New York Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1998

When planning Earth Day activities at my company this year, West Valley Nuclear Services (a contractor with the Department of Energy and New York State Energy Research & Development Agency), I found your story about the grocery bag program on the internet. Our company partners with the local school and has a mentoring program with students from Grades 3 - 12. Each year we have a community outreach program with area schools during Earth Day. My goal was to have my company, the mentoring students, the elementary students (K-6), and the local market join forces in sharing their "Pollution Solutions" with the overall community.
The mentoring students adopted classes and went to each classroom and gave presentations about the program. Students were asked to come up with messages that focused on air, water and land pollution prevention.
The elementary school has approximately 300 students and we received 293 colorful bags which were then hand-delivered to the market to be given out to customers. Our photographer took pictures of the mentors handing out bags for our company newsletter. Since most of the students included their first name and grade, the proprietor of the West Valley Market cheerfully hand-selected bags for families that came in requesting their child's artwork and message for Earth Day. (We have a very small community!)
We had a contest for the most creative, most original, best presentation, and best message bags and 24 students won prizes.
This program was a win-win situations for everyone involved. Our company received goodwill and publicity for being an environmentally-conscious good neighbor, the mentoring students adopted classes and become role models for the younger children and honed some of their presentation skills, the elementary students learned about the environment and 'told their story' on the grocery bags, the local market was seen as another partner with the school, and the members of the community was able to take home the students' messages.
To sum it up, this turned out to be an excellent vehicle to communicate the importance of taking care of our earth and to practice the 3 R's of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
Thank you for letting us share in the fun!
Cathy Atkinson (
West Valley Central School
West Valley, New York
For the first time the students at the Kildonan School participated in the Earth Day Grocery Project. In their Science classes each of the students decorated a grocery bag provided by the Grand Union in Amenia, New York. The students decorated 32 bags which were then given back to the Grand Union to be distributed. They really enjoyed participating in the project and learned about types of pollution and ways to help preserve our environment.
Tammy Polhemus (
The Kildonan School
Pleasant Valley, New York
I am writting to you to give you information about our participation in the Earth Day Groceries project.318 bags were designed by students in grades k-5, from the Montauk Public School, (Montauk, NY 11954). The bags were provided by The Paper Bag Council of the American Forest and Paper Association. They were distributed by the local IGA on Earth Day. Even though this was the 5th annual Earth Day Groceries Project, this was the 1st year that Montauk School participated. Two of the bags were kept and sent to Coleen Shine, in Arlington Virginia(she's from the paper council) so that they may be used by her for public relations purposes. We loved the project and the community did too!
Alice Housenecht and Sue Nicoletti
In order to promote environmental awareness, Huntington Intermediate School, in Huntington, New York, recently held a Pollution Solution Fair. As their contribution to the fair, the students in the fifth grade classes of Ms. Bartsch, Mrs. Ricco, Mrs. Regan and Miss Von Vange participated in the Earth Day Groceries Project 1998.
Southdown Supermarket generously donated one hundred-fifty bags which the students enthusiastically decorated and delivered to the store on April 21st. On Earth Day, April 22nd, delighted customers received their groceries in gaily decorated bags which contained various environmental messages.
The Earth Day Groceries Project enabled the students to participate in various cross curricular activities such as creating graphs in Mathematics class, writing poetry in Language Arts class, and in Social Studies, incorporating the Earth Day Groceries Project results of their respective states, in their Hyperstudio State Presentations.
The Earth Day Groceries Project enabled the children to form a partnership with a merchant in their community, in order to promote environmental awareness not only in our village, but throughout the world.
The following poem, written by Jenny, best describes the children's feelings towards pollution.

dirty, disgusting
polluting, destroying, killing
it can be prevented
Jean/Joe (
Ithaca City School District Earth Day Project
Our local supermarkets, Tops, P & C, and Greenstar, assisted us by providing the bags, distributing the bags, and by displaying our Earth Day banner and posters. The community was encouraged to ask for an Earth Day bag in the participating supermarkets on Earth Day, and to follow the messages written on the bags.

