Pennsylvania Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

We loved the whole project! Thanks! We want to participate next year, too!
Applied Technology (
Devon Elementary School
Devon, Pennsylvania
Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
800 bags
-- Pottsgrove Elementary School
-- Pottsgrove, PA
Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
200 bags
-- The Walden School
-- Swarthmore, PA
Based on information received from the Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association:
200 bags
-- Step by Step Learning Center
-- Morton, PA
This is the first year for our school to participate. We are a small rural school with one room of each grade K-6. We decorated 225 bags and distributed them to two local grocery stores. The students enjoyed the project and did a great job. We also sent announcements to the local newspaper.
Kelly Terwilliger (
Bruin Elementary
Bruin, Pennysylvania
Our school decorated approximately 250 bags for Earth Day. This included first thru fifth grades.
The children really enjoyed the activity, and I almost hated giving their bags away. some of them were absolutely beautiful. I'm sure people who received them would agree.
One thing you might mention is to be sure that the students do not use marker, as it would run, and make the clients and customers unhappy.
Thanks for providing us with such a great, easy, and valuable!
Dana Donahoe (
Hosack Elementary
Pittsburgh, PA
This was the first year our school participated in this worthwhile project. K through grade 4 decorated 500 grocery bags. They were donated by Fox's Market of Middletown. The bags carried a variety of earth friendly slogans and great artwork! Third graders got an extra treat. We toured the store on Earth Day and saw the project in action. The children were thrilled. One shopper personally thanked the child who made the bag she received. Our efforts were written about in the local newspapers and carried on 3 local TV stations. The third graders were even proclaimed "Home Town Heroes" for spreading the Earth Day message. This may have been our first year but it won't be our last. Next year I hope to have 100% classroom participation.
Margaret Moore (
Kunkel Elementary
Middletown, PA
The entire student body at our school (1st thru 4th grade) participated in this wonderful project. Close to 400 bags were carefully decorated and then sent to a local store for distribution on Earth Day. The children (and staff) responded in a positive fashion and we all hope that the community felt the same when receiving the bags!!! Thanks for the GREAT idea!!!
Dawn Davidovich (
Library Elementary School
South Park School District, Pgh. PA
Giant Markets in Danville donated 500 bags to be decorated by our 417 students grades K-5. The local newspapers, The Press-Enterprise and the Danville News reported on the event. The children and teachers had a great time decorating the bags. The project inspired me to organize an Earth Day Classroom which all the grade levels took turns visiting. We showed videos, had exhibits, and activities. The children received coloring books, activity books, buttons, bookmarks, magnets and pogs donated by many generous agencies and foundations. Thank you for the inspiration. We hope to make it an annual event.
Pam Kreis (
Liberty-Valley Elementary School
Danville, PA 17821
Your project was great fun. All of us at St. John's had a lot of fun with it. It was great when we got compliments on our artistic abilities. All together we decorated about 240 bags, we're a small school. Myself and the rest of the student body would like to thank Miss. Lisa Wilson and Genuardi's supermarket for their help and support. This is a great project and we really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot.
Mary Kassab (
St. John Chrysostom
Wallingford, PA
Mayfair School participated in its first the annual Internet Earth Day Grocery Project. This year, a total of 500 shopping bags were decorated by students in grades first through eight. The bags were decorated with the Earth, Rain forests, exotic animals, people planting trees and people cleaning up litter. Many students outlined their drawings with yarn. The most creative bag featured a drawing of Earth with a band-aid across it. The Logo said "Heal the Earth!"
The Shop Rite supermarket on Frankford and Knorr donated the shopping bags to Mayfair School. On Earth Day, each customer received one decorated shopping bag per order.
