Imprinted Promotional Products

One of the best ways to get people interested in your company or organization is to promote it. A great way of doing this is with giveaways--but with many items, once they're out of your hands, nobody knows they came from you. You can solve this problem by having your items imprinted with your company's logo, name, or any other information you want.

Promotional Products and Ideas has literally thousands of different items that can be customized to your specifications quickly, easily and inexpensively. You name it, we do it--from buttons and balloons to pens and pencils, from glassware to rubber duckies. We can do key chains, coloring books, and all sorts of clocks, radios, and other simple electronics, too.

All of our products are high quality and priced with volume discounts. We also try to keep our minimum order requirements as low as possible to ensure that even the smallest group can get what they need. We can accept your artwork digitally via email as an Adobe or CorelDraw file, or you can supply us with a printed logo from your letterhead and we can make up a digital version for you. (Please do not send PDF, .jpg or .gif images.) Best of all, we keep these logos on file, so you only need to wait to have your logo turned into camera-ready art once. If you like the first run of your items, it's easy to get as many more as you wish in a month or in two years.

Our items are also great for fundraisers, raffles and giveaways, or special events and parties. We do packages for event planners all the time, and can help you to create a memorable gift basket for each attendee at your next conference or for the employees at the annual company picnic. Check out our website today--you're sure to find what you need, or something you didn't even know you needed!

Imprinted Promotional Products

Christian Calendars

Church Fans

Church Plates

Holiday Ornaments

Personalized Matchbooks

Promotional Coloring Books

Promotional Piggy Banks

Promotional Playing Cards

Rubber Ducks