Curricular Ties
In the elementary schools, instruction on Earth Day was done by the classroom. teacher. Some of the signs were hand drawn in the art class, some in the classroom, and some classes used the computer to design the signs. At the middle school the signs were done using the computer, and by hand. The project was completed in science, social studies, English and in math classes. In math class students used compasses and straightedges as part of their geometric construction unit to create endangered animal designs. The science class cleaned up the school yard. The math class massed and measured all of the trash picked up by the science class and compared it to the percent of trash collected in the world each year. The social studies and English classes studied ecology and how it impacts society.

How We Used Technology
Our students used computers to make the Earth Day signs that we attached to our bags. We use Kid Pix to produce the signs. By using technology, we were able to print multiple copies of the signs. We also used the computer to generate signs as well as download globes from the National Earth Day Page. These computer generated signs allowed our younger students to color in the signs and have printed Earth Day messages on them as well. Teachers also used the computer to email each other the Earth Day messages their classes put on the bags. This information was used to assist us to make our Earth Day Web Page. We created a district Web page as well as one for each school participating. The school Web page displayed the bags their students had made and the messages that were written on the bags. Our District Earth Day Web page included books we read about Earth Day, community events, public TV shows on Earth Day Topics, Earth Day Web sites, and links to each of the school Web pages. In the middle school, students searched the Internet to find information on how to preserve the Earth. They also shared with others what we were doing in our school for Earth Day. Students used the Internet to find Earth Day slogans and messages that they could use.

This campaign was highly publicized by a public service announcement produced by Casey Stevens of WHCU Radio which featured students from DeWitt Middle School. This 60 second announcement ran 1 week prior to Earth Day. Channel 7 News did two stories about our Earth Day Project. They interviewed teachers about the Earth Day lessons we were providing to students, encouraged the public to ask for an Earth Day bag, and provided coverage in local supermarkets on Earth Day. The Ithaca Journal assisted us as well to publicized this event. Articles were also written in school and classroom newsletters. Earth Day banners were placed in the Supermarkets along with signs asking customers to please ask for an Earth Day bag.

Many teachers were involved with the project. Please visit our Earth Day ( Web site to see our bags, slogans and other information pertaining to Earth Day.

Ithaca City School District (, Ithaca, NY
Participating Schools:
DeWitt Middle School ( 6th Grade,
Northeast ( and
Beverly J. Martin ( Elementary Schools
Bags Distributed: 1,127
Project Coordinator: Valerie White(,
Technology Integration