Seena Osno
Computer Science Teacher
Happy Earth Day! The grocery bag project was a great idea. We had a terrific time creating bags with environmentally aware slogans and illustrations. Some of the kids did a fantastic job; I wanted to go to the grocery store to get one of their bags! The local supermarket was very generous with the supplies. I hope next year when I have my own classroom to do the project again! Maybe more teachers will get their students involved with the Earth Day project. Lesson plans to write and units to develop....have to go! Celebrate the earth and don't hurt the dirt!
Thanks Again,
Paulette Pallo
Student Teacher
Fifth Grade
Mill Hall Elementary School
Mill Hall, PA 17751
This is our second year participating the the Earth Day grocery bag project. The 367 kindergarten through 5th grade students at Jackson Elementary decorated 412 grocery bags. The bags were distributed at our local Riverside Market in Vinco and the Giant Eagle Supermarket in Ebensburg.
Teresa Soyka (
Jackson Elementary
Mundy's Corner, PA
We think this is a good cause. We liked putting the messages on the bags so that people will know what to do. Putting them on a grocery bag is a good idea.
Mr.Trama's 3rd Grade Class (
Ithan Elementary School
Bryn Mawr, PA
Edwin Forrest Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, decorated 550 grocery bags from the Super Fresh at Rhawn and Torresdale Avenues.
Kathleen Hanratty
The students from 5-F and 5-G at Chartiers Valley Intermediate School participated in this project in conjunction with the Heidelberg Shop-N-Save at Raceway Plaza in Bridgeville, PA. The fifth grade students enjoyed decorating over 100 grocery bags with earth-friendly messages. We only found out about the project last week, so our participation this year was limited. Next year, we would like to expand the project to other classes/grades!
Alicia Gismondi/Pat Sienicki-Jackson (
Chartiers Valley Intermediate School
Pittsburgh, PA
This was our first year participating in this project. Our entire school, grades K-6, decorated 500 grocery bags. The students did an outstanding job on their artwork as well as their slogans!
Jennifer Hodgkinson (
Mazie Gable Elementary
Red Lion Pennsylvania
500 bags
6th graders
Terri-Anne Reese (
Northley Middle School
Aston, PA
Our entire sixth grade and two classes of the 7th grade are decorating bags for Pathmark in Brookhaven.,PA. In all we hope to decorate over 400 bags!
Gay Lynn Byers (
Northley Middle School
Aston, PA
Our students will begin to decorate bags tomorrow to distribute to our local food co-op store in Swarthmore, Pa. I estimate that the children will be decorating approximately 150 bags for distribution on Wednesday, 4/22/98. The students did this last year, and are eager to begin again!
Marji Romanski (art/computer teacher)
The Walden School
Swarthmore, Pa
( I believe I already reported that the children at The Walden School had decorted over 100 bags that were distributed to the local co-op here in Swarthmore. In addition, I received aN e-mail from our local Acme wanting bags as well - in two hours time, the children came up with an additional 50 bags! We really enjoyed this project, and will continue it throughout the year!!)
The science students at Marticville Middle School decorated 400 bags for Earth Day. The bags will be used at John Herr's Market in Millersville, Pennsylvania. The students did an excellent job decorating the bags with environmental messages. They enjoyed participating in the activity. We also had a friendly judging competition of the bags. People from the community, teachers, faculty, and students voted for their favorite bag. We look forward to participating in 1999! :)
Kelly Buhay (
Marticville Middle School
Pequea, PA
This will be our first year participating I got all your info and presented to our principal and she liked the idea.Our local grocery store(Giant Eagle) will be handing out our bags.This is a great idea.We will be decorating 170 bags.
Sue Themis (
Shaw Elementary
North Huntingdon,Pa
We have decorated 300 bags(half of our school), however we received a letter a couple of days after the store generously donated the bags that due to sanitary reasons they cannot use them! :(
Any suggestions
Denise A Russo (
Grasse Elementary; Sellersville, PA
Norristown, PA

