Christian Calendars

Churches and other religious institutions are finding that giving their congregation some of the beautiful Christian calendars available from Promotional Products and Ideas is a great way to add an uplifting spiritual message to every day. We offer a variety of daily and monthly calendars that can be customized in multiple ways. You can include favorite Biblical passages, prayers, or information about your church and its services.

Each calendar can be imprinted with your church's name and address, as a subtle reminder and reassurance of your church's presence in your community. Our calendars also feature a complete listing of all of the major Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish religious holidays. All feature ample room for notations on each day, so they are functional as well as beautiful!

We also carry a line of ecumenical weekly organizers. These are your basic appointment books, but also include preprinted listings of the appropriate holidays. All have fully customizable front covers, perfect for your church's name, address, and logo.

There are many styles of art available for each of our calendars. You can get religious images of Christ, Mary, and other Saints or iconic figures. There are also some with inspirational phrases, prayers, and photos that are sure to brighten the day of all who see them, no matter what their specific faith. We even have series that features the art of the Holy Land! Promotional Products and Ideas is eager to help you pick out exactly the calendars you want, so please feel free to click around our website for more information and contact us with your needs.

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