West Virginia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

Midway Elememtary had a variety of activities for Earth Day 1998. This year two classrooms participated in decorating the Earth Day Grocery Bags---6th Grade, Mr. Fred Albert's class and 3rd/4th Grades, Mrs. Peggy Holstine's class.
Mrs. Holstine's class used this activity to correspond with their West Virginia Studies. Their grocery bags were decorated with a "Keep West Virginia Clean" theme. A total of 60 bags were decorated.
Peggy Holstine (mholstin@access.k12.wv.us)
Midway Elementary
Charleston, West Virginia
This was our first year participating in the project. The entire school (K -6) decorated 250 bags that were given to us by the local Foodland. The project was very well received by the management of the store. The local newspaper even came to the school and took pictures of the children as they worked on their bags. Thanks for sharing this project.
Joann Cullen 4th grade teacher and science chairman
Roosevelt Elementary
Pt. Pleasant, WV
This is a wonderful way to get the "Earth Day" message out into our communities! West Milford Elementary School is a K - 5 school located in West Milford, WV. We have approximately 500 students. As part of our Earth Day Celebration, we decorated 452 grocery bags and returned them to our local Krogers store located in the Eastpointe Center, Bridgeport, WV. The students did a wonderful job decorating the grocery bags. They put a lot of thought into how they wanted to represent their environmental themes. I hope all of the customers at Krogers enjoyed the creative artwork of our students. Thanks for the wonderful project!!
West Milford Elementary School
226 School Street
West Milford, WV 26451
Gary Johnston, Principal
Cynthia Smith, Science Lab Teacher
The town of Bruceton Mills is a small, rural community with one grocery store. As part of our Earth Day Celebration,our first grade classes at Bruceton School decorated 92 grocery bags with Earth Day messages. Lou Sterling, owner of the store, used the bags on April 22, 1998, to spread the messages among the community to help protect the environment.
Darla Kuhn & Kim Conner (dkuhn@labs.net, dnkconner@labs.net)
Bruceton School
Bruceton Mills, West Virginia

West Virginia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

Students at Norwood Elementary located in Clarksburg, West Virginia in the north central part of WV, helped to celebrate Earth Day by decorating 350 grocery bags from four or our local merchants. This activity was great. It helped to remind all of us of our duty to care for the universe. We would like to receive via email all the reports from other schools.
Lyn Hathaway lhathawa@access.k12.wv.us
Midway Elementary will again participate in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Our students will decorate 230 paper bags provided by Perdue's IGA. Third and fourth graders are making plans to plant flowers around their school and in the community park. Our students and the community looks forward to participating in this project each year.
Peggy Holstine mholstin@access.k12.wv.us
Midway Elementary
Charleston, West Virginia

West Virginia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

Our school decorated 250 grocery bags for Earth Day. Our 4th grade class would appreciate any info. about the Earth Day Celebration. Thank you,

Midway Elementary School
421 Cambpells Creek Dr.
Charleston, W. V. 25306
Mrs. P. Holstine--teacher

Greetings from Barboursville Middle School, Barboursville, West Virginia. The sixth graders, 290 students, have decorated 578 paper grocery bags for Earth Day.

We collectively compiled the following list for our 250 plastic bag flyers:
EARTH DAY April 22, 1996
Reuse those plastic bags!
small trashcan liners
wrap china when moving
wrap wet clothes (swimsuit)
use while transporting plants; keeps roots from drying
use two bags, one for each foot, when shoes are muddy or snow covered. Put each foot in a bag before taking off shoes
store old rags and towels for car washes
peel and throw watermelon rind in them
put soft drink cans in them for the cooler
"dog-do" bags for yard clean up
car floor mats in snowy weather
litter liner
gloves when working with organic material
traveling toilet seat liner
find a store willing to reuse the bags

Great project! Thanks.
Diane Fetty

Our school decorated 230 grocery bags donated by Perdue's IGA Grocery Store. Our students want to keep our state beautiful and in turn, they know that they will be helping our wonderful Earth. Our fourth graders will also plant trees and flowers during Earth Day week.

Midway Elementary
Charleston, West Virginia
Peggy Holstine

Our school,Opequon El., in Martinsburg, WV. participated in the project. We decoreated 644 bags that were donated by Food 4 Less grocery store. They will be distributed to customers on Earth Day. We are really excited about this project. I think that the students have been more aware of reducing, reusing, and recycling this year. Before we made the bags we studied about the rainforests and about deforestation in general....even went to the science museum in Baltimore Md...saw a movie about the precarious plight of the rain forest...Our students have become very aware of saving the earth...We will culminate the celebration with an Earth Day program . Here's hoping that your project will be very successful and that we are raising a generation of conservationists! As I tell my class "You did not inherit the earth from yiur parents, You have borrowed it from your children" (wish I'd said that origionally)
Again,Good luck...
Bonnie Hose
grade 4 teacher,
Opequon El. School,

West Virginia Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Earth Day bags decorated: 711
Barboursville Middle School
6th grade
Barboursville, WV  25504
Students participating: 310
Participating grocery stores: 3

Diane Fetty, teacher
We had 326 bags decorated at Midland School in Elkins, West Virginia for Earth Day.

Mrs. June Davis and 3rd grade class
Midland Elementary School
150 Kennedy Drive
Elkins, WV 26241

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