Wisconsin Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

Please add us to the list of schools that participated in the grocery bag earth day project.
We are a small school of 43 students, 13 fifth and sixth graders decorated 56 bags for two local stores. Thanks, Mrs. Lauer and the 5th and 6th graders.
Dennis Lauer jenlaka@execpc.com
St. Mary's School
145 6th Street
Hilbert, WI 54129
On April 27, 1998 Wyeville Elementary school decorated 135 grocery bags as a part of an April Student Council Activity. The student council planned two days of activities related to Earth and the environment. On April 27 we decorated grocery bags and calculated the amount of paper our school uses and recycles in a day. We then calculated how much paper we use and recycle in one year and then applied that to the number of trees we use. In one year we use the equivalent of 3 trees and recycle the equivalent of .25 trees. On April 28 we had an all school "paperless" day. It was very educational for all involved.
Ilene Quartemont (IleneQ@Tomah.k12.wi.us)
Resource Teacher
Wyeville Elementary School
Tomah, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

We really enjoyed this project. We are a K-5 elementary school and every child participated. Each classroom decided on their own Earth Day theme. SuperSaver in Beloit gave us the grocery bags and we returned the decorated bags on Earth Day for all of Beloit to see. We decorated 280 bags. We will be doing this again next year. Thank-you for such a fun project.
Nancy Furman NANBLBD@pensys.com
First Grade Teacher
Robison Elementary
Beloit, WI
St. Joseph School in Rice Lake, Wisconsin has just completed decorating 500 bags for our local Marketplace grocery store. This is our first year for the project. They were delivered in time for Earth Day. Great project for our entire school (pre-K thru 8).
Bob Seabold
Little Red School is a small country school about 3 miles outside the city limits of Eau Claire, WI. This is the 12th year in a row that we have decorated grocery bags with Earth Day themes. Ron's Castle Foods was the recipient of our 141 Earth Day bags this year.
We also celebrated Earth Day this year by having our students plant 180 trees and wildlife shrubs in our school's nature area.
Thanks for including us in your well organized project this year. I hope our school name appears on your site. Here is a link to our homepage. It is located at:
Ron Powers
Little Red School
Eau Claire, WI 54701
Our whole school had a great time with this project the day before EarthDay. We decorated 233 bags donated by Supersaver for the project.
Mary Ann Reiss MReiss4464@aol.com
St. Lawrence School
Greetings from Milwaukee, WI!
This year, our 2nd year of participating in the project, our students decorated 366 grocery bags. The students completed the project in their Spanish and French classes. Thanks for creating such a worthwhile project!
John M. Schell jschell@omnifest.uwm.edu
University School of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI
Our class decorated 19 bags for Skogen's IGA. We had a lot of fun and look forward to shopping and being able to get some of the earth day bags. We were happy to participate!!
Wendy Polito polwe@mail.onalaska.k12.wi.us
Grade 2 , Northern Hills School
Onalaska, Wisconsin
Hello Arbor Heights,
Onalaska Middle School in Onalaska, Wisconsin and Skogens IGA are glad to participate in your valuable project once again. This year 850 students in grades 5-8 decorated bags for Earth Day. As we write to you, the Mississippi River is three feet above flood stage in Onalaska. At times like this, Mother Nature has her own way of making us aware of our environment and our place in it, but participating in your project helps us remember how fragile our natural environment is and how important it is for all of us to remember that Earth Day is everyday.
Thanka again,
Onalaska Middle School
We are a sixth grade class of 48 students. We decorated 200 bags and will deliver them to two grocery stores in town. Students illustrated facts about pollution or an environment problem and then added a conservation message around the illustrated fact. Students are looking forward to interviews from the daily newspaper this Wednesday, April 16. Their bags decorate one entire wall in our room. It is quite impressive. Thanks for a great project.
Jackie Cody jcody@newnorth.net
James Williams Junior High School
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Wisconsin Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

Hello from Athens Elementary School in Athens Wisconsin. If you're looking for us on a map, we are located near the geographic center of the northern and western hemispheres at 45 latitude and 90 longitude.
We really enjoyed participating in your Earth Day Groceries project. We decorated 258 bags donated from Hartman's Variety and Athens IGA, our local grocery stores. We hope that our messages from the bags will entice our community to be more "Earth-Wise". We've attached a photo that shows some of our students with their artwork.
We would appreciate an emailed bag report sent to:

Thanks! Kathy Luther gr.4/5 &
Susan Kittson - Speech clinician.

I sent you four separate messages (one from each grade level 1-4) detailing how each group focused on a theme this year while completing the project: Grade 1-Water, Grade 2-Ponds, Grade 3-We are all connected, and Grade 4-Forests and Great Lakes.
The project was a lot of fun. The bags were obtained from the local Pick N Save grocery chain and we finished by completing 719 bags for distribution today. Our kids had fun composing and sending the messages.
We are eager to hook up another class to further develop the themes we explored. Thank you for organizing this project!

