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It's easy to apply to our school using our online application! Just follow these steps:
  1. Choose the course or courses that you want to take (see our Course Descriptions for details).
  2. Indicate when you would like to begin classes, and how long you plan to attend.
  3. Fill out the appropriate Information sections of the form.
  4. Send us your application by clicking on the "Submit" button.

We will confirm your enrollment by Email, Fax, Telephone or Regular Mail.

Choose the class(es) you wish to attend:
  Beginning Intensive 1
  Beginning 2
  Intermediate 1 & 2
  TOEFL Preparation
  Private Lessons   Number of Hours Per Week 
  Homestay Program
On what date do you wish to begin classes?     
How long do you plan to attend the school?     
On what date do you plan to arrive in Seattle? 
How would you like us to confirm your enrollment?  

Personal Information

Last Name:       
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Sex:              Male   Female
Date of Birth (Mo/Day/Yr):
Native Language: 

Contact Information

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Person to be contacted in case of Emergency:
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If you know where you will be staying in Seattle, please fill out the following:
Street address:  
City:               State:
Zip Code:        
Telephone Number:
Contact Name:    
It is important that our staff be aware of any current or previous medical conditions
that you may have.  An honest evaluation of your health is essential.  Do you have
any physical conditions or restrictions, allergies or mental disabilities requiring
special treatment or accommodations?  Are you currently taking any prescription
               Yes  No
If yes, please give details using the space below:

General Questions

Is this your first trip abroad?        Yes  No
Have you studied English before?       Yes  No
For how long?  
For what purpose are you studying English?  
What is your level of English?  
Are you currently employed?            Yes  No
What is your position or job title?         
Are you a student at another school?   Yes  No
What are you studying?                      
What are your plans in addition to
studying English?  
How did you hear about our school?  
In the following space, please write a short autobiography of one or two paragraphs.
This is a very important part of the application as it provides us with a sample 
of your writing.

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