many different kinds of music involving amplification and electronics.

Graduated fingerboard. The fingerboard is calibrated to give correct string clearances in all registers, making the bass easier to play and helping intonation accuracy in the high range. 

Continuous neck. You can play comfortably with the thumb behind the neck in all positions, with improved access and control in the high register. You may choose a conventional neck heel or a thumb stop button to locate the left hand. Extra thumb stops may be ordered for higher positions.

No feedback. Solid-body construction eliminates feedback and lets you play at any volume level, even in stage performance with effects processing. This feature gives greater control of tone; permits unrestricted use of feedback-based effects such as reverberation, delay, chorus, and EQ; improves MIDI frequency detection; and simplifies performance and recording setups. 

No ambient sound problems. Unlike an amplified acoustic bass, the The Jensen Bass lets you hear exactly what the audience hears. Since it produces very little sound without amplification, it also can be used for quiet practicing.

Fine craftsmanship and materials. The Jensen bass is hand crafted from a choice of select hardwoods in the tradition of fine instrument building. A black ebony fingerboard is standard. Bicolor Ebony is optional, depending on availability. Specially designed hardware is machined from stainless steel and hard aluminum alloy. 

Convenient for travel. The Jensen bass is designed to travel well, with a minimum body length, and without a sound box shape. The bass and its removable braces fit in a padded gig bag or in an air luggage case. 

Exclusive string retainer. The string retainer lets you to use your favorite type of bass strings without requiring a longer instrument body, while providing correct string pressure on the bridge and protecting the strings and bridge. 

Choice of strings. You may choose your preferred strings, including Thomastik Spiracore, Jargar, and tungsten Corelli strings. Inquire for details.

Advanced support system. The support system provides excellent stability and playing comfort. The endpin stand lets the bass be played either standing or seated, providing a rigid connection to the floor while allowing natural side-to-side motion in performance. The adjustable side support rests against the player and stabilizes the upper part of the instrument. Both supports offer a wide range of adjustment and are removable for travel.

Choice of two state-of-the-art pickups. The Series 1500 and Series 2000 pickups offer excellent tone and are compatible with standard amplifiers, mixing panels, and effects processors. Both pickups use independent pickup elements for each string. The Series 2000 offers the possiblilty of MIDI implementation.

Optional wireless systems. With a wireless system you can move about freely without cords. A current selection of compatible wireless systems is available - inquire for details.

Effortless tuning. Machine tuners are located at the top of the instrument to give convenient and secure adjustment, and let you tune as you are bowing. 

Choice of hardwoods. View the selection of fine hardwoods on the Hardwoods page.

  • Standard bass hardwoods: Instrument body in Rock Maple with clear finish, or optional solid color finishes. Fingerboard: Black Ebony or bicolor Macassar Ebony.
  • Deluxe bass hardwoods: Instrument body in Walnut, Pau Ferro, Chechen, Broadleaf Curly Maple. Fingerboard: Black Ebony or bicolor Macassar Ebony.
Color finishes. Solid color, metallic, and special glaze color finishes are available. View color choices on the Finishes page. 

Custom details. You may rely on standardized dimensions which have proved successful, or you may specify details such as neck dimensions, string clearances, brace configuration, and other features - even copy dimensions of your acoustic bass. 

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