Uncertain Location Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

I'm just reporting in to tell you that our first Earth Day celebration was a big success. The children had a great time and the teachers were very complimentary. Several asked to borrow materials I had collected to enhance their lesson plans. Giant, our local grocer, distributed all the bags on Earth Day and said that the response from parents of Liberty-Valley students was overwelming. The event was covered by two of the local newspapers. The children were thrilled to get the materials you sent (the pogs were a big hit!). Thanks again for all your support. I hope to make this an annual event and hopefully I'll be contacting you next year.
Thanks again---Pam Kreis
Was just luck I found your web site with this great idea. Thanks and yes, will want to do again next year. Kindergarten through sixth grade students, approximately 300, decorated donated grocery sacks with environmental pictures and slogans. Generated lots of discussion about what WE can do to conserve our earth. Decorated sacks were given to local grocery stores.
Holly Mabry pcd000@mail.connect.more.net
Hello, I am a student at Mackintosh Academy. I would like to inform you that our school colored 156 grocery bags for earth day. Thank you for giving us a chance to be in a project like this.
Mackintosh Academy macacad@earthlink.net
Our school started the project very late, but we are proud of the number of bags that we decorated. My class asked our science teacher, Ms. Thead if we could be in charge of submitting this information to the web site. The following paragraph was written by Ms. Loeber's fourth grade.
At Simpson Elementary School we decorated 344 grocery bags from Publix and Winn Dixie with fun Earth Day pictures and phrases. We made Happy Valentine Day bags into Happy Earth Day bags. We returned the grocery bags to the store so that we could share our knowledge with the community.
Ms. Loeber and her fourth grade class (SimpsonEle@aol.com)
Simpson Elementary School
For the upcoming 1998 Earth Day we are decorating 100 bags. We are a preschool and a daycare. The afterschoolers are decorating the bags and returning them to the store with their very own unique slogans and pictures. We will keep you posted. We are also enclosing a seed packet so the customers can go home and continue thinking about the earth as they dig in the soil!
Debby Hartman (dhartman@iquest.net)
980 State Road 135
Discovery Junction

Uncertain Location Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

I would like to report that Sun Grove Montessori School made and distributed 90 bags this year. Thank you for this opportunity.
Gayle Caston sungrove@inetw.net
The St. Henry School's chapter of Kids For A Clean Environment, 20 members, decorated fifty bags for the Earth Day project. The program is a very creative form of self-expression for the children that they really enjoyed.
Trish Poe kidsface@mindspring.com
chapter sponsor

Uncertain Location Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

This project is a great idea! My school will be joining the effort to "get the word out." We are decorating 400 grocery bags. They will be distributed to the store this afternoon--and handed out tomorrow with groceries in them. The children had a good time with it--their bags are beautiful!
Thank you for allowing us to join your effort!

Yvette Welch/Seventh Grade
In our school, Woodfin Elementary, every student decorated at least one grocery bag for a total of 300. On Earth Day, several fifth-graders went to the grocery store and actually bagged groceries for the customers. This project was a lot of fun for everyone, and we plan to participate again next year. Thank-you for sharing the idea with us.

Sharon Davidson                                      
(Fifth-grade teacher)       

The results of my making Earth Day grocery bags were only 30 bags, but as a result great feelings between the store and the school I work for were established ( the store LOVED them).

Thanks for the great Earth Day art activity,
Racer Rick@aol.com

Uncertain Location Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1994

Mark, Our project here at Indian Heights Elementary went very well! We involved the whole school and everyone decorated at least two bags. It seemed to be very well accepted by those participating in the project. We had a total of 953 bags! Looking forward to hearing from you with the total nation-wide. Great project!
Fred Henderson
Science Consultant
Indian Heights Elementary School
From: Janet Flowers

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