Air Travel Cellos

The Jensen Air Travel Cello is an ultra-compact, finely crafted full scale cello with excellent tone and playing qualities. It is a professional level instrument which excels where top performance and maximum portability are required. Options include a choice of hardwoods and finishes, customized dimensions, a MIDI-compatible pickup, a performance stand, and a versatile mini processor.
  • Four, five and six string models
  • Available with a choice of two state-of-the-art pickup systems, the Series 1500 transducer bridge and the Series 2000 MIDI-compatible transducer system
  • Sturdily built and well protected in its flight case against travel damage
  • Follows standard ergonomic dimensions of the acoustic cello
  • Can be custom-built to copy dimensions of your acoustic cello (optional)
  • Overall length 33" / 84 cm. (4 string cello) to 34.5" / 88 cm. (5 and 6 string cellos). Flight case measures 6.5" x 6.75" x 36.5" maximum / 16.5 cm. x 17 cm. x 93 cm. maximum
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient and secure tuning
  • Body in your choice of hard maple or rosewood (optional). 
  • Ebony fingerboard with string clearances calibrated for playability in all positions
  • Ebony or rosewood chest rest
  • Metal hardware made from high-strength aluminum and stainless steel
  • Brace system adjustable over a wide range for your playing comfort
  • Quick-adjust lever screws secure the endpin, leg brace and chest rest
  • Metal hardware is made from high-strength aluminum and stainless steel
  • Rounded endpin with friction stop, instead of pointed endpin, for air travel
  • Includes active electronics preamplifier with tone and volume controls
  • Optional electronics unit includes an effects processor with reverberation and other programmable effects, line outputs, and stereo headphone amplifier

  • Outfit prices:  Air Travel Cello Outfit with mini processor/headphone amplifier, air luggage case and stereo headphones: Four string outfit complete, $3500.  Five  string outfit complete, $3750. Six string outfit complete, $3900.
  • Options: Rosewood body, $150. Color glaze finish on hard maple body, $125.  Solid color finish on hard maple body, $150.  Series 2000 MIDI-compatible pickup system, $250. wireless system, starting at $300; ergonomic dimensional copy of your acoustic cello, $150-$300 depending on complexity.



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