The Powwow Editions ... from Ben Marra Studios

Renowned photographer Ben Marra has spent many years documenting the contemporary Native American Powwow and the colorful regalia worn by tribal members. Marra's camera captures the authentic pride and spirituality of today's Native Americans. His work has been featured in numerous galleries, national magazines, and was recently included in the Handbook of North American Indians, published by the Smithsonian.

Marra's book, POWWOW... Images Along the Red Road[Abrams], includes 105 color photographs and personal narratives of present-day Native American dancers. Two 2003 calendars, one featuring portraits and the other action-oriented photographs, are also available as are posters and T-shirts.

The following four extraordinary images were taken on location and are available as Limited Edition lithographic prints. For additional information on the images and the photographer, click here.

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Yakama Assiniboin Kutenai Siletz

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poster image


To see other aspects of Ben Marra's work, visit hisBen Marra Photography, Inc. commercial site.

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