Pennsylvania Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

This was my first time with Earth Day Groceries Project and I was able to get around 12 classes involved. All together we decorated 350 bags and displayed them in Giant Food Store, Hershey, PA. I hope to participate next Earth Day and expand throughout all the grades. Thank you for a wonderful project.
Doris Ortyl
Senior-Penn State-Harrisburg
Nye Elementary-Hummelstown, PA
Harrisburg, PA
The Lancaster Country Day School wanted to announce that they decorated 300 bags for a local grocery store. The bag project was organized for grades kindergarten thru eighth grade, by the K.A.R.E (Kind Acts Returned Everyday) club. This club is made of 26 middle schoolers who plan projects for the school and volunteer in the community. Thank you for the great idea, it will be a new tradition for Country day.
Thanks Again,
The K.A.R.E club
Our students decorated 400 bags for the local Giant Eagle store. The students were very creative and the store manager was thrilled to have the bags to pass out on Earth Day.
G. Ditchcreek
Jackson Elementary
Mundy's Corner, Pa.
This is the second year that Hilltop Elementary School, Aston, PA (suburb of Philadelphia) participated in this project. Grades K-4 decorated 450 bags which were distributed through our local Super Fresh market. We are looking forward to participating in next year's project. Thanks to all who make this worthwhile Earth Day activity possible!
Elaine Scarpino
Evans Falls Elementary School, Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, decorated 325 grocery bags. For the first time, Evans Falls students participated in the "project" by decorating grocery bags donated by the local Mr. Z's grocery store. I was told by a store representative that the bags could not be returned to the store for them to package grocery orders. This, he said, is due to a state regulation. The art teacher directed the designing of the Earth Day messages during art class. The students then took the bags home with encouragement from their teachers to give them to someone for use during Earth Day week. Elaine Wall
Evans Falls Elementary School
Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania
Forrest School decorated 500 grocery bags from the Super Fresh at Rhawn St. and Torresdale Ave. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.It was fun because you got to tell parents not to litter. The whole project was fun because we want to save animals and the earth from harm. It was fun because we got to learn about how to protect animals.
We liked the project because we had fun reading articles about saving animals with our science teacher before we decorated the bags. It's exciting to save living things. It's thrilling that somebody is going to get our bags at the grocery store and read and enjoy our message.
Kathleen T. Hanratty
Cottage & Bleigh Streets Phila, PA 19136
Edwin Forrest Elementary School
The Primary Center children (a multiage arrangement of first and second graders) at Highland Elementary School in Camp Hill, PA participated in this wonderful Earth Day project. The children designed 160 artistic grocery bags! The bags were delivered to a local Weis Markets and distributed on Pennsylvania's Earth Day - April 22, 1997.
Pam Felix
Highland Elementary
Camp Hill, PA
Lower Pottsgrove Elementary is a K-5 school in Pottstown, PA. Students and staff members decorated 730 grocery bags donated by the American Paper and Forest Association. Kemp's Market located in Pottstown, will distribute the bags during Earth week, April 20th-25th. We had a great time participating in a project that promotes environmental awareness throughout the community. We look forward to receving the results of this project. Our school's efforts made the local paper, The Mercury, as well as being shown on KYW-TV's Channel 3, "Cool School" segment on Tuesday, April 15th. Thank you for a great idea! Happy Earth Day! :)
Shari Costanzo (
Lower Pottsgrove Elementary
Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Our school, The Walden School at 100 College Ave., in Swarthmore, Pa. has so far decorated over 250 bags for Earth Day! We will be returning them to the store, Super Fresh on Tuesday morning. Thank You.
Marji Romanski
Project Coordinator
Greetings from Morton Elementary School in Philadelphia, Pa. We are a kindergarten to fourth grade school. The students decorated 500 bags that were donated by the Stop & Shop supermarket. We are the first school in our area to participate in this project.
Seena Osno
This is Main Street Elementary's first year to participate in the Earth Day Groceries project. Both major chain grocery stores supported the project with donations. Mark Cook of Bilo Foods and Mike Oviatt of Quality Markets visited the school on April 18 where representatives from each classroom presented the finished bags. First Graders sorted and counted the bags. A total of 564 bags will be distributed on Earth Day 1997.
Alison Billman
Main Street Elementary
Titusville, PA
We liked decorating the earth day grocery bags. Mrs. Costanzo is Rachel's kindergarten teacher. Becky helped to count the bags, our school is sending out approximately 800 bags. Our school was on the news. A helicopter came and took pictures of us decorating our bags. We were even in the newspaper. We hope this project makes people stop and think about the earth.
Becky and Rachel Lindgren
Lower Pottsgrove Elementary
The Paper Bag Council sent 400 bags to Landisville Middle School. On Friday April 11, 300 seventh graders decorated the bags with Earth Day messages. The bags are all hanging up on display at our school and we are having a friendly judging contest of the bags. The local grocery stores in the Hempfield School District will be using the bags on Earth Day. Both the students and teachers at our school enjoyed this activity. :)
Kelly Buhay
Landisville Middle School
Landisville, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