The fourth and fifth grade Gifted and Talented Program at Cairo Elementary School in upstate Cairo, New York (Catskill Mountain Region) participated in the 1998 Earth Day Groceries Project. Students at the school decorated 630 bags! The bags were used to pack the community's groceries on Earth Day. Everyone was very pleased to see the wonderful artwork and environmental logos.
Maria J. Suttmeier (
Cairo Elementary
Cairo, New York
This is P.S./I.S. 121's first year of participating in this wonderful project. Our students from grades K thru 8 decorated over 700 paper bags with creative artwork and Earth Day messages to make our community environmentally aware. Thanks to Dale Gages and 5Star Catering for donating the bags and distributing them to their many customers.
During earth week, the students learned about protecting the earth and the value of spreading that knowledge to everyone. The students loved this free and fun way to become involved in taking care of our planet. What an exciting way to contribute--by being a small part of this Earth Day International Movement. Thank you so much for organizing this project that helped to connect students from all over the world.
We will spread the word for 1999!!!!!
Submitted by Donna M. Menicucci/Earth Day Coordinator
P.S./I.S. 121
Principal: Mr.Esposito
"The School That Makes A Difference"
5301 20th Avenue---- Brooklyn,New York 11204
This is the second year that we participated in the Earth Day Gocery Bag Project. Quality Markets of Randolph gladly supplied the grocery bags again this year. Before they distributed groceries in these beautifully decorated bags, they displayed them throughout the store. We decorated 216 bags.
We look forward to paticipating again next year!
Beth Olson (
Gail N. Chapman Elem. School
Randolph, NY
We had eight sixth grade classes and two forth grade classes participate. Each student decorated one bag which was a total of 238 bags. The bags were sent to East Fishkill Provisions and an article was published about our project in the Southern Dutchess News. Thank You for sharing your project with us.
S.PRUSAKOWSKI, J.Owen, and K. Hynes (
Kinry Road Elementary
Poughkeepsie, New York
This Earth Day the students at Forest Avenue Elementary School decorated 300 grocery bags. The bags were distributed at the Edwards grocery store in West Babylon.
West Babylon's website -
Forest Avenue Elementary School's website -
Jennifer Masciangelo (
Forest Avenue School
West Babylon, NY 11703
Traver Road Primary School in Pleasant Valley, NY has participated in this project for the past three years. Our local farm market has come to look forward to our gloriously decorated bags; bags with a conscience. Our kindergarten through third grade students decorated 634 bags this year as a part of our week long Earth Day activities. Many thanks to Marc and the sponsors of this event.
Eric Gidseg
New Paltz, NY
Mrs. Schaefer's class at the Wiilam O Schaefer School in Orangeburg, New York decorated 23 bags. Beth Mindes, an education student at St. Thomas Acquinas College, organized the project. Our bags were displayed at C Town in Orangeburg, prior to being distributed on Earth Day. The students were very proud to share their Earth Day messages with the community. This was a great project.
Beth Mindes (
William O Schaefer School, Mrs. Schaefer's class
Rockland County, New York
Happy Earth Day everyone! The Team B sixth graders at Northside Blodgett Middle School in Corning, New York had a great time celebrating Earth Day. The 85 students began our week long celebration by decorating 104 grocery bags to be used at P&C grocery store. The students were excited about spreading the message that we need to care for the earth. The teachers were amazed at the talent and hard work that went into designing and coloring the bags. We've included photos of the kids at work and of some of their results.
We followed up this activity with a neighborhhood clean up. The weather cooperated and we all enjoyed a school day outside in the sunshine while doing a good deed for the community, the earth and ourselves. The mayor even came out to meet us and thank us. This is the 4th year we have participated in these activities and plan to continue in the years to come.
Doreen Licursi
Northside Blodgett Middle School
Corning, New York
This is our first year participating in the Project. Two sixth grade classes, three seventh grade teams, and one eighth grade team participated. The students really put thought and creativity into their messages. Hopefully the message will have a lasting impact on the community! The Endicott Price Chopper graciously donated the grocery bags. Our school decorated 350 bags this year. Thank you for the wonderful idea to help build community awareness about the state of our environment. We look forward to participating again next year!
Terre Trupp (
Jennie F. Snapp Middle School
Endicott, NY
We used bags from our local Edwards Super Store on Middle Neck Road in Great Neck Village. Mr. Lach, the manager, generously donated 400 brown bags to be decorated for Earth Day! Our children had a wonderful time doing it and learned timely lessons on community service and environmental recycling. This was a terrific idea and we look forward to doing it again next year.
Thank you for the inspiration.
Evelyn Skelly (
Lakeville Elementary School
47-27 Jayson Avenue Great Neck New York
The first graders in our school decorated 100 bags for the Bloomfield Big M Market for Earth Day 1998.
Ann Rosati (
Bloomfield Elementary School
Bloomfield, NY
This is Kaegebein Elementary School's third year celebrating Earth Day by participating in this terrific project. Our school consists of almost 500 students, grades two through five. We are located on Grand Island, in the Niagara River between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. The students took particular care to decorate bags with something meaningful to them and many were works of art. We received 500 bags from the Grand Island Tops Supermarket and can't wait until they are used on Earth Day. Thank you for organizing such an easy, worthwhile project that's good for everyone!
Patricia Ludwiczak (
Grand Island, New York
Hello from Van Etten, NY! Our school decorated 100 bags for our local Big M Market. We delivered the bags on Earth Day, some in the morning and some in the afternoon. The cashiers were pleasantly surprised by the afternoon delivery of the popular Earth Day bags! The students can be proud that they helped to make a difference in the world. Great idea for the kids and store owners! What a way to boost up some business. The kids loved this idea and didn't mind the prewriting and rewriting as they normally do! THANKS!
Sue Balland (
Van Etten Elementary
Van Etten New York
This is in regards to the Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Our school name is Eastridge Junior High School. We are located at:
Eastridge Junior High School
2350 Ridge Road East
Rochester, NY 14622
The current number of bags that are decorated is 500. Thank you!
Maryanna Mueller
P.S. Wegmans supermarket is supplying us with paper bags and rubber gloves to clean up our environment. Thank you for your work! Many departments are working on this cooperatively.
We are first graders from Peru Primary School in Peru, NY. We borrowed about 150 paper bags from our local Grand Union store and decorated them for Earth Day. Hopefully people will pay attention to our drawings.
Peru Primary
St. Joseph's School in Croton Falls, New York is a small parochial school located in Westchester County. This is our first year participating in this project. We decorated 250 bags. The students enjoyed this project and we hope to join in again next year.
Nancy Malcolm (
St. Joseph's
Croton Falls, New York

