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Group photo of our Summer Morning Intensive Class

Student activities outside of the classroom are an important part of our school program. They give participants the chance to meet other students and staff from other classes, as well as experience more of what Seattle and its people have to offer. Parties, potlucks, movies, plays and trips are just some of the many exciting happenings at our school. Come and join the fun!

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We enjoyed a wild Halloween bash at the American School of English this year! Some of the students were experiencing Halloween for the first time in their lives! Check out the November Newsletter for some interesting Halloween fun history!

Karaoke Night
Students, teachers and friends come out for an evening of food, drink and Karaoke. Who knew we had so much talent?!

Class Trip To Mount Rainier
Students get up close and personal with Seattle's most visible mountain.

Lobsang's Tiptoe Through the Tulips
In April, the tulips are in bloom, and the Pacific Northwest celebrates with the Annual Tulip Festival in La Conner, Washington. It seems that Lobsang enjoyed them just a little too much! He didn't want to leave. Nice arms, Lobsang! Too bad you're off limits.

Canoeing Lake Washington

Fun in Seattle

Dining out - Seattle style

Potluck Parties
The Potluck Party is a longstanding tradition at The American School of English. About once a month we get together to share food, drink and conversation. Students (and teachers!) prepare dishes native to their country and present them at the table. One never knows just what will appear. Certainly, no one leaves hungry. Bon Appetite!

Visitors From The East
This winter we welcomed a group of university students from Kamchatka, Russia. They studied English in the mornings and went sightseeing in the afternoons. They experienced American culture by living with host families as well. Check out the pictures below. These are just a few of the cool sights we visited. For more details regarding their stay, check out the March newsletter for some insightful articles.

Kanda High School visits Seattle - spring and summer visit highlights
A group of girls from the Kanda High School in Tokyo, Japan visited Seattle for their spring vacation. They toured the city, bonded with their host parents, learned some English, and of course, had a wonderful time! Here are some of our favorite moments with them.

David's Trip to Japan
Recently, David made his first trip to Japan, visiting with many of our former students who had returned home after their studies. One of the most interesting events that he attended was a wedding party for some co-workers of Kota Aihara's. We took a group photo of the festivities that were being held at an indian restaurant at Shin Osaka. It was a lot of fun!

Other Activities

We seem to have a lot of students marrying this year! Must be the water. These are just two of our happy couples who tied the knot.

Some Family Scenes


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