Rubber Ducks

Customized rubber ducks can be a cute way for a business to promote with a little bit of humor. At Promotional Products and Ideas, we have a huge variety of ducks from which to choose, most with very low minimum orders and great low prices. Whether you're a bank looking to advertise your "float a loan" program or a school looking to do a rubber duck race fundraiser, we have you covered.

To start with, there are a variety of theme ducks. We have ducks for every type of job: doctor, referee, policeduck, fireduck, even real estate ducks and surfer ducks. There are ducks that change color when they get wet, ducks that glow in the dark, and even a few that double as key chains or tub drain stoppers.

For those really looking to go all out, we even offer custom made ducks that are designed to look like anyone you want. We have made Shakespeare ducks, Allen Iverson ducks, Beethoven ducks, and more. Now we can put your face or the face of a CEO, retiree or someone else special on his or her own personal duck! These are great gifts to celebrate the hiring or retiring of a corporate officer or as a giveaway for large groups.

All of our ducks are completely imprintable with your logo, motto, or anything else. We have over 110 different styles of ducks, so check them out on our site to find what's right for your group. You can also call or email for a catalog or a sample at 206-285-5359 or

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