New York Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1997

Our 6th graders have participated in this activity for the last two years without knowing there was a count being kept or an official web page for it. We've decorated roughly 100 bags each year. We'd heard about it from our librarian when we were searching for ideas for our Earth Day unit. We are looking forward to doing it again this year and with our school now online we can be a part of the global project.
Doreen Licursi
Northside Blodgett Middle School
Corning, NY
The Student Council of Armor Elementary School in Hamburg, NY, near Buffalo, is proud to report our Earth Day Groceries project. We had every child in our school K-6 Decorate a grocery bag from Tops friendly Market on South Park Ave in Hamburg. The store displayed the bags during Earth Week (April 21- 26) and used the bags on Saturday. This circulated over 570 bags into the community with Earth Day messages. Publicity photos were taken for the local newspaper. Everybody in the school enjoyed the project and can't wait to do it again next year. Please send us reports from other schools that participated this year. Also, send us information for next year's project.
Armor Elementary School
We are pleased to inform you that your Earth Day Grocery Bag idea was a success. We decorated over 450 (497) bags and then distributed them to the local Great American, Greene, N.Y. The students enjoyed decorating and designing the grocery bags which were donated by the Giant on Front Street in Binghamton . The bags had designs and advice on saving the planet we love so much and how to prevent the pollution of the environment and to decrease the destruction of forests and the ozone layer. We just wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciated your ideas, help, and concern. We would like to thank you very much for your inspiration !!!!
Chenango Forks Middle School Students