Geeeez...I am so sorry...I must be brain dead...I have so busy I forgot to tell you that we at Turner Elementary in Pittsburgh decorated 280 bags
Hope for more next year...this is the first year for this school

Jim Diederich

This is the first year that Dorseyville Middle School has been involved in the Earth Day Groceries Project. Approximately 150 bags were designed with Earth Day messages by our sixth graders. Teachers were quite pleased with the results and feel the students and the community learned some valuable lessons. We plan to expand the activities next year. It's a great project. Thank you for getting it started.

Janet Phillips
Gifted Support Teacher
Fox Chapel Area Schools
Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you for including me in the Earth Day Grocery Bag event again this year. My students thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I teach at an inner city school in Pittsburgh, PA. My entire school is compsed of sixth through eighth graders. We decorated an returned 1,000 bags this year to the local grocery store. My students were very interested in sharing the idea of saving the Earth with others in this way. Thank you once again for your help and reminder in March. We'll participate again next year, I'm sure.

Sincerely, Debra Simpson, Arsenal Middle School

Our fourth grade class organized the Earth Day Grocery Bag project for our school. With the support of the manager, (Mr. Mullen), from our local Super Fresh supermarket, 410 grocery bags are ready for distribution on Earth Day. We are a K-4 school located in Aston, Pennsylvania - approximately 20 south of Philadelphia, near the Delaware border. We are from Hilltop School which is part of the Chichester School District. Many thanks to you and your students for organizing such a worthwhile project!
We would like to receive e-mail from the other schools. HAPPY EARTH DAY!

Elaine Scarpino

Pennsylvania Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

Just wanted you to know that our 3 third grade classes--76 students-- completed 150 Earth Day bags for 2 small stores near our school. A city newspaper 30 miles a way even came to do a color photo for Sat. edition. Thanks for the project idea. We're waiting anxiously for your reports.
Chestnut Ridge District--Central Elementary
New Paris, PA 15554
3rd grade
Bonnie Dillner,
We at Wallingford Elementary School, in suburban Philadelphia, have created about three hundred Earth Day Grocery Bags, to be distributed at the local Acme supermarket. There was an article in the local newspaper about it too.
Thank you for coordinating this easy, fun, visibility-producing project.
--Debbie Wile
Wallingford Elementary School
Near Philadelphia, PA, USA
The students at Arsenal Middle School in Pittsburgh, PA decorated 415 grocery bags which were delivered to our local grocery store to be distributed Saturday. Thanks for the idea. All of our students became very excited about the project and created some wonderful, inventive bags to make people aware of Earth day. I was so pleased with the project. I can't wait until next year!! We have sixth, seventh, and eigth graders at our school and students from all grade levels participated. I look forward to your reports so that I can share the information with my students and other staff. Happy Earth Day!
Debra Simpson
The Earth Day Project went very well at the two schools I am at. Here are the totals.

Chatham Elementary, Pittsburgh, Pa.........302
Madison Elementary, Pittsburgh, Pa.........432

It was really great to be a part of this. I have made certificates for all students who decorated a bag.

Take Care,

Jim Diederich
Pittsburgh Public Schools
Just a report from Tyrone, Pennsylvania.We are a small rural school district in central PA - near the home of the Nittany Lions (PSU). Our 4 elementary schools total 1,200 students decorated 1,325 bags donated from 2 local grocery stores. We also had an article in our local paper detailing this event and focusing support for Earth Day. I'm looking forward to sharing data with my other schools.
Thanks for a job well done!

Vicki Aults
5th Grade Teacher

This is to announce that Edgeworth Elementary School, Quaker Valley School District, decorated 400 bags for the 25th Anniversary Earth Day Celebration. All students in Grades K-5 participated. Our 6th graders are also going to decorate the bags soon. We worked with our local grocery store, called "Safrans." Lou Safran is the owner. Our local newspaper, the Sewickley HERALD, took photographs of customers getting groceries in our bags, and I'm sure the article will appear in the paper soon. Our community is great for helping our schools!

