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Course Descriptions
These courses are offered for Spring and Summer 2008.

The Book Club

Sunday: 2pm - 4pm

This class is for the student who loves to read! Join us to explore and analyze many authors from around the world. This is a conversational based, multi-level class.

$40.00 per week (2 hours), or $200.00 per six week session (12 hours)

News Room

Tuesday, Thursday: 6pm - 8pm

A multi-level class that focuses on current events and politics from around the world. Here, you can discuss, argue, and debate articles that affect our everyday lives. A multimedia approach to learning English.

$80.00 per week (4 hours), or $430.00 per six week session (24 hours)

Business English

Wednesday: 6pm - 8:30pm

For the professional who needs to read, write and speak for specific purposes. This class offers instruction on reading/writing memos, emails, business proposals, presentations, delivering speeches and more! Tailored for everyone's needs.

$50.00 per week (2.5 hours), or $250.00 per six week session (15 hours)

Children’s Circle

Monday, Wednesday: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Come and learn English through games, songs, and fun! This class is designed for children 13 years and younger. It includes a variety of methods to reach the young students, including role playing, projects, technology and more!

$80.00 per week (4 hours), or $430.00 per six week session (24 hours)

TOEFL Exam Preparation

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 6:15pm - 8:45pm

This intensive course is designed to prepare the Upper Intermediate/Advanced student for the TOEFL examination. The course comprises a comprehensive review of grammar and vocabulary, tips and strategies for success, extensive practice through exercises and simulated examinations, and an introduction to the computerized TOEFL format.

$1000.00 for a six week session (60 hours)

Beginning English 1 & 2

Section 1 - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 11am - 1pm
Section 2 - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 2pm - 4pm

This is a six week course designed for the student with minimal English experience. This immersion course develops the student's oral and written skills.

$120.00 per week (12 hours), or $620.00 per six week session (36 hours)

Private Lessons

Personalized instruction can be arranged at your convenience to fit individual needs.


Homestay Program

This program is designed for foreign students who would like to live with native English speaking families. Students must complete and submit the homestay application in order to facilitate the matching process. The host family provides three meals a day and living accomodations for the student.

Placement Fee: $250.00 Homestay Fee: $650.00/month


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