Excellent idea. The children in our school, which includes K-5th grade, decorated 1000 grocery bags. We presented the bags to our local supermarket on Friday April 18th because our school was on spring break the following week. On April 22nd the bags were handed out to the customers. Many children and their families went shopping that day just to get a bag. The name of the store was Pathmark Super store in Centereach, NY. The responses to the bags and the idea were very positive. This project enabled our school to become more involved with the community. We will definately do it again next year. Thank you for sharing!:>
Eileen Redding
Oxhead Road Elementary School
Centereach, NY 11720
The students at Heman Street Elementary SChool decorated 350 bags. These students are in grades K-2. Thanks!
Anna Maria Lankes
Heman Street Elementary School
East Syracuse, New York
Margaretville Central School
Margaretville, New York
Classes participating: 1 kindergarten, 1 3rd grade
Bags Decorated: 142
Everyone had a great time and we walked up to the store and delivered them in person. The Children enjoyed the walk.
Pathfinder Village is a private, residential village in Edmeston, NY for individuals with Down Syndrome. We did 80 bags! Yes, please send me e-mail reports on the project.
Donna A. Higgie, Recreation Director
My name is Alyssa. I am in the fifth grade. When I saw the article about Earth Day Groceries in Kid's FACE Illustrated, an environmental newsletter, I thought it would be a great idea for the whole fifth grade to try. So I went to show Mr. Milove, our wonderful science teacher. He said that it was a great idea, if I would get the bags. I went to two major local grocery chains, D'agostino's and the A&P. The managers were very nice and each gave us some paper bags. Back at the classroom, we colored beautiful pictures and messages about the environment onto the bags. Since there are about 75 fifth graders, almost everyone got two. We will finish coloring the bags and return them next week to the stores and they will distribute them to their customers.
Increase Miller Elementary School
Goldens Bridge, New York
The kindergartens and 2nd grades worked together to decorate bags for A&P and Rockridge, a local deli. We delivered 96 bags on April 23, 1997. The children get very excited making up slogans about saving Mother Earth. We waited outside the A&P until the first customer exited the store with one of our bags and applauded her. She told us she would use the beautifully decorated bag until it ripped then recycle it.
Kelly O'Donnell
Rye Country Day School
Rye, New York
I followed your link from Ednet to the groceries page. That was Thursday of last week. By Thursday afternoon I had secured 500 brown paper bags for our school from a local supermarket. By Friday morning I was spreading the word and the bags throughout our school. What started out as a spur-of-the-moment project for the two second grade classes in our school (my class is one of them) spread throughout the entire school VERY quickly! Soon all K-8 classes were involved. I dropped-off the completed bags at the supermarket Monday evening on my way home. Today, surprised shoppers were being treated to original artwork and being reminded to be kind to Earth.
Here is some of what we did:
After decorating the bags we lined our halls with the completed bags. It was easy; we simply opened the bags and sat them on the floor! It was an awesome sight to see almost 400 pieces of artwork with Earth related themes going up and down our halls! I provided a print out of the information regarding this project to the store for display as well as a printed sign to explain in brief to the shoppers. The store posted the information on their bulletin board which is adjacent to their service desk area. It gets lots of attention there! I took some photos, too, both at the store and at school.
Here is our information:
St. Teresa School
16 Hayden Street
Buffalo, New York 14221
(716) 822-4546
no internet connection for students :< (Principal's office only)
We decorated and distributed **386** bags.
The participating neighborhood supermarket was: TOPS Markets
Thanks for a super idea and for providing/sharing the information with the rest of us!
Margaret Dyte-Graczyk
We've had a great time decorating 500 bags from our local Tops store. Thanks so much for this terrific project!
Pat Ludwiczak
Kaegebein Elementary School
Grand Island, New York
Our school decorated 300 paper grocery bags for Earth Day.
Laury Kerr
Glenfield Elementary School
Glenfield, NY
Thank you once again for coordinating this project. The children of Traver Road Primary School have prepared 622 bags for Earth Day. We are a k-3 building in Pleasant Valley, NY. This is our second year participating in the project. Adams Fairacre Farms, a local produce market, provided all of the bags and will display many of them as well as use them for groceries.
Eric Gidseg
Our Fourth Grade classes decorated 190 bags for our local market. It was a great experience for the students. We have been studying about the environment and this was an active way to spread the word throughout the community. What a great idea!
We hope to participate in your project in the years ahead. Keep up the good work!
Grade Four Teachers
Tri-Valley Elementary School
Grahamsville, New York
Hi Mark! We just completed our Grocery bags...616 in all. Almost every teacher in our building participated. Our Art teacher loved the project so much, that she incorporated it into her plans. She did the project with teachers that had decided not to do the project on their own.
Our local grocery store, Quality Markets of Randolph, was very excited about participating in this great project with us. I'm taking some of the fliers that the American Forest and Paper Association produced promoting your project to Quality Markets when I drop off the bags today. Ian, a boy in my room, was lucky enough to have his bag displayed on the flier! We're very proud of him and his design.
I congratulate you on the development of such a worthwhile project. My students loved being involved. Your idea brought a sort of "cohesiveness" to our teaching staff. The members of our community have read about the project in our local papers, and are acutely aware of the fact that KIDS CARE! Let's hope that the messages not only get out there, but that they also "sink in." We have had nothing but a positive response from everyone who has heard about the project!!!
We look forward to participating again next year.
Sincerely, Beth Olson
GNChapman Elem. School
Randolph, NY
Participating Grocery Store: Quality Markets of Randolph
Students at the Hornell Intermediate School (grades 3-6) were happy to participate in the 1997 Earth Day Grocery bag project. We decorated approximately 400 bags. The local Wegmans grocery store was happy to help us with this project. We hope to participate again next year.
Vivien Anderson
Hornell, New York 14843
Hornell Intermediate School