You will be pleased to learn that one child already received a lovely note from a parent who received her bag. It says:
"April 19, 1995...
Dear Meredith,
I felt so proud to take my groceries home in your decorated bag yesterday. I was so proud that you and some of the other students at Edgeworth chose that project. I see it was for Earth Day. On my bag, you reminded me to "cut pop can rings." I try to remember to do that and my family helps, too! My sister scuba dives and has seen sea turtles caught in pop can rings that were left on the beach and were washed up from the ocean. When she told me about how the they were dying from being caught, I realized just how important it was. Your art work with the bird and the earth was very well done. Your choice of colors and the size of your illustrations really made the bag and message noticeable.
Enjoy the rest of your school year.
Sincerely, Mrs. Martha D. Smith

P.S. I have saved the bag and I am going to display it at a meeting with Dr. Longo next week.
(Dr. Longo is the Superintendent of our Quaker Valley Schools.) I loved your project from the first time I saw it last year on the Internet, Mark, but I was too busy. This year I made it a priority, and hope to be back next year.

On Saturday, April 22, 1995, Dr. Bob Fusco, Dr. Joe Marrone and I introduced our "Sewickley Net" to our community in the Large Group Room of our School. It will give our whole community (schools, banks, libraries, hospital, YMCA, etc.) access to the WWW. At our inaugural celebration, we displayed 3 of our Earth Day grocery bags. Unfortunately, I was so busy helping to put the Sewickley Net together, I only read your message about the Grocery WWW page tonight! Oh well, for our next demo, it will be there for all to see....right? Great job! We're proud to have been a small part of it!

Mim Bizic,
Library Media Specialist, Edgeworth Elementary....                  xoxoxo
Gus and Mim Bizic -

(This school already sent in their "bag count" - Mark)
I was at a conference today sponsored by Wentworth Media of Classroom Connect. People from all over our Tri-State Area attended (PA, Ohio, WV). I showed them all of the pages I had downloaded from your WWW site last night, and they told all of the participants about it. So, there's more advertising for next year's feat!

Also, I sent a few sample pages of your tallies to 5 of our local newspapers..... I think they'll be impressed. What a great job this Mark. We all appreciate it! Thanks again.

Mim Bizic, Edgeworth Elementary School, Sewickley, PA  15143

The Porter Township Elementary School in Lamar, Pennsylvania, decorated 135 grocery bags, designed by all of our students K-6. They were then distributed to our local supermarket.

Donna K. Dorey                      ____|\__________________|___|_____|_\____
Porter Township Elementary School   ____|/__________|\___O__|___|____@___\___
P.O. Box 276                        ___/|______|\___|___|___|___|________|___
Lamar, PA 16848                     __|_/_\____|____|___|___|__O_________|___
717-726-3857                        ___\|/_____|___@____|___|___________@____
                                        |     @

Pennsylvania Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1994

Boyce Middle School sixth grade students have been most creative in decorating grocery bags for the Earth Day Grocery Bag project during the past weeks. We will be delivering 235 bags to one of our local grocery stores on Thursday in preparation for Earth Day on April 22.
Good luck with your final count. We'll be interested to hear the final results.
Carol Hochman
Boyce M.S. Reading Resource Teacher
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
e-mail addresses: AOL

My 33 Elementary Enrichment (gifted) students took on your project with a whopping success. They distributed 400 grocery bags to various classrooms in three different elementary schools and returned them to the grocery store on Wednesday, April 20. The grocery store was so intrigued by the project that they displayed the bags in their store before they used them. The students who delivered the bags had their picture taken by the local newspaper and made the FRONT PAGE. I can't thank you enough for bringing this project to me. The students (and our community) have become much more aware of Environmental issues, and the project was a lot of fun! We are from Keystone Central School District in Lock Haven, Pa. As a point of reference, we are about 25 miles from Penn State University. Sorry I couldn't get this information to you by April 21, but I was out of town at a conference and just minutes ago received your e-mail.
Thanks again!
Mrs. Sheila Bauman

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