John M. Schell
Milwaukee, WI

We are first graders at University School of Milwaukee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, for Earth Day, we went to the Milwaukee River and we picked up 32 bags of trash!!!
On our bags we put water and healthy fish, polluted water with a line through it, pictures of water with unhealthy fish, a picture of someone saying 'We want a healthy Earth'. We made pictures of the Earth. Pictures of circles with a line through it that said expressed the idea of no pollution.
Please email us some ideas that you have about studying water and water pollution. We would love to hear from you!
Thank you for organizing this project!
Sincerely, The First Graders

Our long term theme in science has been ponds. This year we visited ponds at Audubon Center in WI in the Fall and the Winter and we will be visiting again this Spring. We learned a lot about ponds; if you know something special about ponds that you'd like to share with us, please send email.
Our bags were decorated with pictures and slogans about ponds. Some slogans included: Love A Pond, Care For Ponds, Be A Friend To A Pond, Don't Litter Ponds, Don't Pollute In Ponds.
Our school is University School of Milwaukee, located in Milwaukee, WI. We are a private K-12 school with about 1,000 students. Our school decorated a grand total of 719 bags. We took them to the Pick N Save store on Friday and they are being distributed today, Earth Day!
Thank you for organizing this project!
Grade Two

Our school is University School of Milwaukee and we are in Milwaukee, WI, located by a wonderful Great Lake, Lake Michigan.
Four third grade classes designed bags for Earth Day using the theme, "Taking Care of The Earth" with an emphasis on the protection of water, our wonderful resource. We read the books, "Dear Mother Earth" and "Loving the Earth"; these helped us think about the important role we play in our planet. We learned we are all connected and we need each other.
In social studies, we are studying Colonial America. The oceans were so important to the colonists for transportation and food. If you live by the ocean, we would love to hear from you.
Our total bag count for University School was 719 bags. We participated with the Pick N Save stores near our school.
Thank you for organizing this project. It was a lot of fun!
The Third Grade Classes

In grade four, we used the theme "The Forest and The Great Lakes" for our Earth Day Bags. Some of our slogans included, "Don't Pollute", "Plant A Tree To Save The Forest", "Save A Tree Save A Life", "Kill A Tree, Kill Yourself". All year we have been studying how to preserve Wisconsin's forests and Great Lakes. If you know of anyone studying similar topics, have them email us.
Thank you for organizing this project.
The Grade Four Classes
University School of Milwaukee
2100 W. Fairy Chasm Road
Milwaukee, WI 53217

Hi! My name is Janet Pliner and I'm a second grade teacher at Shorewood Hills Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin. I organized the Earth Day Groceries project within our school this month. On Friday, April 19th, second grade students and teachers walked 500 decorated bags with wonderful Earth Day messages to a local food store. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole project... Thanks for a great idea!


We are a small country school about 3 miles outside the city limits of Eau Claire, WI. Each of our students in grades K-5 decorated a grocery bag with an Earth Day thems for the 11th year in a row. That was a total of 132 bags for this year, which we returned to Ron's Castle Foods for customer use. Our school site is on 22 acres where we have developed a wonderful nature area and prairie restoration.
Thanks for including us in your well organized project this year. I hope our school name appears on your site. We will include a link to it on our homepage. It is located at:

Ron Powers
Little Red School
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Dear Arbor Heights School,
Thanks for creating a fantastic environmental awareness project! The 850 fifth-eighth grader (each creating a bag for the project) from Onalaska Middle School and the generous people from Skogen's IGA in Onalaska, Wisconsin are first-time participants in your 1996 Earth Day Groceries project. Onalaska is located along the beautiful Mississippi River on Wisconsin's "West Coast." Our students and community members value the river and its surroundings, and participation in your project has helped us remind ourselves how lucky we are to live along the banks and among the bluffs of this threatened and valuable natural resource.
Keep up the great work,
Onalaska Middle School
711 Quincy St.
Onalaska, WI 54650

Wisconsin Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

The Bag Project was a success. The grocer (Woodman's of Beloit) was more than willing to provide the bags and with a minimum of organization and work we had a very stunning project. "If we all do a little, we can all do a lot". The paper sent a photographer while the school was decorating the bags so the project received some press besides. I also put a plug in for you as the organizer and internet technology. We decorated 358 bags!!! Thanks again for the idea. A simple yet effective project.


                John Soehnlein
                6th Grade
                Converse Elem. School
                1602 Townline
                Beloit, WI  53511

Franklin School in Wausau, Wisconsin did not preregister for this event, but we did decorate grocery bags for distribution on Earth Day as your project suggested. If you would like to include our count in your project, we'd be happy to be part of the effort. Our school is K-5, and almost all the students decorated a bag.
Thanks for suggesting and organizing the project!

Franklin Elementary School
Wausau, WI
Total Bags Decorated:  324

Carol Otto, 2nd Grade Teacher

Would you post the grand total to the entire Kidsphere list or could I receive the grand total number? THANKS!

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