Mrs. Thomas' 3rd grade class from the Hornell Intermediate School had four groups identify sources of pollutions and decorate grocery bags accordingly. Group One: Michelle, Renee, Danielle, Leonard, and Tony. Our group decided a problem is air pollution. We think cars are a cause and the solution could be don't use so much gas. Another problem is cigars. A solution for this is JUST DON'T SMOKE! Group Two: Shane, John, Greg, Alex, Brandon, and Jessica. Our group decided a problem is water pollution. We think toxic waste is a cause and the solution could be to stop dumping toxic waste. Group Three: Brienne, Brandy, Sean, Adam, and Joe. Our group decided a problem is noise pollution. We think that loud boom boxes are a cause and the solution could be TURN THEM DOWN! Group Four: Elizabeth, Ashley, Brianne, Mark, and Melissa. Our group decided a problem is land pollution. We think car junk yards are a cause and the solution could be take cars apart and sell ! them. Thank you for letting us participate in this project!

Mrs. Feeley's class also participated in the Hornell Intermediate School Earth Day Project. Group One: Kasey, Jay, Valerie, Kara, and Lauren. Our group decided that air pollution is a problem. We think fumes from cars and trucks are a cause and the solution is to have people carpool. Group Two: Julie, Jossie, Jon, Eli, and Andy: Our group decided a problem is land pollution. We think less oxygen is a cause and the solution is to plant more trees. Group Three: Samantha, Xenia, Ashley, Scott, and Andrea. Our group decided a problem is water pollution. We think oil is a cause and the solution is to make sure there are no oil spills. Group Four: Brennan, Jeff, Jessejames, Brandon Lee, and Lori. Our group decided a problem is noise pollution. We think factories are a cause and the solution is to make the machines quieter.
Hornell Intermediate School
Hornell, New York

Our school has decided to participate in The Earth Day Grocery Project. We have obtained bags from the Grand Union Company and will be decorating them with designs that reflect our committment to "Saving the earth." Our school is to decorate and recycle one bag per student, which amounts to about 200 bags. Please post our school and our participation in this project on your site.
St. James Institute
50 Summit Avenue
Albany, New York 12209
Thank you,
Mary Lou Ritz
Dir. of Dev.
(518) 465-6506

New York Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1996

I am a fourth grade teacher at the Forest Road School in Valley Stream, New York. I ran your grocery bag project with a local supermarket and sent them 500 bags decorated by the kids at my k-6 school. The fourth graders enjoyed sponsoring the project for the school. I saw your idea in a classroom connect listserv. Am looking forward to doing it again next year.

Susan Stiefel

We decorated 500 bags for Price Chopper supermarket in 20 Mall, Guilderland NY. We are from Guilderland Elementary School near Albany, NY. All grades, K-5 participated in the project.

The second grade classes at Rye Country Day School decorated 112 grocery bags with their Kindergarten buddies for the Earth Day Groceries Project. They really enjoyed the project and the customers at the grocery store were happy to receive the decorated bags. The project was a great idea and we look forward to participating next year! Thanks,

Willoughby Levesque
Computer Teacher
Rye Country Day School
Cedar Street
Rye, NY 10580

1996 Is our first year (of many) that we participated in this great project. This year we had students from Kindergarten through twelth grade drawing totally original art on their bags. The teachers, and the students thought it was wonderful. All the art teachers who assisted us cannot wait to do this again next year, they feel their kids got so much out of it. We only had the chance to do 2,000 bags this year, but next we will take no less than 5,000. Thanks again for the idea.

Rebecca Riba
S.A.A.V.E. Recycles (an animal rights and environmental group)
Thiells, New York
North Rockland High School

Thanks so much for the idea !!!! The entire WPMS 6th grade decorated at total of 600 bags for 2 different grocery stores: Edward's Super Food Stores and Food Emporium. We also included Special Education and ESOL students in the project. What was so exciting was the ability to go to these grocery stores with groups of 10-14 students on Earth Day, April 22, 1996 and help bag groceries using our decorated bags. In order to go on this trip to represent the school, students had to fill out a job application.

White Plains, New York
White Plains Middle School
Cairenn Broderick

Students at Virgil I. Grissom Middle School 226 in South Ozone Park NY decorated 380 grocery bags and returned them to various supermarkets/grocery stores in celebration of Earth Day 1996. The best were on display in the school library at the annual Earth Day Expo held on April 22, 1996.
Teachers that contributed the most were Ginger Thall, Steve Lieberman, Karen Rilling and Barry Greenberg.

Coordinator: Carol Bilge, Librarian, and advisor to Environment Club.

I would like to submit a grocery bag report for the East Syracuse-Minoa School District. We had 2 schools participate. Heman Street elementary school made 292 bags in grades K-2 and Fremont elementary school made 75 bags in grades 4-6. The kids and Leo's Big M Market (the participating supermarket) loved it!
Also, please send me a report via e-mail when you have compiled the info. Thanks and good luck!

Anna Maria Lankes

I am a Resource Room teacher at the Harold T. Wiley Elementary School in Watertown, NY (upstate). Four schools (K-6) in my district decorated 2000 bags for the Earth Day Project.
Many thanks to the grocery stores that provided the bags. The event was a huge success and received recognition by our local newspaper. We hope to be involved in a larger way next year.
Thanks for the great idea. Please contact me with any additional ideas or questions.

Jennifer Bruce

My class (and a few others in my building), participated in the grocery bag project. I am not sure of the exact info that you collate, so I will give it my best shot.
Teacher Coordinator: Eric Gidseg, first grade teacher
School: Traver Road Primary School in Pleasant Valley, New York.
Dutchess County
Grades: First grade and a few second graders
# of bags: 167
Grocer: Adams'
Thanks for coordinating all this. It was a great experience for my kids!

Eric Gidseg

Hello, we are a small K-12 school in the Catskill region of New York state. Our total population is only 350. We had all of our elementary students in grades K-6 decorate grocery bags for our only local supermarket, the IGA, who donated the bags for the project. Children were most enthusiastic. We hope to do even more next year. My seventh grade Special Education students organized this activity in the school as we are the only ones, at present, with an Internet connection. (I sacrificed ordering materials and bought most of our needed supplies for the year in order to get our connection to the Internet - it has been well worth it). We are proud to have participated in this project and hope that our small voice in the community will help make others aware of the need to treasure Mother Earth so we all have a wonderful future.

The 7th Grade Special Education Students and their teacher, Ms. Langston
Roscoe Central School,
Roscoe, N.Y. 12776

Dear Arbor Heights School,
Thank you so much for sharing this great idea. We loved that it was so simple and creative, and also that we could send a message to the community without using any new materials.
We have 475 students (grades 2-5) at Kaegebein Elementary School, Grand Island, New York. We are located in the Niagara River between Niagara Falls and Buffalo. We decorated 600 bags from our local Tops Market. We left the message and design open and were amazed at the wonderful ideas and illustrations.
Please include us in your count. We'll be looking for the final amount and the schools which participated. Thank you, again.

Patricia Ludwiczak, grade 2 teacher
Kaegebein Elementary School
Grand Island, New York

New York Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1995

We here at the Joseph B. Radez School are one of the many schools who downloaded the project FAQs. We did 500 bags in grades K-8. I have images that I would like to send you, but my mailing program (Eudora for the Mac) automatically encodes them in binhex (hqx) format even though they are binary files. Can your Windows environment and mail program decoded those or will I need to FTP them to you. Thanks for initiating this great project and giving others the opportunity to share their work with you.
Warm Regards,
Jim Meigel 
Joseph B. Radez School
Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District
44 East Main Street
Richmondville, NY   12149
We just finished the grocery bag/earth day project at Woodglen Elementary School in New City, New York. K-2 graders were involved in this very successful activity. We decorated 365 bags that will be distributed at the Cropsey Garden Center. We know this will heighten our communitie's awareness during this week. Thanks for including us! Happy Earth Day!
We are on spring break now but last Wednesday my homeroom students put the finishing touches on bag 1,000! (They stayed late in order to reach their goal) I will be meeting several of my students tomorrow in order to deliver the bags to P&C.

Thank you for coordinating the efforts...and Happy Earth Day!

Rae Covey * 6th Grade Teacher
Coburn School
216 Mt. Zoar Street
Elmira, New York 14904
"Children may not always remember what you say to them but they will
remember how you make them feel."
Thank you so much for this project. It was wonderful. Our school decorated 220 bags and I just delivered them to the food store for tomorrow!
Carol Juliano
Munsey Park School
Manhasset, LI, NY
The K-8 students at the Joseph B. Radez School colored 480 grocery bags. We received them from Price Chopper Supermarket. They were returned there on Monday, April 17th and distributed to customers, many of whom expressed pleasure at the receiving the colorful bags.

Many of our students expressed a great deal of creativity in designing the bags and the experience was thoroughly enjoyable for all involved. Thanks for the great idea, we'll be looking for it again next year. Hopefully, we will also have a Web page set up and will be able to share some of our

creative ideas with others.


Jim Meigel
            James Meigel                
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Park View School in Kings Park, New York participated in the Earth Day Grocery bag project. We decorated 1190 bags and sent them to 2 stores.

Susan Howell
2nd grade teacher
Park View School

Hello, Our computers were down and we couldn't participate in the original groceries bag report. We are an elementary school in Kings Park, Long Island, New York (Park View). Two supermarkets in our neighborhood gave us bags to decorate. The school decorated 1,076 bags for earth day. If you wish to add this to your total let us know.

Mrs. Goldman and 2-3   

Sorry this took us so long, but we were on vacation when Earth Day happened, and it took use awhile to get our act together. Anyway, here it is:

Wyoming Central School
Wyoming, New York (near Rochester, New York)
Student population:250 students, Kindergarten through 8th Decorated 300 bags, which were given to a very local grocer (like a small convenience store). Some of the paper bags were given to us by him, and some we purchased so that we could participate. The students were really excited about being part of this, and we hope that we're not too late! We'd love to hear results.

Thanks --

Jill and Kim

New York Earth Day Groceries Reports - 1994

We will be doing our bags next week because we are on vacation right now. We will be putting the logo "Earth Day Everyday" on our bags because it will be after Earth Day when they get to the store. We have 175 bags going out next week. I hope this wil count toward your total. Good work.
George Ryon
Riverside Elementary School
Oneonta, New York

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